Something to be Spared
by Margaret Gillard

Margaret Gillard - Something to be Spared

BBC Radio 4: The Monday Play

Broadcast: Monday 25th April 1988

"Something to be Spared" follows the last six years of Edward Thomas's life as he transforms from a writer/journalist to poet, with encouragement from his friend, American poet Robert Frost. Much of this is seen through the eyes of the two women who loved him most: his wife, Helen, and the couple's dear friend, Eleanor Farjeon, who would go on to become an author of children's stories and plays, a poet, a journalist, and a broadcaster.

The play opens in 1911 as Eleanor Farjeon heads off to Steep, in East Hampshire, for a weekend stay with her friend, the writer Edward Thomas, and to meet his family for the first time at their country home.

With Ronald Pickup [Edward Thomas], Sarah Badel [Helen Thomas, Edward's Wife], Janet Maw [Eleanor Farjeon], Colin Stinton [Robert Frost], Annabelle Lanyon [Bronwen, the Thomas's Older Daughter / Myfanwy, the Thomas's Younger Daughter], Diana Olsson [Maggie Farjeon, Eleanor's Mother], and William Simons [The Schoolmaster].

The songs, which were written by Eleanor Farjeon, were sung by soprano Nicole Tibbles.

Directed by Cherry Cookson.

90 minutes.


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