The Webs of Darkness
by Graham Blackett

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Theatre

Broadcast: Thursday 23rd June 1977 @ 3:05 p.m.

It's Thursday afternoon as Sally and Mark, who have been married for three years, leave Stockton-on-Tees after spending a few days with Sally's mother. While driving on the motorway and still over 100 miles from home, Sally notices in the distance a school where her friend, Jane Soames, teaches Morton-Southby. Sally and Jane had roomed together in college - Jane's was her closest friend - though she hasn't seen or heard from her since she's been married. Sally convinces Mark to make a detour and pay a surprise visit to Jane at her school.

When they arrive they are told by Kevin, a schoolboy, that Jane has not been at school since Monday and he doesn't know why. The two visit the Headmaster who tells them his secretary received a call from someone on Monday saying Jane had a touch of the flu. The Headmaster passes on to Sally and Mark Jane's address (she is staying in a village about three miles down the road called Wenfield with a couple called Mr. and Mrs. Tollson at Hapton Cottage).

When Sally and Mark talk to Mr. Tollson, he tells them Jane went to work on Monday and phoned him later that day saying she met Sally Collins, an old college friend, now married, who had moved into the district and she was going to spend the next few days with her. He hasn't heard from her since.

Sally and Mark decide to stay in Wenfield to find out what has happened to Jane as all is not as it seems....

With Frances Jeater [Sally Collins], Gavin Campbell [Mark Collins, Sally's Husband], Simon Richmond [Kevin, Young Boy at Morton Southby], Timothy Bateson [The Headmaster at Morton-Southby / Tom Tollson, Jane's Landlord], Joan Matheson [Mary Tollson, Tom's Wife], Christopher Scoular [Tony Vernon, a Village Artist and Friend of Jane's], Crawford Logan [The Police Sergeant], and Michael Johnson [Major Marcus Hardy].

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Directed by Christopher Venning.


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