The Unwieldy Elephant
by John Graham

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Theatre

Broadcast: Wednesday 14th August 1985 @ 3:02 p.m.

Gilbert Winblow, a Prep Schoolmaster, wants to resign from school due to stress but is convinced by the Headmaster to stay on. The Headmaster tells him that he is too conscientious, his world of work is becoming his entire world - it will engulf him. To relieve Gilbert's stress, the Headmaster tells him to take a break once Term is over. Gilbert decides to visit his aunt in Gloucester but things begin to go wrong for him right from the start. First, soon after he departs the train station for Gloucester, he realises someone has stolen his suitcase containing his clothes and shaving utensils as well as the money from his wallet. He decides to step off the train at the first stop, Langley Halt, in search of a police station.

Gilbert is given a lift by 'Stags' Spangler, who agrees to take him to a local police station. Unfortunately, 'Stags' is transporting an Indian elephant in his lorry that he needs to deliver to his circus, Spangler's Circus, that's set up in a field just outside of town. Because he's behind schedule, 'Stags' has Gilbert do him a favour by driving the lorry to the circus site while 'Stags' goes to pick up some Shetland ponies. Gilbert's adventures or, you might say, troubles, begin as he drives the lorry through the countryside in search of the circus site....

With Jeremy Clyde [Gilbert Winblow, a Prep Schoolmaster], Garard Green [The Headmaster], John Graham [Lloyd George Flannery], Tessa Worsley [Ursula, 1st Nun on Train], Gwen Cherrell [2nd Nun on Train], Ronald Herdman ['Stags' Spangler], Anne Jameson [Lady in Street], Jamie Roberts [Sid], Mia Soteriou [Shirley], David Garth [The Porter / The Vicar], Jane Leonard [Librarian], Trevor Nichols [Policeman], Arnold Diamond [Fred], Alan Thompson [Short-sighted Driver], Helena Breck [Dolores, Pub Waitress], Christopher Scott [Adrian, Pub Landlord], David Learner [Timekeeper], Andrew Gubbins [1st School Boy], Christopher Gubbins [2nd School Boy], and Luke Nashaat [3rd School Boy].

Other parts played by members of the cast. Produced by Glyn Dearman


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