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22 Dec 22: Christmas Wings
By Katie Redford. Joe and Fran, two primary school teachers, watch the nativity play from the wings. The kiss they shared at the Christmas party the night before is all they can think about. But between the nativity and the ever over-enthusiastic Miss Pear, any more moments alone will be gold dust. Joe ..... Nikesh Patel, Fran ..... Fiona Button, Miss Pear ..... Joanna Monro. Producer: Tracey Neale. Production Coordinator: Ben Holland. SMs Cal Knightley, Peter Ringrose and Jenni Burnett.

18 & 25 Jul 21 Joseph Andrews Remixed 1, 2
Written by Shaun McKenna and based on Henry Fielding's novel. 2 x 55m. A humorous story about a young footman in love with his childhood sweetheart Fanny and his adventures on the road with his friend Abraham Adams, an eccentric parson. In this new version the narrative is influenced by the relationship between Henry Fielding and his wife Charlotte. Harry.....Max Bennett, Charlotte.....Lyndsey Marshal, Joseph.....Angus Imrie, Parson Adams.....Michael Bertenshaw, Lady Booby.....Jane Whittenshaw , Mistress Sideaway/Slipslop.....Helen Longworth, Fanny.....Lauren Cornelius, Pounce/George.....Simon Ludders, Pelham/Wilson/Driver.....Tony Turner, Lady Tittle/Harriet.....Jane Slavin, Lady Tattle/Amelia.....Elinor Coleman, William/Russell/Stranger.....Stewart Campbell, Marmaduke/Inn Keeper.....Joseph Ayre. Produced by Tracey Neale.

29 Mar 21 Yellow Lips
By Katie Redford; her first radio drama. A daughter's memories of her mum's struggle with mental health. Young Jen never questioned the effect her mum's health had on the family. But looking back, she realises the way poor mental health can affect the dynamics of a family. Narrator/Jen ... .. Katie Redford, Mum, Alison ... .. Lorraine Ashbourne, Dad, Rick ... .. Stephen Critchlow, Young Jen ... .. Grace Doherty, Matty/Izra ... .. Wilbur Conabeare, Granny Beryl ... .. Jessica Turner, Mrs Howe ... .. Elinor Coleman, Produced by Tracey Neale.

13 Feb 21 Life Class
By Rachel Joyce. A young man bumps into Stella on the street and knocks her off her feet. He then utters the words 'I didn't even see you.' For her the words are more of a wound than the bruises on her face. As the years have gone by, Stella, like many women of a certain age, has begun to feel invisible. Stella ..... Sophie Thompson, Doug ..... Roger Ringrose, Hendrix ..... Luke MacGregor, Art Teacher ..... Stefan Adegbola, Monica ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Stu ..... Hasan Dixon, Ian ..... Ian Dunnett Jnr. Produced by Tracey Neale.

12 Feb21: The Bully
By Zalie Burrow. This is her second drama for Radio 4. Her first, 24 Hours From Tulse Hill, was co-written with Guy Meredith. Zalie has previously written on-line dramas for The Wireless Theatre Company.This play is based on a true story; mum and her son's encounter with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD, left untreated, can quickly overwhelm the sufferer and in Joe's case it leads to entire days being filled from beginning to end with repeated rituals, intrusive thoughts and irrepressible panic. Mum, Kate ..... Juliet Aubrey, Joe ..... Charlie Brand, Angie/Mrs Morton ..... Tracy Wiles, Dr Taylor ..... Hasan Dixon, Virginia Steele ..... Jessica Turner, Doreen ..... Jane Slavin, Professor Dickinson/Bruce ..... Nicholas Murchie, Older Joe ..... Luke Nunn, produced by Tracey Neale. Young Joe is played by Charlie Brand; his first lead role in radio drama.

25 Dec 20 Christmas by the Lake
By Rachel Joyce. Walter is 68 and Mary is 64. He is full of daft ideas; she is more staid. The only thing they have in common is that they both hate Christmas. It is in the park that Mary first spots Walter. He's drowning in the Lake and she calls for help. When she returns a few days later, Walter is there and berates her for interfering - all he was trying to do was learn to swim. It's a bad beginning but then their conversation begins. Mary .. Niamh Cusack, Walter .. Robert Lindsay, Helen .. Cecilia Appiah, Produced by Tracey Neale. Rachel was on Front Row on 22 Dec with Nick Ahad, talking about her new play, chance encounters, amd why Christmas is the perfect time for stories.

