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By Margaret Heffernan. Four American businesswomen are brought together after their plane from New York to Boston is cancelled. They all need to get home that night, so they pool resources and hire a limo between them. As the journey proceeds, their masks fall off to reveal the people beneath. The play was recorded in a taxi, which accounts for the unusual acoustic. With Laurel Lefkow, Suzanne Bertish, Madeleine Potter, Lorelei King, Ben Onwukwe, Chris Pavlo. Producer Pam Marshall.

By Gary Bleasdale. A young woman and a taxi driver...31 Jul 03.

R4, Fri 16 May 03. Tommy the Voice was a legend: the best minicab controller in the business. Ten years after his death, his memory lives on, and one night it seems as if Tommy's story has come back to haunt driver Amit, broken down in the middle of nowhere with a mysterious passenger in the back of the cab.

Christmas Eve can kill you*....1993
By Marie Jones. 16 Dec 1993. An Irish cabbie on Xmas Eve, ferrying an assortment of merry and drunk revellers to and from the pubs.

RADIO CARS....1991 and 1993
19.4.91 series 1 (6 x 30m)*
4.11.93 series 2 (6 x 30m)*
By Jennifer Phillipps. An outstanding collection of light comedy-dramas set in the world of a dodgy minicab company. The ongoing plot is that a well-off young lady has inherited the company, full of ne'er-do-wells operating on the fringes of the law. She's expected to sell it as a going concern. However, she ends up running it, along with Ed, the guy on the telephones, who also tries to get off with her. The writing is very sharp and the plots excellent, and like all the best comedies, these can be heard over and over again. There's not a weak moment. Gary Waldhorn plays Ed.

WHERE ARE YOU, 27? c 1988.
By Jess Curtis. A rocky marriage between a staid, old-fashioned husband and a wife who wants a job.

BBC Light Programme, 20 Feb 64 & R4 25 Nov 78. It all starts with a simple post lunch taxi ride until Dominic realises he is short of cash...(....thanks Alistair)

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