Over the Rainbow, by Humphrey Carpenter

Humphrey Carpenter - Over the Rainbow

BBC Radio 4: Saturday Playhouse

Broadcast: Saturday 25th March 1995 @ 2:30 p.m.

It's late 1943 and Hollywood legend Judy Garland has arrived at the re-opening of the Arrowhead Springs Hotel, San Bernardino, California, where she's preparing for a live broadcast in the evening on the CBS 'Radio Hall of Fame' radio program. She and composer / arranger Roger Edens, with whom she has been with for the last eight years, have to decide what songs she will perform.

Though their personalities clash during their fraught rehearsal, they manage to put on a dazzling live broadcast. Thirteen great Garland songs are featured in "Over the Rainbow".

With Ed Bishop [Roger Edens, Arranger and Composer], Sasha Pick [Judy Garland, Hollywood Star], Peter Whitman [Gary Breckner, the MC], Matt Zimmerman [Frank Morgan, the Guest Comedian], Lewis Hancock [Jerry Hennigan, a drifter], and Simon Fielder [Waiter at the Arrowhead Springs Hotel].

Music performed by 'Vile Bodies', the 30's-style orchestra with musical director Colin Good.

Directed by Nigel Bryant at BBC Pebble Mill Studios

Note: Sasha Pick's first professional job was at BBC Pebble Mill in 1995, playing the part of Judy Garland in the musical play "Over the Rainbow" for BBC Radio 4. The piece, which had been written for her by Humphrey Carpenter, was an unusual and ambitious debut, as she shared the studio with a full size orchestra.

Whatever happened to...

Judy Garland, famous Hollywood actor / singer: died 22nd June 1969 (overdose of sleeping pills), age 47.
Roger Edens, famous Hollywood arranger / composer: died 13th July 1970 (cancer), age 64.
Gary Breckner, Hollywood actor: died 25th June 1945 (road accident), age 53
Frank Morgan, Hollywood actor: died 18th September 1949, age 59.

Re-broadcast on Saturday 16th September 1995 @ 7:50 p.m. on BBC Radio 4: Saturday Night Theatre.

90 minutes.


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