James Robinson Radio Plays

James Robinson has been producing radio plays regularly for the BBC since 2009. The scope of his work (science fiction, drama-doc, thrillers, adaptations, fantasy, comedy, recent history - even a Tom Stoppard play) is illustrated by the forty-odd plays I've listed below.


By Alan Harris (R4, 1430, 24 Nov 18) - a new version of Kafka's famous novella, but with a change of location; it's set in a call centre. One day, Gregor wakes up from his life of “work, eat, sleep, repeat” to find he's been transformed into a gigantic insect. It is a seriously creepy tale, and a good example of a story which is more effective on radio than on film or TV. It was written in 1915 and there have been other radio adaptations; I remember one by John Turner in 1983 called 'Metamorphosid Arkwright' (sic) which was also very effective. In the new version, Gregor was played by Tom Basden, Grete by Emma Sidi, Father by Kenneth Collard and Mother by Felicity Montague. The narrator was Peter Marinker and the producer James Robinson, for BBC Wales. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

CHIMERA, another 'Tracks' series by Matthew Broughton was a marathon 9-episode conspiracy thriller (R4, 1415, beginning 1 Nov 18). The writers were Matthew Broughton (eps. 1,2, 5, 8, 9) assisted by Matt Hartley (3), Lucy Catherine (4), Caroline Horton (6) and Timothy Atack (ep. 7). This follows the two previous series, Tracks: Strata (prequel), broadcast 2017, and Tracks: Chimera (2016). The plot: Helen Ash is unlucky enough to witness a disaster: the collapse of a tower block full of people. But before the catastrophe, she sees a man on the roof, waving his arms. Astonishing, after the building has collapsed, the man arises from the debris and rubble and then slowly walks away, apparently unharmed. Shortly afterwards Helen discovers she's pregnant, but she has had no sexual partner in the last 18 months, and there are other surprises. Helen was played by Hattie Morahan, Freddy by Jonathan Forbes, Megan by Zahra Ahmadi and Dr. Grace by Claire Cage. The producer was James Robinson, for BBC Wales. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

THE DUKE....2018
Shon Dale-Jones has written an outstanding monologue called THE DUKE (R4, 1415, 22 Oct 18) which he has performed, without fee, all over the world. The radio adaptation was comical and witty; The Duke is a valuable porcelain figure of the Duke of Wellington on horseback, and Shon's mother has accidentally broken it. Shon's quest is to find another copy. The website activateperformingarts.org.uk describes it like this:

"Since 2005 I've been working on a film script, which is in the very final stages of development. In the autumn of 2015 I sit at my desk waiting for an email that will tell me what I need to do to the script to get it onto the screen. I turn the radio on. I listen to a report about the refugee crisis. My mother calls. She tells me she’s broken The Duke. My mother, my film script and the refugee crisis all need my attention."

"The Duke" weaves together the fate of a family heirloom, the quandary of a scriptwriter stretching his integrity and an unfolding disaster as thousands of children flee their homes. Blending fantasy and reality, this playful show gently challenges our priorities in a world full of crisis. (from activateperformingarts.org.uk)

The performance was produced by the writer and directed by James Robinson, for BBC Wales. The writer tells us that so far, his appearances with "The Duke" have raised £46,000 for Save The Children. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

2 Aug 18: Where this service will connect
By Katherine Jakeways. Episode 3 of her romantic comedy. Suzie arrives at the office to see David; she is the worse for wear after a party the night before. It's two years since they sat next to each other on a train journey; now she needs his help. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Joe: Richard Nicholls, Receptionist: Katherine Jakeways. Producer: James Robinson. For other episodes - see 27-28 Apr 2017.

11 Jul 18: This is not a Banksy
By Alan Harris; comedy. Sam's life is turned upside-down when his girlfriend discovers a Banksy on his bottom. She insists they make it permanent at the tattoo parlour, and before long, Sam has become a living work of art. That's when his problems really begin. Sam: Elis James, Molly: Kimberley Nixon, Jan / Philida: Eiry Hughes, Tattooist: Steffan Rhodri, Eddy: Tim Key, Phil: Aled Pugh, Kirsty Lang: herself. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales. Rpt. from 2016.

