Murder is my Subject
by Philip Levene

Philip Levene - Murder is my Subject

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Theatre

Broadcast: Saturday 1st December 1973 @ 3:05 p.m.

Detective Inspector Tom Duffy has been called down to his former Police Training College to investigate the murder of an unpopular lecturer. When he arrives, the Head of the College is surprised to see Tom, especially as a Detective Inspector, since it was only five or six years earlier that Tom barely graduated from the College by the skin of his teeth.

Being just before the start of a new Term, the College had only a few staff members about when the murder occurred. Lucky for Tom and his trusted, though wet-behind-the-ears, Sergeant Lucas, all the staff were former members, or associated with, the Police and thus, should be good witnesses. Unlucky for the two, each staff member is also a suspect as they all had a reason for killing the lecturer....

With Nigel Graham [Detective Inspector Tom Duffy], Manning Wilson [Chief Constable Robert White, Head of the College], Diana Olsson [Miss Gwen Regan], Alan Dudley [Superintendent Bates, a Lecturer], Bruce Beeby [Dr. Maddox, a Lecturer], Timothy Bateson [Inspector Ted Harris, a Lecturer], Margot Boyd [Mrs. Vincent], Julie Hallam [Mary Collins, the Chief Constable's Secretary], and David Timson [Detective Sergeant Lucas].

Produced by Betty Davies.

Note: This was a new production in a series of plays by Philip Levene (who died in 1973 - aged 48), presented as a tribute to the prolific and popular radio dramatist. The original production of this play was by Martyn C. Webster and was broadcast on The Light Programme on Wednesday 27th October 1965 @ 8:40 p.m.

60 minutes.


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