Claire Grove Radio Plays

The name Claire Grove is well-known name in radio drama circles. She was born in Somerset, trained at Rose Bruford College, and began directing in the theatre in 1981. She worked with Avon Touring Company, was associate director at Derby Playhouse and artistic director of the Women's Theatre Group. She joined BBC Radio Drama in 1990, initially to run the second Young Playwrights' Festival.

She introduced many writers to radio, including Lenny Henry, Mike Bartlett, Charlotte Jones, Bryony Lavery, Sebastian Baczkiewicz , Bonnie Greer, the late Nick Darke, Carl Grose, Anna Maria Murphy, Christopher Green and Shelley Silas.

Claire was employed by the BBC until 2011 and then went freelance. She produced around 300 radio plays and serials, including On Mardle Fen (six series), eight hours of Raymond Chandler, Patricia Highsmith's Ripley novels; dramatisations of Terry Pratchett, Henry Fielding and Thackeray, and a wide range of other work.

A sample of her work is described below; about 60 items.

Claire died on November 18, 2013, aged only 60, just three months after directing her final play and with plans to make many more.


By Mike Bartlett. 6 Dec 13. A primary school teacher has just retired, but she is bewildered by the violent mood swings of her husband; the result of stress at work. It may threaten their marriage. Susan: Alison Steadman, Steve: Nicholas Farrell, Jackie: Joanna Monro. Produced by Claire Grove. The play was repeated as a tribute to Claire Grove, who died about a fortnight before.

This play, Lenny Henry's second (R4,1415, 1 Aug 13) was a rather grim social story with supernatural overtones. A Midlands bus-driver, Charlie has lost both his wife and his daughter. He has fallen into depression, become a recluse, and is unable to come to terms with his grief. A local lady, Joyce, who has also lost a partner, involved in church and charity work to keep her mind occupied, reaches out to him. The result is akin to a match being dropped in a box of fireworks. Lenny Henry played Charlie, Clare Perkins was Joyce, with Bunmi Mojekwu, Amit Shah, Alex Lanipekun and Tranae Sinclair and produced by Claire Grove. (ND, 'Diversity' website review, Sep 2013)

7 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Series 5, Dillie's Day. By Nick Warburton. Polish waitress Zofia has a surprise communication from her brother who is coming to Britain for a short visit. Warwick Hedges ....... Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges ....... Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges ....... Kate Buffery, Zofia ....... Helen Longworth, Samuel ....... John Rowe, Bernard ....... Ben Crowe, Director ....... Tracey Neale , Producer ....... Claire Grove.

ULYSSES DAY, 16 June 2012
A marathon for radio drama listeners: a day devoted to 'Ulysses', by James Joyce. Produced by Claire Grove. See r4-plays-2012

3 Mar 2012: Saturday Drama - An American Rose
By Charlotte Jones. The Kennedys were the most famous family in England when Joseph became American Ambassador in London. But daughter Rosemary's behaviour began to cause the family increasing concern. Rosemary Kennedy ..... Fenella Woolgar, Kathleen Kennedy ..... Lydia Wilson , Rose Kennedy ..... Lisa Eichhorn, Deborah Mitford ..... Tilly Gaunt, Billy Hartington ..... Carl Prekopp , Dr Freeman ..... Don Gilet, Sister Margaret ..... Tracy Wiles, John White ..... Harry Livingstone. Produced by Claire Grove. Directed by Sally Avens. The play is inspired by the lives of two of JFK's sisters, 'Rosemary' Kennedy, who died in 2005, but underwent a prefrontal lobotomy aged 23 and Kathleen 'Kick' Kennedy who married the heir to the Duke of Devonshire.

29 Feb - Series 4, If You Build It, by Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock is back as inspirational chef Warwick Hedges who runs an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens with his permanently anxious son Jack. In the first of a new series Warwick hits on an idea for putting the restaurant on the map; a music festival. Jack is dead against it but Warwick has plans. Warwick Hedges...Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges...Sam Dale, Marcia Hedges...Kate Buffery, Zofia...Helen Longworth, Samuel...John Rowe, Sebastian...Adam Billington. Produced by Claire Grove.

R3, "Drama on 3". 27 Nov 11. New radio production by Kwame Kwei-Armah of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play set in Pittsburgh in 1936. An ancient upright piano carved with African faces dominates the parlour of Doaker Charles. Boy Willie and his partner Lymon have come up from the south to sell watermelons. Boy Willie has just got out of prison and he wants to buy the land his ancestors once worked as slaves but his sister is not prepared to sell the piano. Boy Willie...John Earl Jelks, Berniece...Roslyn Ruff, Doaker...Stephen McKinley Henderson, Lymon...Chris Chalk, Wining Boy...Anthony Chisholm, Grace...Marsha Stephanie Blake, Avery...Leland Gantt, Maretha...Zadshire Dupuis. Creative consultant Ricardo Khan, Pianist Ernie Scott, Producer Claire Grove.