2 Feb 18: Borderland
By Sarah Woods, rpt. This play won the Tinniswood Award. It is set a few years into the future. Thriller, from an idea by John Norton, based on real stories of migrants. In the near future, a mother and daughter travel across the borders of England and Wales and over the Irish Sea in search of a better life. Layla: Juliet Cowan, Rabaa: Sirine Saba, with Ali Ariaie, Esme Robinson, John Norton, Ali Goolyad, Sion Pritchard and Claire Cage. Producer: James Robinson, BBC Wales.

24 Jan 18: The Duke
By Shon Dale-Jones. Puzzling entry in RT: a one-man show where S D-J explores the fate of a family heirloom, the quandary of a scriptwriter, and a refugee crisis. "Blending fantasy and reality, it gently challenges priorities". Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

8 Feb 17: My Mother Taught Me How To Sing
By Daf James; drama-doc. Daf and his partner want to adopt a child, but when Daf's mother dies, he wonders if he has the necessary qualities to be a parent.He returns to his childhood home and with the help of some cassette recordings made of him growing up, Daf attempts to uncover what it means to be a mother. Daf: himself, little Daf: Lewis Howe, Dawn: Mali Matthews, social worker: Eiry Thomas. Producer: James Robinson.

19 Dec 16: Fairytale of New Malden
By Katherine Jakeways. Comedy drama. Cathy's estranged dad George reluctantly agrees to dress up as Santa for a Christmas Fair. George: Geoffrey Palmer, Cathy: Rosie Cavaliero, Liz Tucker: Katherine Jakeways. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

10 Nov 16: Superstar Me
By Jessica Mitic (aka Jessica Brown). Comedy about two unlikely travelling companions backpacking across Thailand. Mike is searching for cultural enrichment, whilst Laura is searching for the perfect selfie. Laura: Gwyneth Keyworth, Mike: Liam Williams, Dada: William Thomas, Anna / Polly: Gwawr Loader, Guide: Jeffrey Ho. Producer: Helen Perry; director: James Robinson.

7 Oct 16: Julie
By Rob Gittins. Rpt from 26 Sep 2014. Historical drama about illegal drugs; in particular, LSD. Chemist Richard Kemp found a way of synthesising very pure lysergic acid diamine and thought he could change the world, but the detective Dick Lee was determined to stop him. In 1977 there was a police raid at a rural farmhouse in Wales, where LSD worth £65 million had originated. It was part of 'Operation Julie'. Narrator - Elry Thomas, Richard Kemp - Alex Waldmann, Dick Lee - Simon Armstrong, Christine - Sarah Lloyd-Gregory, David Solomon - Alum Raglan, Fitz - Stuart McLoughlin, Hawkins - Michael Bertenshaw. Producer - James Robinson. BBC Wales.

    To a chemist, the synthesis of LSD is an interesting problem because the desired product tends to 'aromatise'. This means that the LSD convert during the reaction, into a completely different compound, ie the synthesis fails. It takes considerable skill to design a synthetic route to avoid the problem, and to carry it out successfully. In the play, the narrator was Elry Thomas, Richard Kemp was played by Alex Waldmann, and Dick Lee by Simon Armstrong. The producer was James Robinson; presumably this was BBC Wales, though RT didn't say. (.....ND, Diversity Website review, Sep 2014.

4 Oct 16: Tracks, 9 of 9
By Matthew Broughton. Final episode of the conspiracy thriller. Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Rosie: Susan Jameson, Florian: Sean Baker, K: Rafay Asfi, Fisker Lee: Kenneth Cranham, Lin: Liz Sutherland. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

15 Sep 16: Hatch, Match and Dispatch
By Anna Maria Murphy, rpt. A man says to his daughter that he was never born and has lived forever. She looks for the truth. Beth: Eiry Thomas, Patrick: Peter Marinker, Bill: Chris Patterson, Mrs. Knowles: Sharon Morgan, Miriam/Janet: Eirlys Bellin, Reg/Harold: Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

