The Miser
by Moliere

Moliere - The Miser

BBC Radio 4: Globe Theatre

"The Miser" was the fifth in a series of six internationally renowned stage plays which, through simultaneous transmission by Radio 4 and BBC World Service, could be shared by the largest English-speaking audience in the world.

Broadcast: Sunday 28th September 1986 @ 2:30 p.m.

The setting is 1868 Paris. In a dilapidated old mansion, the story of Harpagon - a crotchety old miser - and his family unfolds. Harpagon's daughter, Elise, is in love with Valere, a young man of noble parentage separated from his family and working as a servant in her father's house. Harpagon's son, Cleante, has given his heart to Mariane, a poor but virtuous girl from the country.

Cleante and Mariane decide to tell Harpagon of their engagement, but as they are on the verge of their disclosures, Harpagon reveals he has a couple of his own announcements. First, Harpagon has decided to remarry. His betrothed is a girl from the country named Mariane. Second, Harpagon has accepted a suitor for Elise's hand - a wealthy but elderly gentleman named Anselm. The children are flabbergasted by Harpagon's revelations and confusion reigns until fate intervenes to reunite family and lovers.

Translated by Miles Malleson from Moliere's "L'Avare", first performed in 1868.

With Michael Hordern [Monsieur Harpagon], Eleanor Bron [Frosine], T. P. McKenna [Seigneur Anselm], Nicholas Farrell [Valere], Julia Swift [Elise], Christopher Goodwin [Jacques], Peter Woodthorpe [The Justice], Jonathan Tafler [Cleante], Shaun Prendergast [La Fleche], Ronald Herdman [Monsieur Simon], and Elaine Claxton [Mariane].

Directed by Peter Kavanagh


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