16 Nov 19 Dickens Confidential, series 1, ep.2
Ep. title Darker Than You Think. Written by Mike Walker. Drama series imagining Charles Dickens as a campaigning newspaper editor. Bodies are being discovered in the River Thames with dreadful injuries. The rumours abound that it's Spring Heeled Peter, but the inspector in charge of the case just wants the culprit found before anyone else is killed. Chief correspondent Jack is sent to investigate. Dickens ..... Jamie Glover, Agnes ..... Jasmine Hyde, Jack ..... Freddy White, Henry Jenks ..... Nicholas Boulton, Inspector Leavett ..... Harry Myers, Scottish Convict ..... John Dougall, London Convict ..... Sam Dale, Warder ..... Anthony Glennon, Produced & Directed by Tracey Neale. Executive Producer - Alison Hindell.

6 Apr 20 The Mill on the Floss
By George Eliot. Cast for ep. 10: George Eliot, the Narrator ..... Anna Maxwell Martin, Maggie ..... Joanna Vanderham, Tom ..... Will Kirk, Stephen ..... Jack Farthing, Philip ..... Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Lucy ..... Ell Potter, Mrs Tulliver ..... Alison Belbin, Bob ..... Kurtis Lowe, Dr Kenn ..... Hasan Dixon, Mrs Glegg ..... Elizabeth Counsell, St Ogg's Lady ..... Heather Craney, Adapted by Rhiannon Tise. Produced by Tracey Neale.

23 Nov 19 Middlemarch
By George Eliot; ad. Katie Hims. 12 x 15m. Cast for ep. 12: George Eliot ..... Juliet Aubrey, Dorothea ..... Olivia Vinall, Will ..... Joseph Quinn, Mr Bulstrode ..... Adrian Scarborough, Mrs Bulstrode ..... Rose Cavaliero, Dr Lydgate ..... John Heffernan, Rosamond ..... Laura Christy, Rev Farebrother ..... Miles Jupp, Celia ..... Lucy Reynolds, Sir James ..... Hugh Skinner, Mr Brooke/Mr Garth ..... Neil McCaul, Mary Garth ..... Scarlett Courtney, Letty Garth ..... Grace Doherty, Fred Vincy ..... Will Kirk, Mr Vincy ..... Rick Warden, Mrs Vincy ..... Heather Craney, Mrs Plymdale ..... Jessica Turner, Dr Hawley/Clerk ..... Greg Jones, Mrs Abel ..... Sinead MacInnes, Mr Hopkins ..... Ikky Elyas, Directed by Tracey Neale.

2019 The Archers
Episodes between 28 June and 21 July, written by (1)Simon Frith and (2)Sarah McDonald Hughes; all produced by Tracey Neale. Cast for 21 July: Editor - Jeremy Howe, Ben Archer ..... Ben Norris, Kenton Archer ..... Richard Attlee, Tom Archer.. William Troughton, Natasha Archer .. Mali Harries, Phoebe Aldridge.. Lucy Morris , Lilian Bellamy .. Sunny Ormonde, Leonard Berry ..... Paul Copley, Chris Carter ..... Wilf Scolding, Alice Carter ..... Hollie Chapman, Ian Craig ..... Stephen Kennedy, Ruairi Donovan .. Arthur Hughes, Rex Fairbrother ..... Nick Barber, Eddie Grundy ..... Trevor Harrison, Clarrie Grundy ..... Heather Bell, Will Grundy ..... Philip Molloy, Bev Hanson ..... Alison Belbin, Shula Hebden Lloyd '.. Judy Bennett , Alistair Lloyd .. Michael Lumsden, Jim Lloyd .. John Rowe, Fiona Lloyd ..... Adjoa Andoh, Adam Macy'.. Andrew Wincott, Kirsty Miller ..... Annabelle Dowler, Philip Moss ..... Andy Hockley, Peggy Woolley .. June Spencer (aged 100).