16 Aug 16: Tracks, 2: The Broca and Wernicke Areas
By Matthew Broughton; conspiracy thriller. Helen and Freddy investigate why one of the passengers does not have a heart (sic) and look at whether the Mayflower medical corporation could be implicated in the 'plane crash. Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Michael: Alex Beckett, Louise: Alexandra Riley, Deborah: Suzanne Packer, the manager: Matthew Gravelle, the receptionist: Claire Cage, Florian: Sean Baker, O'Brien: Richard Mitchley. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

9 Aug 16: Tracks, 1: The Nervus Vagus
By Matthew Broughton; a nine-part conspiracy thriller. Dr. Helen Ash witnesses the crash of the plane carrying her father. The event sets her on an investigation into as dark conspiracy. Helen: Romola Garai, Michael: Alex Beckett, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Rosie: Susan Jameson, Miranda: Suzanne Packer, Policeman: Matthew Gravelle, Pilot: Richard Nichols, Mrs. Trewin: Caroline Berry, Susana: Claire Cage, Florian: Sean Baker. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

14 Jul 16: The Bee Maker
By Anita Sullivan. Science fiction: in the year 2020, bees are almost extinct, so robotics expert Deborah builds artificial bees to help pollinate fruit trees across the world. But then something strange happens: people start getting lost. Deborah: Alice Lowe, May: Harriet Walter, Ant: Stuart McLoughlin, Hire car salesman: Alun Raglan, Customs official: John Norton, Lost passenger: Claire Cage. Producer: James Robinson.

Anita Sullivan's plays are always worth a listen, and in 'The Bee Maker' (R4, 1415, 16 Jun 14), a robotics expert builds artificial insects to help pollinate the fruit trees. It's 2020, and most of the world's bees have died out. (As an aside I wonder if readers know that some fruit trees don't need pollinating. The apple "Spenser Seedless" forms fruit whether it is pollinated or not; its flowers have no petals and it usually produces no seeds.) This was an interesting piece of science fiction. The cast included Alice Lowe, Harriet Walter and Stuart McLoughlin, and the producer was James Robinson. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Sep 2014)

3 Jun 16: Lost or Stolen
Repeat from 2014 of an excellent radio play by Jessica Brown: A couple meet as they share a taxi after a night out in London. They are drawn to each other. Their unusual love story takes a turn when Sarah steals Dan's mobile 'phone. The couple: Annabel Scholey and Tom Bennett; other parts played by Michael Bertenshaw. Producer - James Robinson; BBC Wales.

    There was an excellent series of ten plays by writers new to radio, beginning on 12 May and continuing for a fortnight. My own favourites were 'When I lived in Peru' by Andrew Viner (R4, 1415, 16 May 14) and 'Lost or Stolen' by Jessica Brown (R4, 1415, 22 May 14). In the first, a young man who never travels is driven crazy by his girlfriend's constant references to the year she spent in Peru; he decides to get his own back. In the second, a girl shares a taxi with a young man and pockets his 'phone. Andrew Viner's play was produced by Liz Webb, and Jessica's by James Robinson. (....ND, Diversity website review, Sep 2014)

14 Apr 16: Pandora
By Caroline Horton. Drama about a man trying to understand why his girlfriend attempted to commit suicide, whilst she takes temporary reguge iin drink with her best friend. Pandora: Caroline Horton, Tom: Martin Bonger, Bert: Troels Hagen Findsen. Producer: James Robinson. BBC Wales

22 Mar 16: This Is Not A Banksy
By Alan Harris; comedy. Sam's life is turned upside-down when his girlfriend discovers a Banksy on his bottom. She insists they make it permanent at the tattoo parlour, and before long, Sam has become a living work of art. That's when his problems really begin. Sam: Elis James, Molly: Kimberley Nixon, Jan / Philida: Eiry Hughes, Tattooist: Steffan Rhodri, Eddy: Tim Key, Phil: Aled Pugh, Kirsty Lang: herself. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

1 Feb 16: Demon Brother, 1
By Matthew Broughton, rpt. Ep. 1.The death of Jasper's father brings him into contact with Eddie, his long-lost twin. Intrigued by their new-found relationship they decide to swap lives, and while Eddie receives a taste of his brother's faltering marriage, Jasper sets out to find his father's killer. Eddie's half of the tale can be heard tomorrow. Jasper / Eddie: Shaun Dingwall, Caitlin: Valene Kane, Ricky: Kenneth Cranham, Nancy: Vera Filatova, Terry: Simon Ludders, doctor / prison warden / policeman: John Norton. Produced by James Robinson.

