Losing Contact, by Nick Fisher

BBC Radio 4

Broadcast: Saturday 31st December 1994

The story begins with Richard recounting the most singular tale that he would neither expect nor solicit belief - mad were he to expect it - in a case that his very senses reject the fearful evidence before them. Yet mad he most surely is not, and equally he must not dream but he must inform the world of the facts of this most desperate series of events.

It all started in the most mundane sort of way, Richard, a theatre ticket agent, has been nagged by his wife and others to get his blood-shot eyes tested. One day before Christmas, while walking home through the back streets of Soho, he came across a drab building, hardly noticable, called "E.A.P. Opticals". How he wished he never saw it. He had decided to go in and met the propietor who offered to sell him his own, specially designed, contact lenses.

He eventually buys the lenses the following day and puts them on before leaving the premises. That evening, after leaving the local pub, he starts for a moment to see streets as they were a century ago before coming back to present day. He shrugs it off thinking someone had spiked his drink. The following day he goes back to "E.A.P. Opticals" to thank the propietor for the lenses but doesn't find him there. As he searches the basement he enters a dark room where he encounters the voice of 'Lady Madeline', a voice that starts to compel him into doing strange things....

With Bill Nighy [Richard], Caroline Harker [Lady Madeline], Helena Breck [Caroline, Richard's Wife], Michael Tudor Barnes [The Optrician], Federay Holmes [Pat], Gavin Muir [James], Jonathan Keeble [Jeremy], Joshua Towb [Stan], Tessa Worsley [Susie], Don McCorkindale [Roger], and Deborah Berlin [Sharon, the Shop Assistant].

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Directed by Celia de Wolff.

80 minutes.


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