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Some people feel that ONE CHURCH should mean exactly that. I believe that humans are diverse and have many ways to practice their faith. Church Unity to me, is churches working together, not all being the same. All denominations have a lot in common while being very different in other ways.

I choose to be a Methodist. There is no Methodist Church in Croft, so I attend the one in Cosby.

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Concert with the TEMPO SINGERS - Cosby, 1 Oct 05

SERVICES FOR August 2018 - November 2018.
August 12th10.00 a.m. @Countesthorpe6.00 p.m. Mr. Richard Cawthorn
August 19th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Heather Corlett6.00 p.m. No Service
August 26th10.30 a.m. Mr. James Blackhall/Mrs. Sheila McGowan6.00 p.m. @ Community Church
Sep 2nd10.30 a.m. Rev. Jenny Impey +6.30 p.m. No Service
Sep 9th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Jo Kay6.00 p.m. Rev. Saidu Kanu
Sep 16th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Hazel Clarke6.00 p.m. No Service
Sep 23rd10.30 a.m. Audrey Baker/Moleen Chikumba Harvest Festival6.00 p.m. Rev. Fran Rhys +
Sep 30th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Jean Thornton6.00 p.m. No Service
Oct 7th10.30 a.m. Rev. Jenny Impey Church Anniverary +6.00 p.m. Rev. Edson Dube
Oct 14th10.30 a.m. Mr. Leon Dundas6.00 p.m. No Service
Oct 21st10.30 a.m. Local Arrangement 6.00 p.m. Rev. Jenny Impey +
Oct 28th10.30 a.m. Rev. Paula Hunt +6.00 p.m. No Service
Nov 4th10.30 a.m. Mrs. Jean Thornton6.00 p.m. Rev. Paula Hunt
Nov 11th10.45 a.m. @ Parish Church6.00 p.m. No Service
Nov 18th10.30 a.m. Local Arrangement6.00 p.m. Rev. Jenny Impey +
Nov 25th10.30 a.m. Rev. John Clarke6.00 p.m. No Service

+ Holy Commumion

Updated August 2018

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