4 Jan 16: Where this service will terminate
By Katherine Jakeways. A relationship develops between two strangers on a train. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Guard: James MacCallum, angry woman: Katherine Jakeways. Produced by James Robinson (BBC Wales).

THE EXUBERANT by Geoff Young (R4, 30 Oct 15), repeated from 2013, attracted my interest partly because it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Barwell Meteorite, the largest to land in Britain, which happened with an enormous bang three miles from where I am sitting on Christmas Eve, 1965. A hot fragment the size of a Christmas turkey went through the roof of a local factory and another piece burned a hole in the road outside. The curious may find "Barwell Meteorite" worthy of an internet search. In the radio play, a pleasant light comedy, a man fascinated by meteorites is on a mission to find one which has landed near Aberystwyth, but his female arch rival is determined to get there first. The cast included Adeel Akhtar, Victoria Elliott and Eiry Thomas; the producer was James Robinson for BBC Wales. (.....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2015)

26 Aug 15: When Greed Becomes Hunger
2/2. It's three years after the events of part one and a new world order is dominated by global food protectionism, an unpredictable climate and, most of all, hunger. Phil and Sian have used the money they made to buy a farm in mid-Wales. But as an international enquiry is launched into the causes of the crash, the couple's country idyll provides little shelter from an angry world, hungry for answers.Matthew Gravelle, Carys Eleri, Stuart Milligan, Amita Dhiri, Ben Crowe, Nathan Sussex, Carla Turner. Directed by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

25 Aug 15: When Greed becomes Hunger
1/2. The Pit. By D.J. Britton, rpt from 2013. The first in a two-part drama about global food security. British trader Phil Ward has just moved to the US with his wife Sian to start work at the Chicago Board of Trade. When the grain market is thrown into turmoil, Phil's boss - Joel Bosco - calls him in to make sense of the numbers. Phil uncovers a global trend in food scarcity that represents a huge financial opportunity for the company. But what if the market fails? Matthew Gravelle, Carys Eleri, Stuart Milligan, Amita Dhiri, Ben Crowe, Nathan Sussex, Carla Turner. Producer James Robinson. BBC Wales.

27 Jul 15: Watch Me
By Sarah Woods. A love story about the power of mirror neurons. Anja works in advertising, Rhys is a single dad. Their fates collide at a focus group, in which Rhys takes exception to Anja's baby food campaign. Both have their reasons to resist falling in love, but their brains have other ideas. Anja and Rhys's love story is told from a neurological perspective, by neuroscientist Christian Keysers. It's the story of two individuals whose brains begin to 'mirror' each other as they gradually fall in love. As Christian says it's "...not so much an exchange of information as two brains becoming one." Christian is Head of the Social Brain Lab at the Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences. He seeks to understand how, as social animals, our brains mirror those of other people, so that understanding others is not an effort of explicit thought but an intuitive sharing of emotions, sensations and actions.

15 Jul 15: Curious Under The Stars
By Annamaria Murphy. Ep. 2 of 3. Llewelyn's Chair. As Gareth and Diane attempt to launch a new menu at the pub, something is lurking in the sea mist. Gareth: Elis James, Diane: Louise Ford, with Ifan Huw Dafydd, Eiry Hughes, Siw Hughes, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Lee Mengo. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

8 Jul 15: Curious Under The Stars
By Meic Povey. Ep. 1 of 3: "Gone West". When Marc finds his wife in bed with a stranger the couple attempt to save their marriage by moving from London to run a pub in Wales. But the Druid's Rest has seen better days, and there is a man called Emlyn living in the toilets. Gareth: Elis James, Diane: Louise Ford, Emlyn: Ifan Huw Dafydd, with Eiry Hughes and Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson.

11 June 15: A Thing Inside A Thing Inside A Thing
Original British Dramatists: By Iain Ross. Joy is 89 and has spent most of her life working on The Mechanism, a giant machine floating in hyperspace, mincing up and recycling debris from history. Joy's only company is Lana, but the two women can't stand each other. Then one day they discover a giant spacecraft hurtling towards them. Joy: Julia McKemzie, Lana: Nina Toussaint-White, Gregor: Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson.