15 Oct 11. By Stephen Wyatt. Third in a series of four Chandler adaptations (nos. 2 and 4 were done by Robin Brooks). Marlowe finds himself in a Hollywood film studio when he investigates the disappearance of a client's brother.

Toby Stephens, Kelly Burke, Fenella Woolgar, Peter Polycarpou, Ginita Jimenez, John Guerrasio, Jonathan Forbes. Produced by Claire Grove.

1 Oct 11. First in a new series of Raymond Chandler stories, dram. by Stephen Wyatt. 90 min. Marlowe helps a drunk outside a clubone night and thinks no more about it. But several days later the man finds Marlowe and asks him for a favour.

Cast: Toby Stephens, Trevor White, Saskia Reeves, Peter Polycarpou, James Lailey, Simon Bubb, Alan Raglan. Phery Tom ...... Edmund Davies Mrs Hall ...... Jill Cardo Boy ...... Ceallach Spellman. Directed by Claire Grove.

By Lemn Sissay, R3. 31 Jul 11, in the series "The Wire". Poet Lemn Sissay's presentation about race, recorded in front of an audience in 2010, from the perspective of a black man who grew up in the area and never met another black person until he was eighteen. Tales of pain and injustice told in a thought-provoking, humorous way.

Lemn arrives at the poetry reading in Salford and finds that the organizer wants him to talk about race. This is Hazel Blears constituency and the BNP represents it in Europe. So he explores his history - being singled out at school, failing to fit into pub culture, being 'loved up' on a Spanish holiday and spat at in the street. And Lemn's quest for answers increasingly frustrates him. He asks - on what terms is he being accepted as a writer and performer by this audience? It's 2010. He' s still a black man in a white man's world. Lemn's genial good humour begins to desert him. Anger is taking over. Will he get to the end of the evening and answer his own question?

Written and performed by Lemn Sissay; directed by Claire Grove.

By Raymond Chandler, dram. Stephen Wyatt. Saturday Play, 26 Feb 11. Philip Marlowe is hired to follow Betty Mayfield all the way to the seaside town of Esmerelda. He doesn't know why, or who is enploying him.Soon he realises that another person is on the trail, and that he himself is being watched. Philip Marlowe . . . . . Toby Stephens, Betty Mayfield . . . . . Sarah Goldberg, Larry Mitchell . . . . . Iain Batchelor, Clyde Umney . . . . . Sean Baker, Clark Brandon . . . . . John Guerrasio, Goble . . . . . Sam Dale, Lucille . . . . . Claire Harry. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. Produced by Claire Grove.

This play (4 Feb 2011) by Stephen Wyatt was a fascinating take on the collaboration of Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler for the film adaptation of "Double Indemnity" by James M. Cain, a tale of hate, greed and murder. They don't like each other very much, but Chandler is a master of the classic one-liner, and Wilder knows exactly what will work on screen. They eventually manage to find a way of working together and their screenplay turns out to be a classic. Patrick Stewart was the irascible Chandler and Adrian Scarborough played Wilder. The producer was Claire Grove. The film, under Wilder's direction, came to the screen with Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck in the leads, won every award going, and is undisputably one of the greatest movies ever. (from ND 'Diversity' website review, Apr 2011)

I was pleased to hear series 2 of ON MARDLE FEN, set in the wilds of Norfolk, written by Nick Warburton. The central character is Warwick Hedges, a formidable opportunist, also the owner (and chef) of a small fenland restaurant. The establishment is run by his son, a hardworking, sensible individual who is unable to understand why his father gets into so many scrapes. The first episode (6 Dec 2010, R4) was all about the sighting of a bird on the fen. Warwick is not really into ornithology, but one day he meets an attractive young lady who is looking both for rare birds and somewhere to stay. She wants to see a bittern, she's on holiday, and she's determined. Warwick decides to help by offering her a room. It slowly triggers a series of disasters. The cast: Trevor Peacock as Warwick, Sam Dale, Kate Buffery, John Rowe, Helen Longworth, and Claire Rushbrook. The producer was Claire Grove. (from ND 'Diversity' website review, Dec 2010)

31 Oct 10 Classic Serial - The Ramayana
1/2. The ancient Indian epic The Ramayana is one of the world's most popular love stories. The separation and reunion of two lovers gives it perennial appeal but Rama's jealousy and Sita 's metamorphosis into a strong independent woman gives the story a contemporary feel. Rama is an interestingly flawed character, driven by powerful emotions in a world where monkeys can be gods, and gods can be as fallible as humans. Amber Lone's modern version dramatisation is scheduled to coincide with Divali, the festival of Lights, which celebrates Rama and Sita's return to their kingdom. Sita...Manjinder Virk, Rama...Lloyd Thomas, Lakshman...Adeel Aktar, Ravan...Paul Bhattacharjee, Surparnaka...Sasha Behar, Dasarath...Jude Akuwudike, Sister...Deeivya Meir, Bharat...Saikat Ahamed. Music composed by Niraj Chag. Directed by Claire Grove.

