Murder in Paris
by Howard Ginsburg

Howard Ginsburg - Murder in Paris

BBC Radio 4: Saturday Playhouse

Broadcast: Saturday 7th March 1998 @ 2:30 p.m.

In 1978, a beautiful young girl is found dead in her Paris apartment on the Champs- Elysées at the age of 25, a bullet through her heart. Was she murdered - as her father believes or did she commit suicide, as the Police Inspector initially concludes? "Murder in Paris" is based on real-life events surrounding the tragic death of Marie-Jo Simenon, daughter of Georges Simenon, the world famous mystery writer and author of the 'Inspector Maigret' novels. In the play, Simenon investigates the mysterious death of his daughter - and is in turn investigated by his arch-rival, Police Inspector Mercier.

With Alan Bates [Georges Simenon], Bob Peck [Inspector Mercier of the Paris Police Judiciare], Emilia Fox [Marie-Jo Simenon, Georges' Daughter], Eleanor Bron [Theresa], Jacqueline Pearce [Denyse Simenon, Georges' Wife], Ioan Meredith [The Doctor], and Christopher Wright [The Waiter].

The music was arranged and composed by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier

Directed by Andy Jordan.

Note: In his final book, Georges Simenon wrote: "One never recovers from the loss of a daughter one has cherished. It leaves a void that nothing can fill."

The radio play was turned into a stage play in 2002.

90 minutes


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