Reinhard Schomberg-Klee,
Göttingen, Germany

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page 3: more seedlings and pictures, Nov 09
page 4: update, Oct 2011

There are lots of seedlings this year; some of them had mildew this summer, but others are looking exciting. Breeding goes on.

Here are a few photos of my apples from which I have collected seed:

A redfleshed seedling I found this summer near an agricultural institute at the northern university area in Göttingen. Fruit is as big as `Golden Delicious´, very juicy.

Malus niedzwetzkyana; probably the `mother´of most redfleshed varieties.

The same, magnified to (approxiimate) actual size:


Malus `Rubens´, a redfleshed variety from a German nursery; graftsticks were taken from a hundred year old tree found in the Bavarian Forest (south-east Germany). Compared to others, fruit is small, tart but juicy. I laid a potato knife at the bottom for scale.

Another chance seedling, about 20 years old, found in a hedge:


UPDATE, Jan 2009

Photograph of new graftings from red fleshed scion wood done last year, all in pots.

UPDATE, Feb 2009

A picture taken during the grafting season - the wood from some red-fleshed varieties, contrasted with that from a rootstock (top left). Click on the thumbnail picture to see the detail.

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