25 Sep 10 Saturday Play - Walter Now
By David Cook. (R) In November 1982, a Channel 4 launched with "Walter" by David Cook, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Ian McKellen as a man with learning difficulties. 25 years later award-winning writer David Cook brings us up to date with Walter's life in 'Walter Now' and Sir Ian McKellen recreates his extraordinary performance........Walter is now a pensioner. Following the death of his mother Walter spent many years living in a psychiatric hospital. When that was closed down he moved to hostel accommodation where he is isolated and lonely. When his support worker hears of a house share with three others he suggests Walter. But Walter is twice the age of the rest. Will they accept him? Walter.....Ian McKellen, Steph.....Becky Hindley, Mr Herd.....Malcolm Tierney, Mary.....Anna-Marie Heslop, Bernard.....Robert Londsdale, Terry.....Gunnar Cauthery, Tom.....Edmund Davies, Mrs Hall.....Jill Cardo, Boy.....Ceallach Spellman. Director Claire Grove.

16 Aug 10 The Patience of Mr Job
Comedy by Justin Butcher about globalisation and climate change. Mr Job is an African farmer with an unshakeable faith in the benevolence of the West. There's a flurry of excitement in the village. Mr Kismet, from the World Development Agency, has sent a letter offering rich rewards if the region sells its timber and moves to cut-flower production. Mr Job obeys the WDA scrupulously, even when the instructions prove extremely inconvenient, but as they wait for Mr Kismet's arrival, a series of disasters strike. Rpt. 31 May 2012. Mr Job...Jude Akuwudike, Mrs Job...Adjoa Andoh, Mr Eliphaz...Danny Sapani, Mr Bildad...Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Mr Achebe...Lloyd Thomas, Mr Lucy...Paul Courtney Hyu. Directed by Claire Grove.

MRS. TOLSTOY....2010
By Stephen Wakelam.Woman's Hour Drama. 5 x 12m beginning 9 Aug 10. Biographical play about Sofya Tolstoy and her writer husband who turned rather strange in his fifties. He became a Christian, stopped sleeping with her, took vows of poverty and chastity and wanted to give everything away in spite of having ten children to feed. Sofya transcribed Way and Peace six times for her husband. They were married for forty-eight years. Produced by Claire Grove. With Ian McDiarmid and Haydn Gwynne.

SE8 ....2010
By Janice Okoh. 16 Jul 10. A 17 year old girl is shot in a South London nightclub called SE8. The club is filled with witnesses. Rita is positive that the police will find her daughter's murderer but they are met by a wall of silence. Donna, 17, was there. She saw the shooter. Donna also knows who the gang members are. She went to school with some of them. The drama is intercut with recreated interviews with ex-gang members.

SE8 was inspired by the deaths of Birmingham teenagers Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare in 2003 and Magda Pniewskain 2007. Anonymous witnesses were used to secure both convictions. Currently a judge can direct the jury to discount anonymous witness statements if, for example, they have a relationship to the accused e.g,. knew each other at school. SE8 is not only about individual courage but also about the shaky legal framework that is supposed to protect it.

The writer, Janice Okoh grew up in South London. She has written two plays for Radio 4: A Short Ride to Dusseldorf and From Lagos with Love.

Cast: Rita Hayes - Julia Ford, Donna Brissett - Ashley Madekwe, John Hayes- Tony Bell, Mark Atkinson - Michael Shelford, Tyrell Deakins - Darren Hart, Dave Roberts - Lloyd Thomas. Directed by Claire Grove.

25 Mar 10 Scummow - Things Washed Up by the Sea
By Annamaria Murphy. When a delirious Irishman arrives in a Cornish harbour, baker Mary Kneebone takes him in, and soon the sick and gullible are queuing at her door. Rpt. 20 Jan 2012. Mary Kneebone ...... Mary Woodvine, Edna Lugg ...... Barbara Jefford, Declan Credan ...... Stephen Hogan, Virgin Mary ...... Alison Pettit, Eamon Credan ...... John O'Mahony, Davey Ellis ...... Charles Barnecut. Directed by Claire Grove.

By Annie Caulfield. R3 drama, 21 Feb 10; rpt. 1 May 11. Play about the life of the singer and political activist Paul Robeson. Apparently he was an apologist for Stalin and a pursuer of civil rights. He was disliked by the CIA which got him into a number of scrapes. With Lenny Henry as Robeson, Adjoa Andoh, Corey Johnson, Joanne Monro, Alibe Parsons, David Seddon, Rufus Wright, Alex Lanipekun. Producer Claire Grove. 90m.

