Betty Davies

Betty Davies was a very well-known radio producer in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The BBC Genome project lists about 1300 of her productions and adaptations, and she probably had a hand in about two thousand radio dramas in all, many of which were for 'Saturday Night Theatre'. This page lists a small fraction of her work, and is being expanded as more information (and time) becomes available. According to my information, her first radio play went out in 1943 and she retired in 1980. At the time of writing (Jan 2018) she is 100 years old; she will be 101 in Feb 2018.

A FEW TITLES AND DATES: R4 / Home Service unless otherwise stated
1980 Not a penny more, not a penny less, by Jeffrey Archer, in 7 episodes
1980 Little Dorritt, by Charles Dickens, in 10 episodes
1980 The Cellar (JBM) by R.D.Wingfield
1979 The Bostonians, by Henry James, in six parts
1979 End of the Line (JBM) by Betty Davies
1979 Play Mas, by Mustapha Matura
1978 I know an old lady, by Betty Davies
1978 Whose little boy are you, then? by William Ingram
1978 Crocodile by Graham England
1978 Heart of Midlothian, by Walter Scott
1977 Gaffer, by Graham White
1977 I Want It Now, by Kingsley Amis
1977 A Very Special Person, by H.G.Castle
1977 The Sunny Side of the Street, by Michael Abbensetts
1977 Summer Days, by Bruce Beeby
1977 Long Time Story by Valerie Murray
1977 Maigret, series
1977 The Painted Fade
1976 The Fugitives, by Kenneth Cook, ad. Bruce Beeby
1976 Penelope, by Antonia Fraser
1976 A Blaggin' Job, by Joan Lock
1976 Bang, Bang, You're Dead, by Muriel Spark
1976 Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, in 16 parts
1976 Honest Tom, by Terence Kelly
1976 Bingley's Classic Case, by Allan Surtees
1976 The heroine, by Antonia Fraser
1975 Lion's Roar, by Peter Russell
1975 On the battlements, by Antonia Fraser
1975 Our Roman Cousins, by Bruce Stewart
1975 The Fencing Man, by Peter Russell
1975 Part of the View, by Giles Cooper
1975 Daisy Miller, by Henry James
1975 Tom Tytham, by Peter Russell; Mon play
1975 Milk in the Coffee, by Sam Selvon
1975 One to the power of two, by Graham Blackett
1975 Idea for a Rhapsody, by Michael Kittermaster
1975 The Lost World, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in 3 parts
1975 Portrait of a man with red hair, by Hugh Walpole
1974 Master Sunshine, by Peter Russell
1974 Murder with Variations, by Michael Brett
1974 Himself, by Anthony Grey
1974 The Girl Upstairs, by Michael Davies
1974 Sole Witness, by Michael Brett
1974 The hero who played the cornet, by Daniel Katz
1974 Tiger, by Derek Raby
1974 Letter from Paris, by Dodie Smith
1974 The Short-Sighted Optimist, by Hugh Steadman Williams
1973 A Question of guilt, by Philip Levene
1973 The House on the Strand, by Daphne du Maurier
1973 Carol, by Sheila Hodgson
1973 The Admirable Crichton, by J.M.Barrie
1973 A Good Day for Stripey Tigers, by John Hynam
1973 And They'll Come Home, by Elisabeth Batt
1973 The Bashful Canary, by Sheila Hodgson
1973 Paying-Out Night, by William Ingram
1973 A Guest of Honour, by Nadine Gordimer, in 4 parts
1973 One of our Patients is missing, by Leslie Darbon
1973 Portrait of a Lady, by Henry James, in 5 parts
1973 Frogs'Legs and Laver Bread, by William Ingram
1973 A Way with Women, by Michael Brett
1973 The Office, by Derek Raby
1973 Thunder on Sunday, by Karen Campbell
1972 Cometh the Hour, by William Ingram
1972 The Harvest in Wilderness, by Sam Selvon
1972 Kristina's Winter, by Malcolm Ross-MacDonald
1972 Idea for a Rhapsody, by Michael Kittermaster
1972 Number Thirteen, by David Ellis
