A Grove of Straight trees, by Nick Warburton

Nick Warburton - A Grove of Straight Trees

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Play

Broadcast: Wednesday 3rd August 1994 @ 2:15 p.m.

"A Grove of Straight Trees" is a coming of age story based on a Greek myth and set in 19th century Yorkshire. Guy looks back to when he was a 16-year-old boy, as he was setting off up the slope towards the big house on a hot day in May, shortly after they started building in the grounds. But when they run out of trees to build his banquet large hall, Mr. Arison wants his workers to use the trees from the sacred groove to complete the task, but his workforce will not set foot in the grove.

In those days, there were two places where a boy would never set his foot: the grove of straight trees where they said the mad woman lived; and Mr. Arison's big house. But in that year, Guy will do both. In doing so, Guy is drawn to Beatrice, Mr. Arison's daughter, and influenced by Sarah, the 'mad woman' in the grove....

With Richard Pearce [Guy], Don McCorkindale [Victor, Guy's Father], Gavin Muir [Mr. Arison], Susannah Corbett [Beatrice, Mr. Arison's Daughter], Elaine Claxton [Sarah, the Mad Woman], and Tom Bevan [The Builder].

Directed by Claire Grove.

45 minutes.


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