25 7 2009
Saturday Play: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde By Robert Louis Stevenson. When a London lawyer studies the last will of his old friend Dr Jekyll; his suspicions are aroused. Why has respectable Dr Jekyll left everything to sinister Edward Hyde? Dr Jekyll ...... Adam Godley Utterson ...... David Horovitch Enfield ...... Mark Straker Mrs Utterson ...... Christine Kavanagh Lanyon ...... Sam Dale Poole ...... Joseph Kloska Sir Danvers ...... Ian Masters Girl/Maid ...... Emma Noakes Housekeeper ...... Bethan Walker. Directed by Claire Grove.

5 6 2009
On Mardle Fen Series 2 Top Dog
Series of four plays by Nick Warburton; set in an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Fens. A well-dressed stranger turns up with an unusual request. He is a rough diamond; the salt of the earth; but Jack doesn't like the look of him. Warwick ...... Trevor Peacock Jack ...... Sam Dale Marcia ...... Kate Buffery Samuel ...... John Rowe Zofia ...... Helen Longworth Mulloway ...... Malcolm Tierney Bernard ...... Paul Rider. Directed by Claire Grove.

    Another series of ON MARDLE FEN, by Nick Warburton (R4, 1415, beginning 5 Jun 09) has given us more cracking tales set in rural Norfolk. I was particularly taken by an episode involving an ice-skating race along the river. I was once told that before the first World War my grandfather skated from Quadring to King's Lynn when the water froze; a distance of about 20 miles, and in those days, it wasn't uncommon to do it. Nick's gang of eccentrics and their adventures on the Fen are a real highlight of the drama schedules. The old rogue Warwick is played by Trevor Peacock, with strong support from Sam Dale, Kate Buffery, John Rowe and Helen Longworth; Claire Grove directs. (ND, 'Diversity' website review, Sept 09.)

25 3 2009 Wednesday BBC Radio 4 14:15
Afternoon Play Miss St Andrews
By Mike Bartlett. Old grudges resurface as Miss St Andrews 1961 meets her old rival for the university Charities Queen title nearly 50 years later. Young Robert ...... Joe McFadden Jenny ...... Ellie Haddington Young Jenny ...... Tracy Wiles Robert ...... Tom Mannion Judy ...... Sandy Walsh Holly ...... Caroline Guthrie. Directed by Claire Grove.

21 3 2009
Saturday Play: The Boy Who Followed Ripley
:Fourth in a series of five plays based on the novels by Patricia Highsmith about the suave and amoral Tom Ripley. A rich young man arrives at Belle Ombre and he and Tom end up having to fight for their lives in sexually ambiguous; underworld Berlin. Tom Ripley ...... Ian Hart Frank Pierson ...... Nicholas Hoult Heloise ...... Helen Longworth Lily Pierson ...... Janice Acquah Reeves Minot ...... Paul Rider Eric Lanz ...... Jonathan Tafler Ralph Thurlow ...... Philip Fox Max ...... Matt Addis. Directed by Steven Canny and Claire Grove.

7 3 2009
Saturday Play: The Complete Ripley Ripley Under Ground
:Second in a series of five plays based on the novels by Patricia Highsmith about the suave and amoral Tom Ripley. With a dead man's money safely stowed in the bank; Tom is living in luxury in a chateau in France with his beautiful French wife. But the clever art forgery which funds Tom's expensive tastes is about to be uncovered. Tom Ripley ...... Ian Hart Heloise ...... Helen Longworth Bernard Tufts ...... Benedict Sandiford Jeff Constant ...... Stephen Hogan Madame Annette ...... Caroline Guthrie Murchison ...... Malcolm Tierney Webster ...... Stephen Critchlow . Directed by Claire Grove.

28 Feb 2009 Saturday Play: The Talented Mr Ripley
Series of plays based on the novels by Patricia Highsmith about the suave and amoral Tom Ripley. Tom is barely one step ahead of his creditors when a stranger offers him a free trip to Europe and a fresh start. Tom wants money and success and he is willing to kill for it. Tom Ripley ...... Ian Hart Dickie Greenleaf ...... Stephen Hogan Marge Sherwood ...... Barbara Barnes Mr Greenleaf ...... Malcolm Tierney Mrs Greenleaf ...... Janice Acquah Roverini ...... Stephen Critchlow Buffi ...... Matt Addis. Directed by Claire Grove.

26 2 2009 A Short Ride to Dusseldorf
:By Janice Okoh. A chance meeting in a job centre offers Alison some easy money. All she has to do is fly to Germany and marry a complete stranger. Alison ...... Katy Cavanagh Friday ...... Steve Toussaint Cher ...... Nadine Marshall Sarah ...... Ayesha Antoine Frau Nitsche ...... Liza Sadovy Samson ...... Chu Omambala German Official ...... Simon Treves. Directed by Claire Grove.