22 Apr 15: Falling Faces
By Meic Povey. Before she died, Billy's wife gave him a list of things to do once she was gone. He followed her instructions to the letter. The final thing on the list was to put a full-length mirror in the bathroom. It forces Billy to look at himself. It is time to stop grieving and start living again. Billy: Robert Pugh, Karen: Sara Lloyd-Gregory, Sally: Eiry Thomas, with Sue Roderick, Rhodri Mellir. Produced by James Robinson.

17 Jan 15: Saturday Play: The Wild Bride
By Carl Grose. Kneehigh Theatre. A girl accidentally sells her soul to the devil. Rpt. Audrey Brisson as the Wild Bride, Stuart McLoughlin as the Devil, with Stuart Goodwin and Emma Rice. Music by Stu Barker; sound design by Simon Baker and Nigel Lewis. Producer: James Robinson.

26 Oct 14: Classic Serial: The Searchers
By Alan le May, from his novel, adpated by Ade Bean. When Comanches kidnap two girls from a Texas settlement, a team of men sets out on a mission to find them. Simon Lee Phililips, William Hope, Kezrena James, Kerry Shale, Marilyn le Conte, Ronan Summers, P.J.Brennan, John Cording, Alun Raglan. Produced by James Robinson. BBC WAles.

20 Oct 14: The Hedge
By Anita Sullivan. A surreal tale about a couple who live peacefully in their private garden, undisturbed by the world and sheltered from it by their large tidily-kept hedge. After an argument with their daughter,a hand emerges from the hedge, and the outside world starts to impinge on their haven. Marion: Fiona Shaw, Richard: Peter Ellis; their daughter: Tanya Franks, Narrator: Dorien Thomas. Producer: Anita Sullivan; directed by James Robinson.

    A worthwhile repeat of THE HEDGE, by Anita Sullivan, was broadcast in October. (R4, 1415, 20 Oct 14). A couple live peacefully in their private garden, undisturbed by the world and sheltered from it by their enormous hedge. After an argument with their daughter, a hand emerges from the hedge. It stays there, through all weathers, day after day, and they have no idea who it belongs to. Then gradually the outside world starts to affect their haven. I found myself wondering if the play contained a message; every person has to balance personal needs against the wider needs of society, but on the other hand, one cannot solve the problems of the world. Perhaps I was reading too much into it. Fiona Shaw and Peter Ellis played the couple and their daughter was played by Tanya Franks. The narrator was Dorien Thomas; production was by Anita Sullivan and the director was James Robinson. (.....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2014)

24 Sept 14: White Noise
By Matthew Broughton. Rpt. A rather bleak but ultimately uplifting tale about three residents of Dagenham in the run-up to the Olympic Games in London. Kath - Louise Jameson, Danny - Ricci Harnett, Freddy - Theo Barklem-Biggs, Johnny - Matthew Gravelle, Vanessa / Astrid - Ayesha Antoine. Producer - James Robinson.

13 May 14: Paris, Nana and Me ten plays by new british dramatists
By Caroline Horton. True story; when Caroline's French grandmother turns 90, Caroline takes her on a trip to Paris. But her grandmother can't remember what she was doing yesterday, and she has very poor sight. Was the trip a good idea? Caroline Horton as herself, with Chantal Garriques as Nana and other parts played by Jot Davies. Producer James Robinson.

3 Apr 14: The Lighthouse
By Alan Harris. Two lighthouse keepers go to work on a remote lighthouse off the Pembrokeshire coast. Problems arise. The drama is based on a true story. Howell - Paul Rhys, Griffith - Ifan Huw Dafydd. Producer James Robinson.

10 Mar 14: The Siege of Musa Qala
By Adrian Bean. Drama-doc examining the battle between Taliban insurgents and British soldiers starved of supplies in the Afghan town of Musa Qala in 2006. The story is told from the point of view of locals. Oliver Lee, Paul Copley, Claire Cage, Matthew Gravelle, Phylip Harries, Steffan Rhodri, Eiry Thomas. Producer James Robinson.

