The Monument, by David Cregan

David Cregan - The Monument

BBC Radio 3: Drama Now

Broadcast: Sunday 12th February 1978

This comedy (taken very seriously) is a re-construction of the chronicle of events concerning the recent revolt at 'The Royal Fredric Engles Museum of Fine Arts' in Chelsea. There are two main protagonists in the revolt: Representing the Left (the 'Fredric Engles' side) is Dr. James Short, the new Director who was once a bourgeois intellectual but now believes Art is a form of Socialism and wants to do everything democratically - by committee. That will clash with members of the uncommitted Right (the 'Royal' side) led by Mr. Sloane, the Chief Warden, especially when the Free Greece Restitution Committee of Great Britain decides that they're going to take, by force, the Harbottle Caryatids back to Greece.

It all began in the museum's Gallery 3, among the Harbottle Caryatids, in the early morning of the day the new director was appointed....

It should be noted that this broadcast comes to you by courtesy of the Free the Royal Fredric Engles Museum from its Bourgeois State Capitalist Bureaucratic Stranglehold Committee.

With Timothy West [Dr. James Short, the New Director], Timothy Bateson [Mr. Sloane, the Chief Warden], Manning Wilson [Dr. Timothy Leewood, the Deputy Director], Elizabeth Proud [Doris Dulshaw, Keeper of South America Studies], Gerald Cross [Hugh DeCorsi, Keeper of Italian Renaissance], Douglas Storm [Dr. O. H. Hawthorne, Keeper of Antiquity], Sheila Grant [Isabel Marsh, Keeper of Industrial Archaeology], Denys Hawthorne [Jack Sargeant, Keeper of Chinese Porcelain], Elizabeth Bell [Lydia, Keeper of Books], Jane Briers [Laney Luke, Assistant Keeper of Books], James Thomason [George Appleyard, Assistant Keeper of Egyptology], Anthony Hall [Haydn Hall, Assistant Keeper of Italian Renaissance], Jonathan Scott [The Museum Secretary], Michael Deacon [Leader of the Free Greece Restitution Committee of Great Britain], Peter Wickham [No. 9 / The Man from the Department of Education and Science], Michael Goldie [Sir Hurbert / The Chief Electrician], Malcolm Gerard [Control], John Curl [The Chairman], and Margot Boyd [Presenter].

Directed by John Tydeman

60 minutes

Notes by Jim

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