10 1 2009 Saturday Play: Walter Now Walter Now
:Update on the 1982 by David Cook; starring Ian McKellen as Walter; a man with learning difficulties. Walter is now a pensioner; living alone in a hostel. His support worker puts him forward for a house share with three other people; all of whom are half his age. Will they accept him and will he be able to cope with independent living? Walter ...... Ian McKellen Steph ...... Becky Hindley Mr Herd ...... Maloclm Tierney Mary ...... Anna-Marie Heslop Bernard ...... Robert Lonsdale Terry ...... Gunnar Cauthery Tom ...... Edmund Davies Mrs Hall ...... Jill Cardo Boy ...... Ceallach Spellman. Directed by Claire Grove.

(R3, 2000, 90m, 4 Jan 09). was another interesting story by Charlotte Jones, who has recently given us 'The Sound of Solitary Waves' and 'Humble Boy'. The play concerned a man whose marriage is falling apart. He can see no way out of his business problems or his domestic situation. Then he sees a possible solution – he will pretend to lose his memory. There begins a tangled web of deceit and invention. It starred Adam Godley, Amanda Lawrence and Lizzy Watts, and the producer was Claire Grove. (from ND 'Diversity' website review, Apr 09)

By Rumer Godden, ad. Stephen Wyatt. Woman's Hour drama, 5 x 12m. beginning 25 Feb 08. A group of nuns sets up a remote mission in the Himalayas. Produced by Claire Grove.

Two Brown Eyes....Delius's love affair....2008
By Angela Turvey. R4,12.2.08. In 1884; before achieving fame as a composer; the young Frederick Delius arrived in Florida from his home in Bradford. During his stay; he allegedly fell in love with a black woman. Frederick Delius ...... Sam Troughton Chloe Baker ...... Syan Blake Esther ...... Claire Benedict Thomas Ward ...... Chris Pavlo Jelke Rosen ...... Liz Sutherland. Producer Claire Grove.

Early Jan 08. Classic Serial, by Roald Dahl, 2 x 60m. Dramatised by Lucy Catherine. BBC blurb for ep. 2: Eight-year-old Boy has been turned into a mouse. He discovers that his friend Bruno is also a mouse; but Bruno is more interested in food than outwitting a room full of witches. Narrated by Toby Jones. Boy ...... Ryan Watson Grandmother ...... Margaret Tyzack Bruno ...... Jordan Clarke Grand High Witch ...... Amanda Lawrence Waiter ...... Ben Onwukwe Mr Jenkins ...... Ben Crowe Mrs Jenkins ...... Rachel Atkins Directed by Claire Grove. .....note by ND....entertaining children's tale which works on more than one level. Great for adults too.

By Mike Bartlett (R4, 1415, 14 Nov 07); an interesting second radio play by the winner of the 2006 Tinniswood and Imison Radio Drama Awards. Emma works in a large office complex, supervised closely by her manager. It's only when she begins seeing Darren, one of her colleagues, after work, that she realises just how closely she's being watched. She's in serious danger of breaking her contract - the "Love Contract". There was one very nasty graveyard scene, but that didn't stop it being a well-constructed play; a two-hander between Emma (Claire Rushbrook) and her manager (Ellie Haddington), who subjects her to a series of increasingly intimidating interviews. Echoes of Orwell's "1984". The producer was Claire Grove. ND, VRPCC newsletter

TOM JONES....2007
The well-known tale by Henry Fielding, ad Stephen Wyatt; 3 x 55m beginning 20 May 07. Classic Serial. Cast: Henry Fielding....Simon Russell Beale, Tom Jones....Michael Legge, Bifil/Lord Fellamar....Adrian Scarborough, Squire Western....Trevor Peacock, Miss Western....Margaret Tyzack, Squire Allworthy....James Laurenson, Black George/Northerton....Sam Dale, Sophia....Clare Corbett, Jenny Jones....Rachel Bavidge, Partridge....Charles Barnecut, Mrs Seagrim/Harriet....Liza Sadovy, Honour....Jasmine Callan, Lady Bellaston....Christine Kavanagh, Produced by Claire Grove.

DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE....2007
A new dramatisation of Robert Louis Stevenson's DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, by Yvonne Antrobus was broadcast as a recent Saturday Play (R4, 1430, 3 Feb 07). Radio drama has come a long way in the last thirty years -just listen to a 70s Afternoon Theatre if you doubt it - and this is the best version I've heard. We had flashback and letters, much as in the original story, excellent casting, and an imaginative script. Dr. Jekyll (and Hyde) was played by Adam Godley, Utterson was David Horovitch, and Enfield was Mark Straker; Claire Grove was the director. ND, VRPCC newsletter

Nick Warburton's play, FRIDAY WHEN IT RAINS (R4, 1415, 20 Oct 06), was in the style of "Fear on Four". It's the age of steam, and a girl on a late-night train journey hears a frightening tale from a fellow passenger. Riveting stuff; Clive Swift and Lyndsey Marshal starred, and Claire Grove directed. (.....N.D., VRPCC newsletter)

18 May: An Interlude of Men....2006
By Lesley Bruce. Bren and Hilly have been lifelong friends, so when Hilly breaks her wrist, Bren comes to help her out. They both anticipate the pleasure of long days together - comfortably trashing the years they were apart, that interlude of men - but their friendship is not that simple. Bren ...... Deborah Findlay, Hilly ...... Barbara Flynn. Director Steven Canny. Producer Claire Grove.