1972 The Temple Tree, by David Beaty
1972 Jane Eyre, adap.
1972 Stab In The Back, by Vernon Harris
1972 Number 13, by David Ellis
1972 Shadows of the Past, by Rosemary Timperley
1971 The Executioners, by Peter Russell
1971 You Never Can Tell, by G.B.Shaw
1971 Voyage to Trinidad, by Sam Selvon
1971 Out of Season, by William Ingram
1971 Two in the Bush, by William Ingram
1971 Venus with Pistol, 8-part serial
1971 Beyond The Black Stump, by Neville Shute
1971 Unquiet Conscience, by Philip Barker
1971 The Tumbled House, by Winston Graham, ad. Val Gielgud
1971 Edith, by John Whitkley
1971 Philately Will Get You Nowhere, by Andrew Sachs
1971 Death at the Dolphin, by Ngaio Marsh
1971 Nobody can have Everything, by Peter Russell
1970 The Mourning Raga, by Ellis Peters
1970 Patricia
1970 Stranger at the Gate, by William Ingram
1970 Death of an Escapologist, by David Williams
1970 The Marquise, by Noel Coward
1970 Tales from the Poona Club, by Berkely Mather
1970 The Prime Of His Life, by Charles Hatton
1970 You Right In The Smoke, by Sam Selvon
1969 Sailor, Sailor by William Ingram
1969 A Shilling For Candles, by Josephine Tey, rpt 1972
1969 Home Brew, by William Ingram
1969 The Contract, by Bruce Beeby
1969 Round the Bend, by Nevil Shute
1969 The Gantry Episode
1969 Bringing In The Sheaves, by Sam Selvon
1968 Mariolina, by Sheila Hodgson
1968 Trustee from the Toolroom, by Nevil Shute
1968 The Rivals, by R.B.Sheridan
1968 A Corpse for Charybdis, 5-ep serial, by Susan Gilruth
1968 And Shame The Devil
1968 A Different Kind Of Animal, by Barbara Foxe
1967 Trouble with Bells, Sheila Hodgson, adap
1967 Mandragragora, by Frederick Treves
1966 This Little Piggy, by William Ingram
1966 The Chequer Board, by Nevil SHute
1965 Mrs. Thompson, Mollie Hardwick, adap
1965 Landfall, by Nevil Shute
1965 Waters Of The Moon, by N.C.Hunter
1965 A Foot in the Door, by Jill Hyem
1964 Suspicious Mind, by Philip Levene
1964 Requiem For A Wren, by Nevil Shute
1963 The Grandmother Clock, by Philip Callan
1963 Mixed Feelings by Denys Kay-Robinson
1963 The Man On The Island, by Malcolm Hulke
1962 Returned Empty, by Arthur Curtis
1961 The Chinese Bowl, by Edward Gough
1961 Broker's Dozen, by Redmond Macdonogh
1961 The Years Between, by Betty Stafford Robinson
1961 Cat and Mouse, by Betty Davies
1961 Break For Commercials, by Gyles Adams
1960 Mrs. Dale's Diary
1960 Flying Arrow, by Dick Cross
1960 Between Deep Sea and the Devil
1960 The Two Sights, by Joyce Bell
1959 The Telephone Call, by Betty Davies
1959 Double Deception, by Redmond Macdonogh
1959 Laces for a Lady, by Michael Hardwick
1959 The Weather Man, by Charles Hatton
1958 Danger-Witch at Work, by A. Kennington
1958 Burglar's Bounty, by Redmond Macdonogh
1957 Women are so Unreasonable, by James Saunders
1956 This Happy Brood (sic), Delderfield, adap
1956 His Saving Grace, by J.S.N.Sewell
1955 Mrs Dale's Diary: about one programme a week, 1955-62, Lt. programme
1953 Meet the Huggetts - some material written by BD for each show, 26 episodes
1951 The Silver Flame, by Betty Davies (Children's Hour play)
1947 Duet, by Betty Davies (Mystery Playhouse, Lt. Programme)
1947 The Lost Reindeer, by Betty Davies (Children's Hour play) rpt 1949 & 1950
1948 no entries
1946 The Key, by Betty Davies (Mystery Playhouse, Lt. Programme)
1946 The Conjuror's Rabbit, by Betty Davies (Children's Hour play) rpt 1949 & 1950
1946 Winter Witchcraft, by Betty Davies
1945 Best Seller, by Betty Davies
1944 Blow Your Own Trumpet, by Betty Davies
1943 Three Wishes, by Betty Davies
1943 Pig About Town, by Betty Davies