19 Mar 19 Moving the Goalposts
By Juliet Ace. Words are becoming more and more difficult for Mattie. Is this because of her illness, dementia or just old age? She refuses to let cancer dominate her spirit; she sets to work planning her funeral and will in the 18 months the doctor says she has left. But 4 years later she's still going strong. Four years later, Mattie is left with limited mobility and exhaustion - a condition she shares with many cancer patients who are supposedly cured. Thank god for her wicked sense of humour, her irreverence and her ability to appreciate the ironies of the situation. Mattie played by Pam Ferris; producer Tracey Neale.

21 May 18 Wuthering Heights
Rachel Joyce's final adaptation from the Bronte canon. Emily's only novel. Forbidden trysts, family warfare, revenge and passion on the Yorkshire moors. Adapted by Rachel Joyce. Heathcliff ...... Ben Batt, Cathy ....... Chloe Pirrie , Nelly ........ Emma Fielding , Edgar .......... Ryan Whittle , Isabella ........ Kerry Gooderson , Hindley ....... Luke Bailey , Hareton ........ Tom Glynn-Carney , Joseph ........ Philip Bretherton , Zilah ........ Georgie Glen , Young Catherine ......... Rosie Boore, Catherine ......... Bryony Hannah , Young Linton .......... Charlie Brand, Older Linton ......... Oliver Zetterstrom, Adult Linton ......... Ryan Whittle. Produced by Tracey Neale. 10 x 15m.

5 Apr 18: Holbein's Skull
By Martyn Wade. A light-hearted comedy inspired by Holbein's painting "The Ambassadors". This painting is famed for the odd artefacts surrounding the two men which has led historians to attribute different meanings to the picture. Martyn's play imagines two French ambassadors to the court of Henry VIII negotiating Henry's argument with the Pope. They are persuaded to have their likenesses put onto canvas. Jean de Dinteville: Jack Farthing, Georges de Selve: Sam Alexander, Holbein and the King: Clive Hayward. Producer: Tracey Neale. Runner-up for the Tinniswood Award 2019.

7 Sep 17: Snake
By Moya O'Shea. An Australian businessman needs a new managing director for his company. He takes four candidates into the bush to test their strength of character. Greg: Richard Dillane, Jarrod: Harry Richardson, Tingting: Elizabeth Tan, Alessia: Sarah Kants, Stephanie: Vivien Carter. Producer: Tracey Neale.

By Salman Rushdie. Best Adaptation, BBC Audio Drama Awards 2018. Broadcast to mark the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India. It was also commended at the awards for best use of sound (Sound was by Peter Ringrose); Nikesh Patel got the Best Actor award, and the entire production team was called to the stage to receive the 'Outstanding contribution to Radio Drama' award: Emma Harding and Tracey Neale, 27 actors, Peter Ringrose, SMs Anne Bunting and Jenni Burnett; production coordinators Maggie Olgiati and Jenny Mendez and the adaptor, Ayeesha Menon.

    15 Aug 17: Midnight's Children, ep. 3 of 7 (broadcast as Afternoon Drama)
    By Salman Rushdie, dram. Ayeesha Menon from the novel, written in 1981. The other six episodes are spread through the day at different times:
    1:9am (15m),
    2:10.45 (15m),
    3:2.15pm (45m),
    4:4.45 (15m),
    6:9pm (60m) and
    7:11pm(60m). Ep. 2 was broadcast the day before as a prologue, from 11.45 until midnight. There was an enormous cast list, with Nikesh Patel as the central character, Saleem, born at midnight on 15 Aug 1947, the exact moment of the Partition of India. Partition was to have a profound influence on his life. Produced by Tracey Neale and Emma Harding. Repeated in longer chunks in the Classic Serial slot on Sundays.