Not Talking by Mike Bartlett,R3....2006
TINNISWOOD AWARD JT WINNER 2006; presented Oct 2007
A powerful, contemporary drama that both shocks and edifies.  The author cleverly weaves together dysfunctional characters and diverging timelines to create a compelling narrative where two different generations of characters seek a dubious and at times dangerous consolation in “not talking”.

....Mike explores the corrosive power of silence through his grandfather's experiences as a "conshie" during World War 2, alongside a contemporary story from the armed forces. With Richards Briars, June Whitfield, Carl Prekopp and Lyndsey Marshal. The director was Steven Canny and the producer Claire Grove. 2 Mar 06, 60m, 10-11pm, "The Wire", Radio 3.

Jan 2006. By Rebecca West; classic serial. Six 55m episodes, dramatised by Robin Brooks. Producers Cherry Cookson and Claire Grove; director Martin Jenkins. A story of childhood seen through the eyes of Rose, a girl struggling to comprehend life. She has a brilliant father with no sense who gambles his money away on the stock exchange, and a mother who has given up her career to bring up her and her two sisters. With Emma Fielding as Rose, Stella Gonet, Dermot Crowley, Tessa Montague, Clare Corbett, Sophie Roberts, Ayesha Antoine, Liz Sadovy, Sandy Walsh, Crawford Logan, Callum Williams, John Cummins.

By Ivan Goncharov, ad. Stephen Wyatt. Classic serial, 2 x 55m, 7 and 14 Aug. This is the story of Oblomov, who lives in a flat in St Petersburg. Nothing wrong with his intelligence, but he is slothful. Everything can wait until tomorrow. Agafya..........Fiona Clarke, Doctor..........Clive Swift, Nicolai.........Harry Myers, Oblomov........Toby Jones, Olga...........Claire Skinner, Olgas Aunt.....Richenda Carey, Pianist........Helen Crayford, Singer.........Olivia Robinson, Stoltz.........Nicholas Boulton, Tarantyev......Gerard McDermott, Zahar..........Trevor Peacock. Music by Helen Crayford and Olivia Robinson. Produced by Claire Grove.

Life Assurance....2005
Life Assurance (R4, 1430, 19 Feb 05), by Chrissie Gittins, was the astonishing tale of the "Black Widows" of Liverpool. In 1884, Catherine Flanagan and her sister, Margaret Higgins, were front-page news. The reason - they had been poisoning members of their families, and others, so they could claim on the insurance policies they'd set up. Sorcha Cusack and Gillian Kearney were the infamous pair, and Robert Hastie the Inspector; Claire Grove directed. (VRPCC Newsletter, Apr 05)

By Thackeray, dram. Stephen Wyatt. Woman's Hour drama beginning 13 Sep 04, 20 x 12m. Narrated by Stephen Fry. Cast: Amelia Sedley....Katy Cavanagh, Auctioneer....Jon Glover, Becky Sharp....Emma Fielding, Captain MacMurdo....Mark Bonnar, Ensign Stubble....Stephen Hogan, George Osborne....Nicholas Boulton, Jos Sedley....Toby Jones, Lady Jane....Jemma Churchill, Lord Steyne....David Calder, Miss Briggs....Kate Buffery Miss Crawley....Margaret Tyzack, Miss Jemima....Joanna McCallum, Miss Pinkerton....Sandy Walsh, Mr Moss....Ian Masters, Mr Osborne....Geoffrey Whitehead, Mr Sedley....Ian Masters, Mr Wenham....Philip Fox, Peggy O'Dowd....Monica Dolan, Pit Crawley....Jon Glover, Polly the Maid....Joanna McCallum, Rawden Crawley...Ray Coulthard, Sir Pitt Crawley....Trevor Peacock, William Dobbin....Tom Smith. Producers Claire Grove and Marc Beeby.

