David Spenser: Radio Memories

David Spenser, sometime child actor and producer of many excellent BBC radio plays from the 60s until the 80s, has written for us about his career with the BBC. I am grateful to VRPCC member Michael Lloyd, who made the initial contact with David and asked if he would be prepared to tell us about his life in Radio. David agreed, and he has spent many hours writing down his experiences for us.

David Spenser tells us about his early acting experiences as a child during the war; describes some of the actors and actresses he worked with, and then talks about radio producers in the 'golden age' of radio drama, when he worked with many famous names including Raymond Raikes, Louis MacNeice and Donald MacWhinnie.

David produced hundreds of interesting plays himself, including Rider Haggard's "She", Goethe's "Faust", and a fascinating drama about Achenaten, the heretic Pharoah, a three-hour epic entitled "City of the Horizon".

Many thanks to David for spending so much time on our behalf writing these fascinating pages.

OK - let's go...

The Beginning
Actors & Actresses
Mary O'Farrell and James McKechnie
Gladys Young & Marjorie Westbury
Peter Coke, Rolf Lefebvre and others
Radio Producers: early days - Josephine Plummer and May Jenkins
David Davies and Uncle Mac
Howard Rose and Val Gielgud
Donald MacWhinnie and Raymond Raikes
Louis MacNeice and H.B.Fortuin
Douglas Cleverdon and E.J.King-Bull

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