Alexis Zegerman Radio Plays

DEJA VU....2009
4 Feb 09; afternoon play. Performed in French and English; Alexis Zegerman's drama tells the story of a love affair between a woman from London and a Paris-based French Algerian. When Claire and Ahmed meet; it is language that stands between them. But when Ahmed is stopped and searched in London under section 44 of the Terrorism Act; the seed of a much larger difference is sown. With Caroline Catz and Karim Saleh.

15 Jun 07. Alexis Zegerman's drama is inspired by Event Horizon, Antony Gormley's current exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

1415, 27 Dec 05. A play based on Jack Vettriano's famous picture. Producer Lu Kemp. Gormley's army of lonely figures stand poised on the edges of buildings across the South Bank. A young free runner, jumping and vaulting his way across his familiar stamping ground, lands face-to-face with one of these iron men. Jack was played by Danny Worters. I think this was a monologue.

ARE YOU SURE?....2004
14 Jul 04. In his declining years, Yiddish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer is approached by a young girl, Deborah, who wishes to drive him to his lectures at the university in exchange for attending his course free of charge. Her boldness pays off and the two embark on a robust and intimate relationship.

Play marks the 100th anniversary of Singer's birth.

Afternoon Play, 15 Jan04, 45m; Toby Jones/Rachel Atkins/Simon Every/Ben Crowe. Alice spends her day recording animal sounds. Ronnie spends his caring for reptiles. When will they each start showing an interest in a fellow human being? Produced by Peter Kavanagh.

Alma ...... Susan Engel, Deborah ...... Teresa Gallagher, Isaac Bashevis Singer ...... Karl Johnson. Producer Lu Kemp.

4 Oct 03. Sat. Play, 55m. Ryan McCluskey/Alexis Zegerman/Margaret Robinson/Ioan Meredith/Buffy Davis/Lydia Leonard/Damian Lynch/Decian Wilson/Rachel Atkins/Stephen Critchlow.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

Above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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