Ring of Roses
by Nick Stafford

Nick Stafford - Ring of Roses

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Play

Broadcast: Thursday 26th August 1993

1665. Plague sweeps London as three feisty women live by their wits in the festering city. There is Sarah, a ribbon weaver who is a young black woman and a Moor, though she was born in London. She lives with 12-year-old Frances and Martha (who is older than Sarah), both of whom work as servants for the gentry.

Those who have money are leaving the city as Frances and Martha soon find out when they find their employer leaving as they report for work. With Frances and Martha out of a job and Sarah finding pickings slim trying to sell her ribbons, the women have to find a way to survive and avoid 'The Plague' at the same time. If any of them contracts plague, they will all be sealed inside their home for 40 days. If any of the other two contract the infection while sealed in their home, the 40 day period will re-start from the beginning.

Can they survive until this pestilence is over?

With Adjoa Andoh [Sarah, a Ribbon Weaver], Mona Hammond [Martha, a Servant], Linda Dobell [Frances, a Servant], Melanie Hudson [Rebecca, a Servant], Terence Edmond [Mr. Vincent, a Religous Man], Steve Hodson [Percy, a Tradesman], Jill Graham [Kate], Jillie Meers [Employer for Martha and Frances], David Holt [Dicent, a Tradesman], Jonathan Adams [Thomas, a Searcher], Matthew Morgan [Jabez, a Searcher], John Fleming [The Poor Relief Officer], and James Telfer [Saul Smith, a Beggar with the Plague].

All other parts were played by members of the company.

Directed by Claire Grove.

Re-broadcast on Monday 17th April 1995.

60 minutes.


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