By Arnold Bennett, dram. Stephen Wyatt.Woman's Hour drama, beginning 19 Jan 04. 15 x 12m. Narrated by Philip Jackson. Amy .... Lydia Leonard, Auctioneer/Guard .... Declan Wilson, Aunt Harriet .... Frances Jeater, Chirac .... Tom Smith, Constance .... Gillian Kearney, Constance .... Marcia Warren, Cyril .... Jim Pyke, Dr Stirling .... Andrew Harrison, Englishman .... Chris Moran, Foucault .... Rachel Atkins, Gerald Scales .... Nicholas Boulton, Lewis Mardon .... John Rowe, Maria Critchlow .... Rachel Atkins, Maria Inshull .... Rachel Atkins, Mary .... Jaimi Barbakoff, Matthew Peel-Swynnerton .... Carl Prekopp, Miss Chetwynd .... Rachel Atkins, Mr Baines .... John Rowe, Mr Bodero .... Declan Wilson, Mr Critchlow .... Stephen Critchlow, Mr Povey .... Ian Dunn, Mrs Baines .... Barbara Marten, Saleswoman .... Rachel Atkins, Samuel Povey .... Ian Dunn, Sophia .... Katy Cavanagh & Penelope Wilton. Produced by Claire Grove.

By Stephen Wyatt. 6 Dec 02. A twenty-two year-old Puritan and follower of John Bunyan is accused of murder. A true story inspired by 'The Narrative of Mrs Agnes Beaumont written by Herself', published in 1674. Producer: Claire Grove. Afternoon play.

Series created by Shelley Silas. Woman's Hour dramas, 10 x 12m. Ten stories inspired by the superstitions associated with magpies.

18.02.02 One for Sorrow, by Charlotte Jones.
19.19.02 Two for Joy, by Katie Hims
20.02.02 Three for a Girl, by Katie Hims
21.02.02 Four for a Boy, by Charlotte Jones
22.02.02 Five for Silver, by Shelley Silas
25.02.02 Six for Gold, by Shelley Silas
26.02.02 Seven for a Secret Never to Be Told, by Sebastian Baczkiewicz
27.02.02 Eight for a Lie, by Sebastian Baczkiewicz
28.02.02 Nine for Truth, by Shelley Silas
01.03.02 The Secret of Eternal Youth, by Katie Hims

The Shelley Silas episodes were produced by Claire Grove; I'm not sure about the others.

By Martha Gellhorn, ad. Annie Caulfield. Saturday Play, 24 Oct 01. Rose Answell has spent ten years manoeuvring her husband up the political ladder. She is determined to reach the top. Simon Russell Beale, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Gordon Reid, Selina Cadell. Produced by Claire Grove.

By Bryony Lavery. These have the collective title "Wise Children". Approx date Jun 2001 (I think). Dora and Nora are the illegitimate twin daughters of the Shakespearean actor Sir Melchior Hazard. Starring Marcia Warren and Elizabeth Bell; dir. Claire Grove.

Re-told by Stephen Wyatt. 1 Jan 01. The Countess D'Aulnoy read her fairy tales to audiences in the salons of 17th-century Paris. The adventures of princesses, serpents, yellow dwarves and tiny pagodas mirror her own eventful life. With Eleanor Bron, Janine Wood, Adam Godley, Phillip Joseph,Kenny Blyth. Producer Claire Grove.

By Nigel Karikari. 10 Oct 2000. After brain surgery, an accident victim starts to develop strange powers. Afternoon play, 45m. Maynard Eziashi as Leo, with Claudette Williams, Susanna Hamilton, Terence Edmond, Ben Crowe, David Thorpe. Producer Claire Grove.

Underground ....1999
By Nick Darke, 15 Jan 00. Not a drama - this is a feature. South Crofty Mine in Cornwall closed in 1999. Tin had been extracted here since Tudor times. This is not only the last tin mine to close in Cornwall but the last working tin mine in Europe. Voice of miners and the families are woven into a text by Nick Darke and music by Jim Carey. With Charles Barnecut (Charlie), and Carl Grose (Eddy). Director: Claire Grove.

By Bryony Lavery. Two elderly ladies steal a car and embark on a crime spree. With Marlene Sidaway, June Barrie, Ann Beach; dir. Claire Grove.

22 Aug 98; by Bryony Lavery.A comedy thriller, set in Victorian England: with Haydn Gwynne, Nicholas Farrell, Andrew Harrison, Mary McCusker; dir. Claire Grove. This play reminded me a little of Perry Pontac's work.

A Grove of Straight Trees....1997
4.6.97.  By Nick Warburton. The owner of a large estate wants wood for his buildings; but his workforce will not set foot in the sacred grove. With Gavin Muir; Richard Pearce; Don McCorkindale; Susannah Corbett and Elaine C....(?)

Scorching Winds....1997
By Deepak Verma. 21.8.97. Two young people fall in love amid the turmoil of the British withdrawal from India. With Akbar Kurtha: Indira Varma and Madhav Sharma. Director Claire Grove.

