The Strode Venturer
by Hammond Innes

Hammond Innes - The Strode Venturer

BBC Radio 4: Saturday Night Theatre

Broadcast: Saturday 17th August 1974 @ 8:30 p.m.

1963. Leaving the Navy, Geoffrey Bailey is a man in search of a new job... a new life. Then Strode & Company, City shipowners, make him a curious offer: find Peter Strode, the family black sheep, and make sure he returns to the fold. Bailey's acceptance of this assignment plunges him into a world where the smiling face of the Maldive Islands masks unseen terrors. But the lethal dangers of the coral reefs and the remote islands are pale in comparison with the civilised jungle of high financial warfare. And the directors of Strode & Company have too much to lose, and too few scruples, to care about one man's life - or his death.

Adapted for radio by Peter Hoare from Hammond Innes's 1965 novel, "The Strode Venturer".

With Martin Jarvis [Peter Strode, Henry's Half-Brother], John Shrapnel [Commander Geoffrey Bailey], Colin Douglas [Harry Deacon, Captain of the Strode Venturer], Heather Bell [Mrs. Ida Roche, Peter's Sister, a Widow], David Briley [Arthur Fields, First Officer of the Strode Venturer], Vernon Joyner [Hans Straker, a Seismographer / Group Captain Canning, the R.A.F. Station Commander at Gan], Alan Rowe [Henry Strode, Chairman and Managing Director of Stode & Company / The Radio Operator], Peter Pacey [David Llewellyn Reece, the Commander of Strode Trader / The Steward], Geoffrey Matthews [Dick Whimbrill, Strode's Secretary / Mr. Alexander, an Agent for Strode Orient], Timothy Bateson [Lawrence Turner, Peter's Solicitor], Sam Dastor [Don Mansoor, an Adduan Navigator], John Bull [Lennie Porter, 2nd Officer of the Strode Trader / R.A.F. Officer], and Emily Richard [The Stewardess / Waitress].

Produced by Dickon Reed.

90 minutes


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