    20 Aug: Classic Serial: Midnight's Children, 1
    Rpt. of Tuesday's epic, split into five 60m episodes, broadcast on sunday afternoons. The doctor falls in love with a young woman concealed behind a large sheet with a hole in it. Saleem: Nikesh Patel, with Abhin Galeya, Meera Syal, Silas Carson, Maya Sondhi, Anil Goutam, Anneika Rose, Deeviya Meir, Akbar Kurtha, Sagar Arya (plays two parts), Narinder Samra, Ace Bhatti, Shiven Shankar, Shreya Shan. Produced in-house by the BBC.

1 June 17: Slipping Through Time
By Louise Monahan. A play about the difficulty of living with epilepsy. A young mum has begun to experience fits, and is in denial about the condition until she rediscovers the diaries she made many years earlier. Izzie: Ellie Kendrick, Josh: Robert Lonsdale, with georgie Glen, Trixiebelle Harrowell (as Izzie's younger self), Chetna Panya and Sanchia McCormack. Produced by Tracey Neale. Rpt. Jun 2018.

19 Mar 17: Classic Serial: Journey to the Centre of the Earth, 1
By Jules Verne. Sci-fi; plot too familiar to describe here. Dramatised by Moya O'Shea. Axel: Joel MacCormack, Lidenbrock: Stephen Critchlow, Hans: Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Grauben: Nicola Ferguson, Matha: Elizabeth Bennett. Other parts by Tom Firrister and Scarlett Brookes. Music by Neil Brand; director: Tracey Neale.

27 Feb 17: The Wells Way
By Martyn Wade. A fictional meeting between writers Herbert Wells and George Gissing at a crisis point in their lives. Each would like to be more like the other. Wells: Julian Rhind-Tutt, George Gissing: Joseph Millson, Jane Wells: Jade Matthew, Gabrielle Fleury: Louiza Patikas. Producer: Tracey Neale. Rpt. March 2019.

11 Aug 16: The Man Inside the Radio is my Dad
By Louise Monahan, rpt. A play which describes vividly the difficulties a child faces when her father, unknown to her, is in prison. How will she cope at school? BBC blurb - 'Seven-year-old Chloe worries that her mother is lying when she is told that her father is away on a trip and will not be home for a long time. When Chloe begins to tell people her father is dead, her mother realises that she must tell her the truth'. Charlie Brooks, Trixiebelle Harrowell, Christine Absalom, Jane Slavin, Harry Myers. Producer - Tracey Neale.

5 Jun 16: Classic Serial: Major Barbara, 1
By George Bernard Shaw, dramatised in two parts by Tracey Neale. A Salvation Army missionary tries to save the East End of London. Barbara: Eleanor Tomlinson, Adolphus (Dolly): Jack Farthing,, Lady Britomart: Rebecca Front, Andrew Undershaft: Matthew Marsh, with Joel MacCormack, Scarlett Brookes, Kieran Hodgson, Brian Protheroe, Sue Jameson, Nicola Ferguson, Ewan Bailey, Sargon Yelda, Adie Allen and Sean Baker. Producer: Tracey Neale.

29 Apr 16: The Great British Bridge Scandal
By Deborah Davis, rpt. The play is set in 1965, when British bridge plpayers were accused of cheating at the World Championships is Buenos Aires. The British Bridge Federation set up an inquiry under Sir John Foster QC. The prosecution was required to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. The story begins as the case unfolds and the battle for the truth begins. Terence Reese: Nick Waring, Boris Schapiro: Stephen Critch;ow, Dorothy Hayden: Laurel Lefkow, Ralph Swimer: Clive Hayward, Leonard Caplan: David Cann, Sir John: Michael Bertenshaw, Simon Goldblatt: Jot Davies. Produced by Tracey Neale.

1 Apr 15: Digging For Victory
Afternoon play by Moya O'Shea. Rpt. from 13 Jan 13. A family desperately needs more space; the house is no longer big enough. Unfortunately, digging another room under the flat isn't simple... Mum .... Cathy Murphy, Dad.... Don Gilet, Gran..... Christine Lohr, Gil.... Harry Livingstone, Alec..... Scott Smith, Henry..... Daniel Cooper, Tess..... Rhianna Hosmer, Mick..... Carl Prekopp, Doctor... Tracy Wiles, Mr. Mowson ... Paul Moriarty. Producer: Tracey Neale.

