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Andrew Sachs is perhaps best-known by the general public for his part in "Fawlty Towers" many years ago. However, he has had a varied acting career; his most recent radio part,so far as I am aware, being that of Dr. Watson in Bert Coules' new Sherlock Holmes stories. He has written a number of innovative radio plays including "The Revenge"; a murder play containing no words at all, based entirely on sounds effects, and broadcast on Radio 3. Very good it is, too.... Here is a list of his plays; please email me if you think I have missed any.



Afternoon Theatre
14.07.79 Philately Will Get You Nowhere*( Barbara Mitchell/Edward Kelsey)
08.09.76 Cash Me A Portrait ( Rolf Lefebvre/Katherine Parr/Manning Wilson/William Fox)
02.12.72 Cash Me A Portrait ( Rolf Lefebvre/Katherine Parr/William Fox/Olwen Griffiths)
19.07.72 Home From Home ( Martin Jarvis/Eva Haddon/Andrew Sachs/Olwen Griffiths) 07.04.71 Made In Heaven ( Prunella Scales/Timothy West/Peter Pratt)
10.05.69 Decline & Fall of the Empire( Charles Leno/Peter Pratt/Andrew Sachs)
12.10.66 Pie & Pea Supper ( Elizabeth Proud/Andrew Sachs)
08.09.62 One Man & His Dog ( Jonathan Scott/Barbara Mitchell)

Midweek Theatre
04.11.64 Flat to Let ( Gabriel Woolf/Penelope Lee)
10.02.71 Philately will get you nowhere ( Barbara Mitchell/Bunny May/Edward Kelsey)
15.01.76 Philately Will Get You Nowhere ( Barbara Mitchell/Edward Kelsey)

Saturday Night Theare
None (as author)


BY Andrew Sachs; 12 Oct 85 R4. No details of plot. Cast: Mrs. Friedman.......Maria Charles , Vernon Clench-Blaise.............Jack May , Parsons.....Timothy Bateson , Trudi Snape........Rosalind Adams , Truscott........David Garth , Lord Bufflemere..........Peter Woodthorpe , Ernest Ridge........Alan Thompson, Lady Bufflemere......Anne Jameson , Mrs. Ridge....Tessa Worsley , Darren.........Paul Russell , Spot (the Dog).......Andrew Sachs. Produced by Glyn Dearman.

A stamp dealer who is eager to get his landlady's valuable stamp collection learns from her that Napoleon escaped exile and is still alive after learning the secrets of eternal life from Tibetan Monks.

Radio 3
c. 1976 The Revenge* ( a play without words)

On Friday 16 Jan 04 at 9.30am (rpt 3am), BBC7, there is an unusual and unique treat in store - a play with no words. The Revenge is a thriller written and interpreted by Andrew Sachs and directed by Glyn Dearman. First broadcast on 1st June 1978, it was the world's first radio drama without words and relies completely on sound effects. (info. from BBC7 newsletter, 10Jan 04)

    Update...it was broadcast again on "Radio 7" (the new name for bbc7) in November 2008. Here are some remarks by Bert Coules about the way in which it was recorded:

    ...."The Revenge was one of the products of the BBC's brief fling with binaural stereo, where the recording is made by two microphones fixed to a dummy head roughly in the position of the ears. Later, the head was replaced with a vertical disc which had more or less the same effect sonically but was less disturbing from a visual point of view: early binaural sessions had the look of heads on pikes at Traitors' Gate.

    Quite a few shows were made this way, including a Sherlock Holmes series starring Barry Foster and David Buck. Binaural turned out to be a bit of a passing fad, but it was fun - especially for the engineers - while it lasted".

*exist in collections within VRPCC

Nigel Deacon, Diversity Website

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