The Cotswold Order, by Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks - The Cotswold Order

BBC Radio 4

Broadcast: Tuesday 3rd June 1986 @ 3:02 p.m.

Joss Whatton's latest money-making venture is running an Apothecary and Medical Advice business out of the cottage he's rented from the church. But like all his other ventures, this will soon lead him to trouble. Living with him for the past nine years - on a marriage trial - is his companion, Beryl, who is becoming impatient with the status quo. She wants to get married as feels it's time Joss takes the plunge. But that is the least of Whatton's worries as the Reverend Whitlock plans to evict the amoral Whatton from his cottage - mostly because Joss doesn't contribute to the church's coffers, but Whitlock also thinks he's Satan's messenger.

To help him battle the Reverend, Joss receives a visit from the young (and 'hot') Dorkas, his Guardian Angel (in training), who shows him the light....

With Peter Tuddenham [Joss Whatton], Angela Crow [Beryl, Whatton's Companion], John Church [The Reverend Whitlock], Nick Brimble [The Reverend Duneen], Natasha Pyne [Dorkas (Whatton's Guardian Angel in Training)], Sheila Grant [Mrs. Bickerslade], Bernard Brown [The Squire, an Amateur Anthropologist], David Garth [Manny Cresswell], Jonathan Tafler [The Reverend Bartholomew Pym, a Missionary], Arnold Diamond [Wilf], and Avril Clark [Edie Cummings].

Other parts played by members of the cast.

The BBC announcer is Charlotte Green.

Directed by David Johnston


....An excellent comedy - ND.

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