10 Feb 14: Floating
By Hugh Hughes. Anglesey floats away from the mainland into the north Atlantic. Producer James Robinson. BBC Wales. Rpt from 2011.

    A fun fantasy play, FLOATING (R4, 1415, 10 Feb 14) by Hugh Hughes, took us to the island of Anglesey in 1982 where Hugh is planning on sneaking away from home. Just as he sets foot on the Menai Bridge, an earthquake severs the island from the mainland and casts it adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. Hugh attempts to escape but there are two problems; firstly, the ocean current; secondly, the presence of his old headmaster. Hugh and his friend Sioned recount the story. The play was adapted from the stage show, and was performed by Hugh Hughes and Sioned Rowlands with assistance from Shôn Dale-Jones and Jill Norman. The producer was James Robinson. (.....ND, Diversity Website review, Apr 2014)

8 Oct 13: The Octopus
By Anita Sullivan. A marine biologist tries to find out what it is like to be an octopus when she is asked to help a local aquarium breed two giant Pacific octopuses. Hester - Amy Manson, Jenny -Riann Steele, Simon - Ronan Summers, Richie - Aled Pugh. Producer James Robinson.

DARKSIDE (R2, 2000, 26 Aug 2013, 60m) was something of an occasion: a new play by playwriting maestro Tom Stoppard, who has written some of the most memorable stage drama of the last fifty years. It juxtaposed the Pink Floyd Album 'The Dark Side of the Moon' and an odd story which unfortunately left me (and Gillian Reynolds, the Daily Telegraph reviewer) somewhat mystified. The play is reviewed in detail on 'The Stage' website by Moira Petty, who evidently got more out of it than either of us. Tom Stoppard described it in RT as a live broadcast interweaving his play with an orchestrated version of the album. He had to honour the tracks as Pink Floyd had recorded them and do the best he could with the time he had in between the lyrics. The album is concerned with madness, death, greed and anxiety; it uses simple language to deliver a sermon on 'don't be afraid to care'. The play was produced by James Robinson and starred an experienced cast including Bill Nighy, Rufus Sewell, Adrian Scarborough, Peter Marinker, and Ben Crowe. (ND, 'Diversity' review, Sep 2013.

9 Aug 13: Red Star Newport.
By Paul Jenkins. The play imagines what it would mean to set up the first co-operative football club. Initially fuelled by solidarity and a new sense of team spirit, Newport go from strength to strength. But before long the dream sours as it's decided that some players are more equal than others. Matthew Gravelle, Phylip Harris, Alex Mikic, Lloyd Thomas, Richard Elfyn, Paul Jenkins, Jessica Dyas. Producer James Robinson.

18 June 13: Dangerous Visions - Invasion
By Philip Palmer. 30 years from now, Astronaut Kadian Giametti becomes the first human to walk on Mars. But on his return to Earth he wakes up in a quarantine cell from which he's not allowed to leave. Slowly Kadian learns the truth about what's happened on Earth while he's been away, and what he's brought back with him. Kadian .... Edward Hogg, Jenna .... Amita Dhiri, Producer.... James Robinson.

In mid-June we had INVASION (R4, 1415, 18 Jun 13) by Philip Palmer. An astronaut wakes up in quarantine on Earth after being the first person to walk on Mars. It's not clear why he has been isolated; his only company is a computer program which talks to him. It slowly emerges why he is on his own, and how how long he has been there. Kadian was played by Edward Hogg and the virtual woman by Amita Dhiri. The producer was James Robinson. (.....ND, 'Diversity' review, Sep 2013.)

12 Mar 13: Afternoon Drama - Take Me to Hafod Owen
By Meic Povey. Second in a short series of dramas taking us to a different part of the UK. It's many years since Ellis Roberts has been back to Hafod Owen, his childhood home, in the shadow of the mountains of Snowdonia. Now he's returned to confront the reasons his family were driven out of the area nearly 50 years ago, and to reclaim what's rightly his. Ellis ...... Richard Elfyn, Davie ...... Ifan Huw Dafydd, Vicky ...... Christine Bottomley, Gwyneth ...... Sue Roderick. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

