Power of Attorney, by David Wade

David Wade - Power of Attorney

BBC Radio 4

Broadcast: Thursday 13th December 1990 @ 3:02 p.m.

After more than 10 years of service and at the age of 53, Geoffrey is made redundant from work. Unfortunately, his wife,Annabel, has just had an argument with her boss and quit her job. With financial toubles looming, Annabel sees a way out after she visits her slightly dotty aunt in hospital who has broken a hip and has gone in to have an operation.

While in Beattie's flat to get some bits and pieces (nighties, toothbrush, etc.) to bring to her aunt in hospital, Annabel comes across Beattie's bank statement and list of investments that were lying on her desk. It seems Aunt Beattie has 3,000 in her current account, 14,000 on deposit, 750,000 in securities, and her flat is worth 100,000. Since Annabel is her heir, and they are in need of money, the Campions decide to take Aunt Beattie in to convalesce where they will try to find a way to get her to sign a power of attorney over to them so they could have access to her money.

David Wade's comedy has a moral: if you have a rich aunt who is slightly dotty, think twice before trying to defraud her of her money.

With Geraldine McEwan [Annabel Campion, Wife of Geoffrey], Geoffrey Palmer [Geoffrey Campion, Head of Marketing, Electrofirm Ltd.], Joan Matheson [Beattie Hunter, Annabel's Aunt], David King [Eddie Campion, Geoffrey's Brother and a Long-Stay Patient at a Mental Hospital], Katherine Parr [Mrs. Pennie, the Housekeeper], John Moffatt [Mr. Korvo, Aunt Beattie's Solicitor], Jane Whittenshaw [Rita, Geoffrey's Secretary], and James Greene [James H. Bullstrode, Managing Director, Electrofirm Ltd.].

Directed by Glyn Dearman.

Re-broadcast on 10th November 1991 @ 2:30 p.m.

60 minutes.


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