by Steve May

BBC Radio 4: Saturday Night Theatre

Broadcast: Saturday 25th November 1989 @ 7:45 p.m.

In this broad satire about medical research and the media (and the media hype about HIV - Ed ), we find Brent Pringle, a top research scientist at the Scalp Research Institute, discovering a total cure for S.I.D. (Scurf Inhilation Disease). His formula is dirt cheap to make and only one application is needed. When he brings his report to the attention of his superiors, the Institute's Director, Sir Henry Pelham, and his No. 2, Mr. Simpson, they realise that if they put Pringle's formula into production, it will only take a decade to totally eradicate scurf (dandruff) from the face of the planet.

Though the Scalp Research Institute purpose is to wage a ceaseless battle against cranial detritus, 'ceaseless' is the important word. The last thing Sir Henry wants to do is kill the goose that laid the golden egg as one cannot have government funding for the Scalp Research Institute when there's nothing left to research. With Sir Henry's efforts, Pringle soon feels the world is out to thwart him, especially the media....

With David Collings [Brent Nigel Pringle, a Research Scientist], Donald Gee [The Hair Stylist], Tessa Worsley [His Client], Geoffrey Whitehead [Sir Henry Pelham, Director of Scalp Research Institute], Michael Kilgarriff [Mr. Simpson, Sir Henry's Assistant], Charlie Simpson [Rep. 'A'], Ken Cumberlidge [Rep. 'B'], Joan Walker [Pringle's Wife], Alice Arnold [Sue Smug, BBC Radio Host], Jane Slavin [Switchboard Operator], Joe Dunlop [Cox], Christopher Good [Box], David King [Sir John Knox, Chairperson of Noxo Pharmaceutical and Spokesperson for the Confederation of Lathering and Rinsing Products Industries], Vincent Brimble [Mental Orderly], Brian Miller [Australian Doctor], and Elizabeth Mansfield [Chairwoman].

Other parts were played by members of the cast.

Trumpet solo by Jay Porter; directed by Richard Wortley. 75 minutes.


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