8 Mar 13: Afternoon Drama - And/Or
By Jason Sutton. Miriam is unhappy with her life; she works hard delivering groceries for a supermarket, but still can't afford to move out of her mum's house. But when she develops a relationship with David, one of her well-off customers, Miriam's life begins to change. Finally she's found an escape route. Only one things stands in her way, David's wife. Jason Sutton has written for TV but I think this is his first radio play. Miriam ....... Lauren Socha, Veronica ... Eiry Thomas, David ....... Alun Raglan, Alan ....... Gareth Pierce. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

10 Jan 13: Afternoon Drama - January
By Elizabeth Lewis. Daphne and Ben met as teenagers; theirs was a love story of passion and poetry. Now, a generation later, they meet again and return to the coastal cottage where they first found love. But when they arrive there, it is not the same. Daphne..Claire Rushbrook, Benjamin..Alun Raglan, Producer. James Robinson. BBC Wales.

    JANUARY, by Elizabeth Lewis (R4, 1415, 10 Jan 13) concerned a middle-aged couple meeting after a gap of twenty years and returning to the cottage where they first fell in love. It explores the irreversible nature of time and the difficulties of trying to recapture the past. There were hints of two radio classic: Gerry Jones' "Time after Time" and Nick Perry's "The Loop". Daphne was played by Claire Rushbrook and Ben by Alun Raglan, in both their younger and older selves, and James Robinson was the producer. (.....ND, Diversity Website review, Apr 2013.)

5 Dec 12: Afternoon Drama: A Disappearing Town
By Hugh Hughes. A modern fairy-tale from the Isle of Anglesey. Hugh has returned to his childhood home in the town of Llangefni. There Hugh, his sister Delyth and brother Derwyn are tidying the house ready for their mum's return from hospital. But when Hugh stumbles upon a box of his old journals hidden up in the attic, the day's events take a new course. Armed with an old tape-recorder and a synthesiser, the three siblings distract themselves by telling a dark and fantastical story from their childhood, growing up on the island in the 1970s. The story is from a Llangefni which no longer exists, full of characters who have long since vanished. It tells the tragic tale of Carrie-Ann, a woman persecuted by the townsfolk because of her weight. But the narrative takes a fantastical twist as it's warped through the mists of time and by the magic of memory. Created and performed by Hugh Hughes, Delyth Hughes and Derwyn Hughes with assistance from S. Dale-Jones, Sophie Russell and Andrew Pembrooke. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

29 Oct 12: Afternoon Drama - Gwynfor v Margaret
By Rob Gittins. The true story of Gwynfor Evans's dramatic political battle with Margaret Thatcher. It's 1979 and Margaret Thatcher's Conservative party have swept to power with a landslide victory. The new Home Secretary, William Whitelaw, announces the Government's intention to abandon a manifesto commitment to a Welsh language TV channel. In response, Gwynfor Evans the Welsh nationalist and former leader of Plaid Cymru, announces that if Thatcher refuses to keep her promise, he will embark on a hunger strike and, if necessary, starve himself to death. Gwynfor Evans ......... Robert Blythe, William Whitelaw ......... Malcolm Tierney, Rhiannon Evans ......... Sharon Morgan, Dafydd Ellis Thomas ......... Steffan Rhodri, Cledwyn Hughes ......... Richard Elfyn, Narrator ......... Eiry Thomas, Producer ......... James Robinson. BBC Wales.

21 Sept 12: Afternoon Drama - Falling
By Bethan Roberts. Dawn is proud to be her clinic's number one fertility nurse. But despite her expertise in impregnating women, she always maintains a professional distance from her patients; she never gets too close. In fact Dawn never gets too close to anybody. But when she struggles to help new patient Tasha conceive, Dawn starts to break her own rules. And as her personal and professional boundaries begin to fall away, she's faced with an impossible choice. Dawn ....... Sinead Keenan, Tasha ....... Sarah Smart, Matt ....... Alun Raglan, Simon ....... Matthew Gravelle, Producer....... James Robinson; BBC Wales.

4 July 12: Afternoon Drama - The Rain Maker
By Matthew Broughton. When a father takes his son on a trip to a cabin in the woods, he has no idea what terrible horror is to come. A story about the demons that lurk in the dark forest of the mind. (Repeat from 24 Aug 2010) Father ..... Kenneth Cranham, Son ..... Joe Dempsie. Directed by James Robinson.

