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David Spenser is a well-known producer of radio plays; he has worked in other media, and began his career in broadcasting as a child actor during the war. David has written of his radio experiences for us, and these pages are available if you click on the following link:

David Spenser: My Time in Radio at the BBC

Below is a list of a few of his radio productions.


By Anthony Trollope. R4, 10.6.1988 - 29.7.1988. With David March,Emily Richard, Rosalind Shanks, Stephen Rashbrook, Debby Cumming. This was a substantial adaptation of Trollope's novel by David Spenser, broadcast in 60-minute episodes over 8 weeks; classic 'classic' radio, with David March in cracking form as the devious tycoon. - B.P.

5 Aug 84. A play based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood. Dramatised in 2 parts by Eric Ewens. With David March, Michael Maloney, Sheila Grant and Hilda Schroder. Produced by David Spenser.

By Royce Ryton, 24.10.1981 Peter Barkworth/Sarah Badel/David Buck Produced by David Spenser. 90m. Saturday Night Theatre.

Livingstone & Sechele....1979
By David Pownall, dir David Spenser. 10 Dec 79. DS produced other plays by this writer. (see David Pownall page) 90 minutes.

Antique Farce....1977
By Bruce Stewart, 17 Dec 77. With George Cole, Kate O'Mara, Glyn Owen and Leonard Fenton. Producer: David Spenser. See Bruce Stewart page.

Pharaoh On The Nile....1974
"4th. Dimension" series. By Victor Pemberton & David Spenser. 6 - episode serial. R4 28.12.1974 -1.2.1975. With Sean Barrett/Sheila Grant/David Valla/John Westbrook.

Shadow Of The Pharaoh....1972
"4th. Dimension" series, by Victor Pemberton & David Spenser. Serial, 6 episodes. R4 30.9.1972 - 4.11.1972. With Sean Barrett/David Valla/John Bentley/Sheila Grant.

CITY OF THE HORIZON....1972, repeated 1976.
By David Spenser. Total running time about 150 minutes.

Part 1 : The Dream; 29.1.1972, Gary Bond/Mary Morris/Kate Binchy.
Part 2 : The Reality; 5.2.1972 Gary Bond/Mary Morris/Kate Binchy.

Fascinating historical drama of the life of Achnaton, the "heretic Pharoah". Sometime after ascending the throne, around 1500 BC, Amenhotep IV changed his name to Achnaton - a consequence of his religious reform away from the old god Amon-Ra. This has been the subject of a great number of books and essays. James Breasted called Achnaton the "most remarkable of all the pharoahs and the first individual in human history". Arthur Weighall, also an Egyptologist, describes him as "the world's first idealist".

In the fifth year of his reign Achnaten (Akhnaten, Akhnaton - alternative spellings) moved from Thebes with his wife Nefertite (Nefretete) and built a new capital city, Akhet-Aton, "the place where Aton rises", or "City of the Horizon", halfway between Thebes and Memphis. His mother Queen Tiy stayed as regent in Thebes.

Achnaton did not wage wars and was rather indifferent to the raids made by warring parties into his Asiatic domain. He built palaces, homes for his favourites, and sepulchural chambers for himself and them, for the lifehereafter was of intense concern to worshippers of both Aton and Amon. His city was intended to last for as long as the sun above the earth.

This pair of linked plays (which can be played without a break) tells the story of the city - the dream, and the reality.

THE KITE.....1967
By David Spencer. Afternoon theatre. 6 Nov 67.


Without Benefit of Clergy, 9.5.1973, David Spenser/Gary Watson.
Love o' Women, 16.5.1973, David Spenser/Hugh Dickson/Kevin Flood.
Mrs. Bathurst, 23.5.1973, David Spenser/William Fox.

Beyond The Black Stump....1971
21 Nov 71. By Neville Shute adapted by Stephen Grenfell. Rosemary Miller, Edward Bishop and David Spenser A young man from the old Frontier of the American West comes to the new frontier lands of the Australian outback to search for oil...

David Cope David Spenser, Jane Regan Dorothy Smith, The Judge Walter Fitzgerald, Pat Regan J G Devlin, Mollie Regan Rosemary Miller, Mr. Laird Patrick Barr, Stanton Laird Edward Bishop, Helen Laird Brenda Dunrich, Chuck Sheraton Jerry Stovin, Spencer Rasmussen Stephen Thorne, Jerry Bruce Beeby, Dr. Gordon Frederick Treves, Ted Alan Haines, Ruth Sheraton Mary Wimbush, Tony Sheraton Peter Bartlett, Miss Froxfield Barbara Mitchell, Producer Betty Davies.

The Disagreeable Man....1967
By Henry Cecil, Light Programme, 13.9.1967, Norman Shelley/David Spenser.

Smith and Jones....1967
By Nicholas Monsarrat, Light Programme, 10.5.1967, Patrick Allen/John Westbrook/David Spenser.

*THE SLIDE....1966
By Victor Pemberton. 13.2.1966 - 27.3.1966, with Maurice Denham/Roger DelgadoAllan McLelland/Marion Mathie/David Spenser. This is a 7- episode science fiction serial. It begins with an earthquake in Southern England. Then the local wildlife starts to disappear. 7 x 30m. Producer John Tydeman.

The White Company....1965
Serial, 9 episodes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Home Service, 5 Jan 65 - 15 Jan 65. With Nigel Davenport/Stanley MacKenzie/Victor Lucas/David Spenser/Ronald Baddiley.

The Seeker....1964
By Honoria Tirbutt, Light Programme, 9.9.1964, Faith Brook/David Spenser.

By Joan O' Connor & Cecily Finn, Light Programme, 15.7.1964, Eva Stuart/William Eedle/David Spenser.

By Anthony Hope, Home Service, serial, 3 episodes, 22 Mar 63 - 5 Apr 63. With Alan Wheatley/OlivegRegg/Norman Shelley/David Spenser .

Serial, 8 episodes, 25 Jan 59 - 1 Mar 59. By John P. Marquand. Light Programme. With William Sylvester/Jill Melford/David Spenser.

Third programme, 23 Nov 58. Headmaster- Anthony Viccars , John Ebony- Peter Howell , Cary Farthingale- John Sharp , Nadia- Violet Loxley , Cuthbun- Jonathan Bailey , Cloistermouth- Leonard monahan , Orris, Boy 1- Jonathan Margates , Bungabine- John Graham , Unman- Nigel Anthony, Lipstrob- Jonathan Scott , Aggeridge- Michael Walker , Terhew- Anthony Adams , Wittering- David Spenser , -other cast members: Jean England, Alice Esmie-Bell, Harold Young, Will Leighton. Produced by Donald McWhinnie.

The Secret Battle....1957
2 Feb 57, by A.P. Herbert/Lance Sieveking; with David Spenser/Simon Lack/Ronald Simpson/Laidman Browne.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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