The Weather for Murder
by Philip Levene

Philip Levene - The Weather for Murder

BBC Light Programme: Midweek Theatre

Broadcast: Wednesday 18th April 1962

The spinster Pierce sisters, Elsie and Sarah, want to expand their Tea Shop and are looking to purchase the plot next door which is owned by Nora Everett, the second wife of one of their most popular customers, Victor Everett. When Sarah has a chance to sit down with Nora, she offers her £300 for the lot but Nora wants £1,200, which is way beyond what the sisters could afford.

The following day, while Victor is away at a Board Meeting in London, Hillside Cottage, the Everett's home, goes up in flames. After the fire is put out, Nora's body is found in the remains. After the Coroner's Inquest rules the fire an accident, Elsie, an aspiring crime writer, begins to investigate the fire to see what facts she would need to change so that she can turn it into a plot for the mystery novel she plans to write. But Elsie soon finds that she won't need to change a thing ...

With Marie Ney [Elsie Pierce], Barbara Couper [Sarah Pierce, Elsie's Sister], Derek Blomfield [Mr. Rayton], Peggy Butt [Millie, Tea Shop Employee], Julian Somers [Sergeant Foster], Vivienne Chatterton [Mrs. Clark of the Post Office], Derek Birch [Victor Everett], Stella Turner [Nora Everett, Victor's Wife], Zibba Mayes [Miss Brown], John Bryning [The Coroner], William Eedle [Ronald Arthur Jenkins, the County Fire Officer], Lewis Stringer [Mr. Potter, Drapery Shop Owner], Angela Piper [Connie, Drapery Shop Employee], and Donald McKillop [The Costumé at Harrington's].

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Directed by ?

Re-broadcast on Saturday 15th September 1962 on Afternoon Theatre, Monday 24th June 1963, and Wednesday 28th December 1966 on Midweek Theatre @ 8:40 p.m. 60 minutes.


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