30 June 12: Saturday Drama - Strike for a Kingdom
By Menna Gallie; dramatised by Diana Griffiths.It's 1926 and in the small Welsh valleys village of Cilhendre, the miners are on strike. When the local mine's manager is found dead, the murder investigation begins to expose the tensions and secrets of this close-knit community. DJ Williams .. Paul Rhys, The Inspector .. Anthony O'Donnell, Gerwin/Jack .. Matthew Gravelle, Jess .. Eiry Thomas, Elwyn .. Iestyn Jones, PC Thomas .. Lee Mengo, Mrs Williams .. Sharon Morgan. Producer James Robinson. BBC Wales.

28 May 12: Afternoon Drama - Cry for Me: The Battle of Goose Green
By Adrian Bean. To mark the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Goose Green, this drama-documentary looks at the events of the 28th - 29th May 1982 from the Argentinian perspective. The drama tells the story of two fictional Argentine conscripts. Luis is looking forward to graduating and becoming a famous writer. Diego is praying for a swift Argentine victory (in the forthcoming World Cup). Neither chose to live under a military dictatorship. Nor did they choose to become soldiers. And they certainly didn't choose to take on the might of the British army for the sake of 'the Malvinas'. Luis .... Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Diego .... Michael Socha, Sergeant Hernandez .... Alun Raglan, Piaggi .... Sam Dale, Narrator .... Eiry Thomas. Directed by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

21 May 12: Afternoon Drama - Falling
By Bethan Roberts. Fertility treatment. Dawn is proud to be her clinic's number one fertility nurse. But despite her expertise in impregnating women, she always maintains a professional distance from her patients; she never gets too close. In fact Dawn never gets too close to anybody. But when she struggles to help new patient Tasha conceive, Dawn starts to break her own rules. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales. Dawn ...... Sinead Keenan Tasha ...... Sarah Smart Matt ...... Alun Raglan Simon ...... Matthew Gravelle.

10 April 12: Afternoon Drama - White Noise
By Matthew Broughton. A dark hymn to Dagenham in East London. Freddy wants to be an artist. Danny wants to clean up the streets. And Kath just wants the pictures to come back to her TV. As the Olympics loom large, something world-changing is about to happen to one family. Freddie .. Theo Barklem-Biggs, Danny .. Ricci Harnett, Kath .. Louise Jameson, Astrid .. Ayesha Antoine, Johnny .. Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson.

4 Jan 12: Afternoon Drama - Dolly Would
By Alison Carr. When Denize falls in love with washed-out Kenny Rogers impersonator, Martin, her dreams of being a singer are long forgotten. But then 'Kenny' asks her to be his 'Dolly'. The play is a romantic comedy about the highs and lows of pretending to be Dolly Parton. Denize ... Sharon Percy, Joanne ... Libby Davison, Martin ... Lee Ross. Other parts played by Tracy Wiles, Gerard McDermott and Victoria Inez Hardy. Producer James Robinson.

1 Sep 11: Afternoon Drama - The Lighthouse
By Alan Harris. Lighthouse keepers Howell and Griffith are posted to 6 weeks on the Smalls - a desolate rock 20 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast. But the two men share a past. Because of what happens next, lighthouses would never again have only a crew of two. Based on a true story. Howell... Paul Rhys, Griffith... Ifan Huw Dafydd. Produced by James Robinson.

26 May 10 The Line
By Kris Kenway.Taline is a young Turkish student fleeing an assassination attempt and seeking asylum in the UK. But, first she has to get through her screening interview with Carl. Carl ..... Toby Jones, Taline ..... Marina Koem, Directed by James Robinson.

8 4 2009 Beirut Days
By Kris Kenway. A day in the life of the enigmatic city where east meets west. For three lost souls; this is the day when everything changes. Rpt. 28 Mar 11. Narrator ...... Nadim Sawalha, Mounira ...... Souad Faress, Josef ...... Peter Polycarpou, Nadine ...... Sirine Saba, Rania ...... Razane Jammal, Abu Ziad ...... Raad Rawi. Producer James Robinson.

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