The Sleepers of Fallow's Cross,
by Rod Beacham

Rod Beacham - The Sleepers of Fallow's Cross

BBC Radio 4: Saturday Night Theatre

Broadcast: Saturday 15th February 1986 @ 8:30 p.m.

Alec Renfrew, a fully qualified psychiatrist, runs a unit specialising in psychological research in a secluded spot in the woods near the village of Fallow's Cross, in Norfolk. Alec, a first-class brain dedicated to his work, specialises in the long-term effects of emotional repression and to help him he has a small but highly talented team engaged in that kind of research. Every so often he publishes a paper, thoroughly documented and extremely well thought out. Apart from the team there are administrators, caterers, and six patients that he treats.

An Attaché from the Russian Embassy has taken an interest in this place and has a contact there. This is the conclusion the Head of Security in MI5, Simon Nash, has come to when he receives a report from one of their 'sleepers' in the unit. The 'sleeper' came across one of the Russian Embassy vehicles in the woods bordering the unit, bang in the middle of nowhere. It had been driven as far off the main road as possible, presumably in order to conceal their presence. Who is their contact? Do they also have a 'sleeper' there, too? What do they want? Simon notifies his 'sleeper' to keep their eyes and ears open as he needs more information before he can close in.

Meanwhile, Alec Renfrew has noticed that someone has broken into his cabinet where he keeps his tapes on his secret treatment sessions. Also, it has been noticed that Dr. Alison Wiley's close relationship with Alec has changed quickly for the worse and it is Alison who has changed. What could have caused this sudden change in her personality?...

With Michael Deacon [Dr. Alec Renfrew], Jane Knowles [Dr. Alison Wiley], Wendy Murray [Dr. Vicky Lutchens], Gareth Armstrong [Tim], Garard Green [Simon Nash], Edward de Souza [Dr. Max Wellings], Graham Blockey [Michael Pinsent, a Patient], Rosalind Thomas [Liz], Rod Beacham [Mr. Harvester, a Clinic Attendant], Pauline Letts [Annie, Simon's Secretary / Vicky's Mother], and George Parson [Dr. Gordon Wales, a Professional Psychologist].

Directed by Gerry Jones.

90 minutes.


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