By Evelyn Waugh, dram. Jeremy Front, produced by Marc Beeby, Sally Avens and Tracey Neale. Audio Drama Award winner 2013.

4 May 13: Saturday Drama - Love, etc
By Julian Barnes, dramatised by Julia Stoneham. The sequel to Talking It Over. Set ten years later we now have the chance to pick up from where we left Stuart, Oliver and Gillian in France. All those years ago, Oliver wrecked Stuart's marriage, took up with his wife and then moved to France. Stuart................Carl Prekopp, Oliver....Nicholas Boulton, Gillian....Hermione Norris, Sophie................Lauren Mote. Producer Tracey Neale.

7 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Series 5, Dillie's Day. By Nick Warburton. Polish waitress Zofia has a surprise communication from her brother who is coming to Britain for a short visit. Warwick Hedges ....... Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges ....... Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges ....... Kate Buffery, Zofia ....... Helen Longworth, Samuel ....... John Rowe, Bernard ....... Ben Crowe, Director ....... Tracey Neale , Producer ....... Claire Grove.

9 June 12: Saturday Drama - Talking It Over
By Julian Barnes, dramatised by Julia Stoneham. Stuart and Oliver have been friends since school but are rather different. Oliver is charismatic and has this way of talking. Stuart is shy and no good at saying what he means. But then Stuart meets Gillian and things begin to change . Stuart ................ Carl Prekopp, Oliver .... Nicholas Boulton, Gillian ................ Hermione Norris, Madame Rives .... Tracy Wiles. Directed by Tracey Neale.

SKY HIGH....2010
By Guy Meredith (10 Dec 2010, R4) - a play about a female executive's plot to double-cross the company she's working for with the help of a recently-sacked ex-colleague. Guy Meredith is one of our most experienced radio writers, and readers may remember his private detective plays "Daunt & Dervish" which went out in 2003. This one was up to his usual high standard, and received favourable comments on the BBC messageboard. It starred Claire Harry, Chris Pavlo and Lloyd Thomas, and was produced by Tracey Neale. (....ND, Diversity website review, Dec 2010)

9 Dec 04. The last of three new plays by Ian Curteis in the popular series. Arrangements for weddings are being made. But things do not go quite as planned for May and Ferdy. With Barbara Leigh Hunt, Bernard Hepton, Jennie Stoller, Phillip Joseph, Helen Ayres, Nicholas Boulton, Jemma Phillips, John Rowe. Directed by Tracey Neale.

A psychological thriller, where an innocent flirtation develops into something menacing. Stars Beth Chalmers, Robert Glenister, Geoffrey Whitehead, Thomas Arnold. Dir. Tracey Neal.

The Group ....2001
By Mary McCarthy, dramatised by Moya O'Shea. The story of eight graduates - the class of '33 - from the prestigious American women's college Vassar, as they begin their lives away from campus, determined to be more sexually and socially enlightened than their mothers. With Gayle Hunnicutt, Briony Glassco, Mark Caven and Rebecca Front. Directed by Tracey Neale.

An unusual love story between two elderly people; with Bernard Hepton and Barbara Leigh Hunt. When May's husband dies, her friend Ferdy tells her that he has been deeply in love with her for 47 years. She is 76 and he is 79, and their adventures begin. Directed by Tracey Neale; repeated from about a year earlier. This play was written as a one-off, but was well-received, and three more were commissioned.(see above, 2004). Some were produced by Marc Beeby

I missed this one, so cannot say anything about the plot. Stars Kate Buffery, Clive Owen, Gavin Muir, Oliver Cookson; dir. Tracey Neale.

Treasures of the British Library....2000 Michael Field -
A dramatisation by Moya O'Shea of the story of Katherine Bradley and her niece Edith, who wrote under the pseudonym `Michael Field'. A new century dawns, and Katherine has to give her answer to Francis. Could this be the end for Michael Field? With Geraldine James, Sophie Thomas, Andrew Wincott and Ray Lonnen. Directed by Tracey Neale. Series of ten 12-minute episodes.

