Henry Cecil was the pen-name of Judge Henry Cecil Lyon. Born Norwood Green; called to the Bar in 1923. Served with the Army in the second war. County Court Judge 1949-1967. He wrote many short stories and plays based on his experiences at the bench. "Brothers in Law" ( a long-running radio comedy series about odd legal cases) was based on his tales. The following list represents his full length plays.

BBC Broadcasts

01.12.1979 Alibi For A Judge*
03.07.1976 No Fear Or Favour*
05.07.1975 No Fear Or Favour
24.05.1975 Alibi For A Judge
13.09.1967 The Disagreeable Man*
08.12.1962 Unlawful Occasions
??.??.1963 The Painswick Line*
02.09.1961 Daughters In Law*
02.04.1960 Alibi For A Judge
14.03.1959 Settled Out Of Court
22.03.1958 Much In Evidence
27.07.1957 Much In Evidence
11.05.1957 Natural Causes
19.05.1956 According To The Evidence
10.03.1956 No Bail For The Judge


"Daughters-in-Law" (Saturday night Theatre 2.9.1961)
This stands for the entire Henry Cecil output. His books had pages of humourous dialogue which translated effortlessly into radio drama. A protracted legal case about a borrowed lawn-mower, starring two veteran actors, Cecil Parker and Naunton Wayne. (Alan Whitby - part of his "Top Ten" radio plays)

Asterisked plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

list of plays compiled from info. supplied by Roger Bickerton

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