Hope, by David Cregan

David Cregan - Hope

BBC Radio 3

Broadcast: Sunday 19th August 1979

A man goes to his therapist and tells him that he wants to kill his children: all six of them. He wants them to be buried handsomely so he can cry over them but he definitely wants to kill them - quite soon. Actually, they're nice children - he hasn't anything against them personally - he likes them but they shouldn't really be there. Inflation makes it hard because when they had them they could afford them... but they eat so much. They're not fat or anything but they eat and eat... If he doesn't kill them soon they'll be too big.

The man feels honest and open when he says this but he doesn't understand why it makes him feel as if he has told a lie. He must find a way to renounce this absurdity and until he does, there won't be any hope.

With Peter Jeffrey [The Husband], Phillyda Law [His Wife], Sylvia Coleridge [His Mother], Cyril Shaps [His Therapist], Gladys Spencer [Rose, the Maid], Andrew Bagley, Tara Collinson, Emma Kate-Davies, Fred Gray, Mark Hamilton, Lisa Hayden, and Adam Rhodes [The Children].

Directed by John Tydeman

60 minutes


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