What's to Be Done with Algernon? ....1999
By Michael Allen. In his day, Algernon Charles Swinburne was an enormously famous poet, but, left to his own devices, he would undoubtedly have drunk himself to death. His lawyer and close friend, Theodore Watts-Dunton, was determined this would not happen. With Jonathan Elsom, Nigel Anthony and Tracy Wiles. Director Tracey Neale.

By Nan Woodhouse. `Let's work together, you said. Strictly professional, you promised. A shot in the arm for our careers... Why did I listen?' With Julia McKenzie and Timothy West. Directed by Tracey Neale.

Blood Wedding ....1997
R3. 24 Aug 97. By Federico Garcia Lorca. Translated by Gwynne Edwards. Adaptation and musical composition by Felix Cross. Tracey Neale's production is set in Cuba's African community at the turn of the century. A widow, whose eldest son and husband were both killed in feuds, discovers her only living son wishes to marry. But her obsession with thoughts of death and violence cannot dim the young bridegroom's optimism. With Carmen Munroe, Akim Mogaji and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

My Dinner with Andre ....1997
R3. 22 Jun 97. By Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, adapted for radio by Kerry Shale. Why should Wally be dreading an evening with his old friend Andre - the brilliant and extraordinary theatre director who first put one of Wally's plays on the stage? With Henry Goodman as Andre, Kerry Shale as Wally, and Joshua Towb as the waiter. Directed by Tracey Neale.

19 Oct 96: Saturday Playhouse - The Lost Stradivarius
By John Meade Falkner. Paul Rhys stars as John Maltravers in this Gothic horror story. The discovery of an Italian composition and a priceless violin, coupled with the appearance of a ghost, begin a startling chain of events in the life of John Maltravers. Sophia .......... Patience Tomlinson, Constance .......... Colleen Prendergast, Mrs Temple .......... Joanna David, William .......... Nicholas Boulton, Edward .......... Alex Lowe, with Christopher Scott. Sean Baker, Chris Pavlo, Joanna Monro and Shirley Dixon. Dramatised by Jeremy Front . Original music by Ilona Sekacz Musicians Wilf Gibson and Tony Stenson. Director .......... Tracey Neale.

28 Aug 96:The Cinderella Service
By Julia Stoneham. Samantha Bond stars as Alice in this three-part series. 1 ...Devon, April 1943. Alice Todd has separated from her husband but with 10-year-old son Edward-John to care for, she needs to find a job. Edward-John .......... James Coben, Rose .......... June Barrie, Annie .......... Tilly Vosburgh, Mabel .......... Cathy Murphy, with Becky Hindley. Deborah McAndrew. Rachel Lewis, Elaine Claxton , Annabel Mullion , Teresa Gallagher. Tessa Worsley, Peter Yapp , Andrew Wincott , Bill Wallis, Ian Masters, David Collings and Jilly Bond. Director .......... Tracey Neale.

20 Apr 96: Saturday Playhouse - Gracie
By Eric Pringle, in two parts.It is about the early life of Gracie Fields. Ep. 1-Wish Me Luck. The story of Gracie Fields begins in Rochdale, 1905. Grace .......... Tracy Wiles, Archie .......... Paul Nicholas, Jenny .......... Paula Wilcox, Fred .......... David Timson, Young Grace .......... Emily Aston, Annie .......... Alice Arnold, with Patience Tomlinson. Stephen Critchlow, Jane Dolamore, Colleen Prendergast, Robert Harper, Geoffrey Whitehead, Denys Hawthorne, Keith Drinkel, Roger May, Kim Wall, Jonathan Adams, Ann Beach, Zulema Dene and Jane Whittenshaw. Director of music - Stuart Hutchinson. Producer: Tracey Neale.

1 Apr 96: Talking
Another chance to hear this first play by actress Rachel Joyce, set in Sicily. "If I drew my town I'd do people with no faces. No ears, no eyes and no tongues." Anna: Sarah Jane Fenton, Michela: Jilly Bond, Judge: Kenneth Cranham, Isabella: Natasha Pyne, Pablo: Andrew Branch, Gino: Jonathan Keeble, with Tessa Worsley, John Hartley, Joshua Towb, Roger May and Sandra James-Young. Producer: Tracey Neale; rpt.

