Cathal of the Woods
by Lindsay Clarke

Lindsay Clarke - Cathal of the Woods

BBC Radio 4

Broadcast: Thursday 17th March 1994 @ 2:02 p.m.

Ardan, son of Cathal, has come ashore on the small Isle of the Peak, that is in the eastern hollow at the south end of Arran, to kill the Druid of Christ, Molios, and thus avenge his father's death. But before he kills him, he asks the Druid to tell him the story of his father - for Ardan feels that Molios holds the secret of his life, and he means to get it out of him before Molios dies.

Molios will tell him how Cathal lived and the fearful manner of his dying... and tells him there is more, beyond. Molios begins to tell the story of a young monk whom he sent to convert the heathen Picts. The young monk was Cathal, but instead his journey becomes a voyage of magical discovery for himself.

"Cathal of the Woods", Lindsay Clarke's first radio play, is based on the short story "The Annir-Choille" by Fiona MacLeod (author William Sharp's pseudonym), first published in his 1896 collection, "The Washer of the Ford".

With Kim Wall [Cathal], Garard Green [Molios, Druid of Christ], Norman Rodway [Nectan, King of Arran], Moir Leslie [Ardanna, Daughter of Nectan], James Telfer [Ardan, Son of Cathal], Roger Hume [Abbot Columba], Steve Hodson [Arno, the Frankish Prince], Graham Colclough [Mūrta, a Watcher], Richard O'Ryan [Diarmid, a Watcher], and Sandra Berkin [Deņin, the Annir-Choille].

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Music composed and performed by Martin Allcock and Simon Nicol with harpist Robin Williamson and singer Chloe Goodchild.

Directed by Nigel Bryant at Pebble Mill.

Re-broadcast on Monday 5th June 1995 @ 2:02 p.m.

60 minutes.


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