David Spenser Radio Memories :
My First Producers

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As my first broadcast at the age of eleven was in Children’s Hour, those CH producers were the first I worked with, the very first as already mentioned being JOSEPHINE PLUMMER, who had the dubious honour of having discovered me! Jo P. was like a most lovable elder sister. She personified for me, and has done ever since in my mind, the perfect smooth pink-and-white skinned long English face known affectionately as ‘horsy’.

She was very beautiful, with laughing blue eyes, a warm friendly smile and a bright personality. I worked with her on and off for many years, and will always feel grateful for her guidance through the remains of my childhood, and through my adolescence, and indeed through my earliest stumbles into manhood. She took upon herself the duty of ‘never allowing me to become swollen-headed or conceited or ill mannered’. It can’t be for me to say whether she succeeded!

Amongst the many plays and series I did for her was playing Jeremy in the adaptation of Pamela Brown’s book “The Swish of the Curtain”, which we did several times. MAY JENKINS was a small doll-like figure, frail, kindly, but strict. When she told one how to speak a line better, she made immediate sense; and one certainly would never be cheeky towards her or treat her with anything but respect. It was for her that I played John in the ‘Worzel Gummidge’ serials.


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