Scarlet on Black
by Roger Danes

Roger Danes - Scarlet on Black

BBC Radio 4: Saturday Playhouse

Broadcast: Saturday 8th February 1992 @ 2:30 p.m.

In Roger Danes' fast-moving thriller set in 1990s Paris in July, a prison official by the name of Yvette Lalande is kidnapped on her way to work by the notorious Lenoir terrorist group. She has been taken hostage by the group to exchange for Martine, one of their members in prison. Michel Corbillard, an ambitious, high civil servant of the Ministry of Justice, who is a promising candidate for the right-wing Patriotic Front, is not happy when the Police Controller calls in Commissaire Grosset back from the start of his vacation to investigate the matter.

What is the link between the kidnapping of Yvette Lalande along with the death of an Algerian restaurant owner attributed to the Lenoir group, have to do with Corbillard's darkly past as a Lieutenant in the Algeria war 30 years earlier in 1960? It seems 'someone in authority' has good reason to hamper Commissaire Grosset's investigations.

Cast: David Calder [Commissaire Marcel Grosset], Peter Jeffrey [Michel Corbillard], Alex Jennings [Jean Lenoir], Charles Kay [De Beaugence, the Police Controller (Marcel's Boss)], Natasha Pyne [Inspector Danielle Lesueur], Patti Holloway [Yvette Lalande], Gudrun Ure [Jeanne Lalande, Yvette's Mother], Nicholas Murchie [Didier], Jonathan Tafler [Pierre], Theresa Streatfeild [Ducrot], Ronald Herdman [Colonel Pierre-Marie Davant, DST], Siriol Jenkins [Marianne], Jonathan Adams [Laverdure], Eric Allan [Tomasini], Matthew Sim [Charles Lalande, Yvette's Brother], Mark Straker [Bernard], Peter Gunn [Mariol], and Melanie Hudson [Martine Giresse].

Directed by Glyn Dearman.

Re-broadcast on Monday 5th July 1993 @ 2:02 p.m.

90 minutes.


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