4 Jan 96: Late in the Day
By Moya O'Shea. Since moving to their retirement home in Shell Cove, Western Australia, Myra has felt redundant, but then a call goes out on the radio to help with the rescue of a number of stranded whales. With Federay Holmes , Dominic Letts. Trevor Gare, Juliet Prew, Daniel O'Grady and Becky Hindley. Producer Tracey Neale. Myra: Lyn Ashley, Dan: John Turnbull, Tony: Stefan Dennis, Jeannie: Julie Balloo.

Made in Germany in 1908, a rare cinnamon plush bear with boot button eyes, still with the Steiff button in his ear, discovers he is Lot No 107, and the auction is about to begin. Originally broadcast on R4, 28 Dec 1995; repeated 14 Dec 1996. Repeated on BBC7, 1 Aug 2004, 13:00 - 14:30 The drama following the adventures of Theo the teddy bear as he moves from owner to owner. Theo: Martin Jarvis, Little Tom: Thomas Connor, Tom: Ross Livingstone, MrLonsdale: David Colungs, MrsLonsdale: Jilly Bond, Jessie: Becky Hindley, Hannah: Caroline Strong, Mrs Tyler: Zulema Dene, MrMckee: Jonathan Keeble, with Linda Regan , George Allonby , Jack Allonby , Jane Whittenshaw , Sandra James-Young , Gary Bryden , Stephen Critchlow , Henry Cormack , Jonathan Praeger , Alexis Edyvean , Paul Jenkins and John Turner. Director: Tracey Neale.Rpt. 14 Dec 96.

By Ed Thomason, 26 Nov 94, SNT. An adoption, a young girl, a merchant bank, life in the fast lane, multi-million pound deals, and a web of lies come together in London at the time of Black Wednesday, October 1992. Penny ... Deborah Findlay, Michael ... David Bark-Jones, Joanne ... Teresa Gallagher, Sheila ... Jane Hazlegrove, Nick ... Christopher Bramwell, Buck ... Garrick Hagan, Gavin ... Oliver Senton, Rupert ... Michael Troughton, Danny ... Terry John, Heather ... Frances Jeater, Mrs Digby ... Jilly Bond, Sevvie ... George Parsons, Pauline ... Annabel Mullion, Alan ... Neville Jason, Sister Gerard ... Kristin Milward, Radio DJ ... David Jarvis. Producer Tracey Neale.

R4, 16.4.94. Murder mystery by Ruth Rendell, dramatised by Betty Davies. With Jamie Glover, Rachel Lewis, Francis Jeater, Rachel Atkins. Produced by Tracey Neal.

R4, 6.1.93, 2.02pm, 45m. A wonderful autobiographical evocation of childhood. It conjures up all those things we thought were forgotten - school dinners in the sixties, swedes, clackers...("pieces might fly off and blind you")...narrated by Roy Hutchins, with Jennifer Piercey, Emma Fielding, Richard Sandall, Kevin Bassant, Alun Jenner, Philip Brown, Clair Hilton, Rebecca Parker. Assorted pupils played by pupils of the Fleetdown Junior School; also stars John Baddeley, Nadine Fitzgerald and David Thorpe. Music composed and played by Nick Dwyer. Directed by Tracey Neale.

21 Jun 93. Saturday Playhouse; 90m. Dramatised by Rosemary Davis, from 'One of the Lucky Ones', by Lucy Ching, produced by Tracey Neale. Lucy Ching was an inspirational figure for the blind in Hong Kong. She died on 19 May 2011 in Los Angeles, USA. She was 75 years old.

Dr. Ching was the first blind social worker of the Hong Kong Governmentís Social Welfare Department, devoting 30 years of her life to improving conditions for the blind and the attitudes of society in general towards the unsighted.

She was born in Guangzhou, mainland China into a comfortable, traditional and stable family but became blind at six months of age. This did not stop her quest for knowledge and her determination to help and teach the visually impaired. Her autobiography, One of the Lucky Ones, has touched, comforted and encouraged many people. The book has been translated into several languages, as well as Braille, and a movie based on the book won top awards in Hong Kong.

Compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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