The War for Chantry Fields,
by John Kirkmorris

Radio Plays: BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Theatre.

Broadcast: Thursday 10th February 1983.

Alan Buck, Assistant Editor of 'The Herald', is sent by his Editor to interview their popular mayor, Wally May, for the upcoming 16-page advertising and features supplement 'The Herald' is putting out on the new Chantry Plaza that is being built, mainly due to the mayor's efforts to breathe life back into their small provincial town. Before he does, he stops in to see old Rab 'Red' Souter, a former town councillor who claims to have a big story to tell about this major planning development for the Chantry Fields.

Five centuries earlier, the Chantry Fields were left in perpetuity for the people of the town to use and enjoy by Nicholas de Brid. Both Souter and Alan agree that this new development is a custom-built white elephant that will cost the taxpayers a lot of money. But Souter tells Alan that the project is a piece of graft from beginning to end to line the pockets of their right worthy and worshipful mayor, Walter Frederick May, Esquire. Not having the wherewithal or influence to challenge the powerful mayor nor knowing anyone on the town council to take up the challenge, Souter turns to 'The Herald' and passes on whatever information he has to Alan.

Can this just be a personal grudge that the socialist Souter has on the mayor or is there more to what he is saying? Alan soon finds out by the blowback he receives from asking the mayor a few innocent questions....

With Michael Jayston [Alan Buck, Assistant Editor of 'The Herald'], Jane Knowles [Emma, Columnist for 'The Herald' and Alan's Girlfriend], Trevor Martin [Reg Abbot, the Herald's Crime Reporter], Peter Baldwin [Pat Hoskins, Editor of 'The Herald'], Henry Stamper [Rab 'Red' Souter, a Former Town Councillor / The Voice of Nicholas de Brid], Frances Jeater [Vera Hall, Mr. May's Personal Secretary], Stephen Thorne [Walter 'Wally' Frederick May, the Mayor], and Jill Lidstone [The Nursing Sister].

Produced by Cherry Cookson.

60 minutes.


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