By Mary Shelley. Dramatized by Nick Stafford, who stayed true to the original novel. 2 x 55m, Classic Serial, beginning 9 Oct 94. Michael Maloney as Frankenstein, John Wood as The Creature, with Philip Joseph, Janys Chambers, Paul Panting, Ted Richards, Frances Jeater, Neville Jason, Deborah Berlin, Don McCorkindale, Malcolm Ward, Peter Kenny, David Jarvis, Margaret John, Gavin Muir, Sam Crane, James Berwick, Peter Caffrey, Ann Tobin and James Telfer.Produced by Claire Grove

By H.G.Wells. Classic Serial, 3 x 55m, beginning 29 Aug 93. Tono Bungay is an elixir discovered by the Ponderevo family. It can cure anything. Dramatized by Nigel Gearing. Cast: George...Paul Keating & Neil Dudgeon, Uncle Teddy....James Laurenson, Aunt Susan....Diane Bull, Mrs. Ponderevo....Anny Tobin, Lady Drewe.... Pauline Yates, Beatrice....Oona Beeson & Clare Holman, Archie....San Crane, Uncle Nicodemus....David Cann, Miss Fison/Lady Osprey....Jillie Meers, Mrs. Mackridge....Diana Payan, Rabbits....John Evitts, Mrs. Somerville....Rachel Atkins, Jeremiah....David Thwaites, Ruck....Colin Pinney, Marion....Jaquetta May, College Registrar / Cothorpe.... Steve Hodson, Mr. Ramboat....James Taylor, Smithie....Vivienne Rocheseter, Sidney/Captain .... James Telfer, Effie / Nurse ....Geraldine Fitzgerald. Produced by Claire Grove.

LAYING GHOSTS....date nk
By Bryony Lavery. Unusual love story involving a spiritualist and a long-dead ghost. With Jane Whittenshaw, Joan Sims, Neil Roberts, Peter Penry Jones, Gudrun Ewer. Producer Claire Grove. This play was repeated by ABC National (Australia) in about 1998.


Producer's Choice: CLAIRE GROVE, BBC 7, 2004

Monday 9th February 2004 Bawcock's Eve.
An old woman, the sea, and the legend of Thomas Bawcock all converge one winter evening. By the Cornish playwright, Nick Darke.

Tuesday 10th February 2004 Contemplating Adultery, by Michael Butt.
A married and respectable translator conducts a passionate correspondence with a raffish German prince. Starring Bill Nighy.

Wednesday 11th February 2004 (24th Nov 1999) Vanilla.
Wyndham's first love was his mother. As he fed at her breast, he was set on a path to obsession. Lesley Bruce's comic fable about food and love stars Derek Jacobi. With Adjoa Andoh, Gavin Muir, Alison Pettitt and Ben Crowe.

Thursday 12th February 2004 (21 Sept 1999) Altaban the Magnificent.
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A young British scientist discovers myth and magic in the looking glass world of post-war Berlin. With Nicholas Farrell.

Friday 13th February 2004 (3 Dec 1997) No Joan of Arc
By Bryony Lavery. First in a 3-play series called "Who Sings The Hero' about ordinary individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary courage. In 1993, Laurence Dreyfus, a 30-year-old Parisian infant teacher, faced an armed gunman in her classroom. He handed her a note which began, `This is a hostage-taking...' With Adjoa Andoh, Tom Mannon, Sarah Rice and John Rowe.


A darkly comic fable full of ice cream, starring Derek Jacobi. The character he plays is strange and hypnotic; he draws you into his story, which is a kind of grotesque fairy tale. The writing leads us to a secret ingredient at the heart of the play. What the ingredient is, is never actually said, but we're invited to imagine it. What we imagine is always more powerful than what we're told. It all starts with a taste of vanilla. Cast: Derek Jacobi, Adjua Andoh, Ben Crowe, Alison Pettitt, Gavin Muir....(taken from Claire's introduction to the BBC repeat)

This is a bold piece of writing from Sebastian Baczkiewicz. The central character is a seven foot mute magician. This was quite a challenge for me as a radio producer. The setting is Berlin, immediately after the second World War. A young British scientist who is very out of his depth in this fractured and threatening world imagines things that aren't there. He's led into an area which is strictly off-limits and is told later that it does not exist. Then he's accused of murder. This is a thriller with a supernatural edge to it. Clive Swift plays the mysterious stranger, Mund. ....(taken from Claire's introduction to the BBC repeat)

NO JOAN OF ARC....1997
This play is based on the story of a French teacher, Laurence Dreyfus. who won the Legion d'Honneur for her bravery. What interested me about her story was not just her courage but the ordinariness of the setting for it. Laurence taught in an infant class in a Paris suburb. There was nothing about that day or that school to suggest why it was a target for the extraordinary events which took place. Laurence and her class of tiny children survived because she was able to draw on her skills as a teacher to negotiate. Bryony Lavery's play is utterly gripping, very moving, and has something to say about the nature of heroism. Adjua Andoh (whom many of you will know from "Casualty") plays Laurence Dreyfus.....(taken from Claire's introduction to the BBC repeat)

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