Shaun MacLoughlin Radio Plays

Shaun joined BBC TV in 1966. He worked with a number of writers including Michael Frayn, John Mortimer,J.B. Priestley, Tom Stoppard, Peter Terson and Fay Weldon.

In 1971 he became a script editor in the BBC Radio Drama Script Unit, responsible for commissioning around 200 plays a year for the Saturday Night Theatre and Afternoon Play slots. In 1979 he moved to Bristol where at Christchurch Radio Drama Studio, Bristol, he produced about 400 plays, features, readings and poetry programmes.

He won the Sony Best Use of Comedy Award for 'Crisp and Even Brightly' by Alick Rowe, the Writer's Guild Comedy Award for 'Winston' by Peter Tinniswood, the Sony Best Production award for 'Suddenly' by John Fletcher and Giles Cooper Awards including 'Polaris' by Fay Weldon, 'I Never Killed My German' by Carey Harrison, 'The Village Fete' by Tinniswood and 'Song of the Forest' by Tina Pepler.

Since leaving the BBC in 1996, he has produced an independent serial, 'The Hearts and Lives of Men' by Fay Weldon for BBC Radio 4 and four Oscar Wilde plays for Penguin Audio.

It's slightly unfair to single out plays for particular praise, but it may be worth highlighting the work of Geoffrey Parkinson, who is not as well known as he deserves. His earlier plays, where a version of his young self is played by the wonderfully gormless Geoffrey Beevers, are a treat. (indicated by #)


1977 The Nonconforming Nonconformist, by Geoffrey Parkinson#
1978 Korsakoff's Psychosis, by Geoffrey Parkinson
1980 The World Walk, by Jonathan Smith
1981 Operation Lightning Pegasus, by Alick Rowe
1981 The Rundle Gibbett, by Peter Terson
1982 The Butcher, the Baker, by Jonathan Smith
1983 The cleverest man at Oxford, by Geoffrey Parkinson#
1985 Howlcroft , by Jonathan Smith
1985 Odysseus on an Iceberg, by Alick Rowe
1985 The year of mystery and grief, by Nick McCarty, R3
1987 Crisp & Even Brightly, by Alick Rowe
1987 The Village Fete, by Peter Tinniswood
1988 The Parents' Evening , by Jonathan Smith
1989 Silver , by Jonathan Smith
1990 Auntie Jane, by Geoffrey Parkinson
1990 The Isidore Projection, by Bruce Stewart
1990 Getting to know Mr. Schmeigelow, by Peter Terson
1991 Abandoned , by Jonathan Smith
1992 Seven Years Solitary, by Jonathan Smith
1992 The Culper Tapes, by Bruce Stewart
1993 The Birdwheel, by Geoffrey Parkinson
1993 The Head Man, by Jonathan Smith
1993 Hole at the top of the world, by Fay Weldon
1994 The Head Man, by Jonathan Smith
1994 The Peer Gynt of Victoria Street, by Geoffrey Parkinson

Suddenly, by John Fletcher
Winston, by Peter Tinniswood
Bolt, by Dick Francis
Polaris, by Fay Weldon
I never killed my German, by Carey Harrison
Song of the Forest, by Tina Pepler

Compiled from own collection and various internet sites.

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