Cosby Methodist Church

Some people feel that ONE CHURCH should mean exactly that. I believe that humans are diverse and have many ways to practice their faith. Church Unity to me, is churches working together, not all being the same. All denominations have a lot in common while being very different in other ways.

I choose to be a Methodist. There is no Methodist Church in Croft, so I attend the one in Cosby.

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Concert with the TEMPO SINGERS - Cosby, Oct 05

SERVICES FOR June, July August 2013.
June 2nd10.30 a.m. Mrs. Hazel Clarke 6.00 pm. Mr. Ricahrd Gill
June 9th10.30 a.m. Mr. Andre Davies 6.00 pm. No Service
June 16th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Shirley Kendall 6.00 pm. Dr. Miriam Stevenson
June 23rd10.30 a.m. Mrs. Sheila Howell -Junior Church Anniversary 6.00 pm. No Service
June 30th10.30 a.m. Rev. David Vale + 6.00 pm. Circuit Service - Oadby
July 7th10.30 a.m. Rev. Peter Brooks 6.00 pm. No Service
July 14th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Suzanne Kelly 6.00 pm. Rev. David Vale +
July 21st10.30 a.m. Rev. David Vale + 6.00 pm. No Service
July 28th10.30 a.m. Mr. Oscar Fortune/TD> 6.00 pm. Mrs. Jean Thornton
Aug 4th10.30 a.m. Mr. Howard Smith 6.00 pm. No Service
Aug 11th10.30 a.m. Mr. Andy Benbow 6.00 pm. Local Arrangement
Aug 18th10.30 a.m. Rev. David Vale + 6.00 pm. No Service
Aug 25th10.30 a.m. Rev. Paul Ricahrds 6.00 pm. Circuit Service Wigston Magna

+ - Holy Commumion

Update May 2013

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