By Jeffrey Archer, dramatised for radio from the novel in seven parts by Betty Davies. Ep. 1 ... The Set-Up. Making a million legally has always been difficult. Making a million illegally has always been a little easier. Keeping a million when you've made it is perhaps the most difficult of all. Harvey Metcalfe had managed all three. David Kesler: Blain Firman, Harvey Metcalf .......... Stratford Johns, Stephen Bradley .......... Paul Darrow, Adrian Tryner .......... Francis Matthews, Jean Pierre Lamanns .......... Edward De Souza, Lord James Brigsley .......... Jeremy Clyde, Bernie Silverman .......... Bob Sherman, Time reporter .......... Peter Marinker, Jorg Birrer .......... Sian Probert, Frank WattS .......... Michael Spice, Mr Izard .......... Godfrey Kenton, Miss Fish .......... Eve Karpf.

    I have been contacted by Carol McShane, one of the SMs who worked on the broadcast, who writes as follows: 'If I remember correctly, "Not a penny more, not a penny less” was directed by Glyn Dearman on which I did grams & tapes. We were in Studio 6A with Patience Pratt on Panel but I can't recall who was on 'Spot'. Glyn booked Jeffrey Archer to do the narrations.'

Afternoon Theatre 15 Jun 1974. A comedy set inside one human body - a vast bureaucracy where bright young living cells clash with their conservative superiors and the whole concern is run by the intellectual elite - the Brain Cells who Inhabit the corridors of power. A crisis develops in the life of the Body concerned - Himself - and the cells react like the crew of a trapped submarine. There's another excellent play similarly set inside the human body - by J.C.W.Brook, its title is "Giving Up". (see JCWB's page)

23/04/1972 - by Vernon Harris. With Noel Johnson.
I think somebody's out to ruin Clive . . . . . . They're trying to undermine his faith in his self -and in his friends.

Joanna Armstrong Elizabeth London
Hilary Ward Rosalind Shanks
Johnny James Jerry Stovin
Supt. Frobisher Norman Claridge
Laura Bradshaw Betty Hardy
Clive Armstrong Noel Johnson
'Tinker' Bell' Nigel Anthony
Julian Westlake Brian Haines
Robert Nelson Henry Stamper
Sgt Hobbs Alexander John
Other Parts: Wilfred Carter & David Brierley

Producer Betty Davies

Number 13....1972

By David Ellis. With Deryck Guyler.
Henry Farthing was an enthusiastic amateur detective - and a great nuisance to the local police. But you can cry 'Wolf' once too often.
Henry Farthing Deryck Guyler, Alice Glossop Katharine Parr, PC Young Brian Hewlett, Sergeant Crosby William Eedle, Walter Bradshaw Edward Kelsey, Stanley Newton Roger Snowdon, Eric Manning Wilson, Joyce Maddi Hedd.
Producer Betty Davies

21/11/71 Beyond The Black Stump
By Neville Shute adapted by Stephen Grenfell.
Rosemary Miller, Edward Bishop and David Spenser
A young man from the old Frontier of the American West comes to the new frontier lands of the Australian outback to search for oil...

David Cope David Spenser, Jane Regan Dorothy Smith, The Judge Walter Fitzgerald, Pat Regan J G Devlin, Mollie Regan Rosemary Miller, Mr. Laird Patrick Barr, Stanton Laird Edward Bishop, Helen Laird Brenda Dunrich, Chuck Sheraton Jerry Stovin, Spencer Rasmussen Stephen Thorne, Jerry Bruce Beeby, Dr. Gordon Frederick Treves, Ted Alan Haines, Ruth Sheraton Mary Wimbush, Tony Sheraton Peter Bartlett, Miss Froxfield Barbara Mitchell, Producer Betty Davies.

18/10/71        Unquiet Conscience
                        By Philip Barker
                        With Tony Britton
                        "Lundy was an outsider, not one of us - a ready made scapegoat
                        for something unclean"

                        Michael Reed                                Tony Britton
                        Jenny                                                Anna Michaels
                        Len Culpin                                        Douglas Blackwell
                        Danville                                        William Eedle
                        Brooke                                        Peter Tuddenham
                        Farr                                                Norman Claridge
                        Mrs.Ames                                        Eva Stuart
                        Lucy Culpin                                        Madi Hedd
                        Jack Goodwin                                Martin Friend
                        Mrs. Brooke                                        Olwen Griffiths
                        Robert Hewitt                                Nigel Anthony
                        Det-Insp.Carter                                Robert Cawdron
                        Receptionist                                Jo Manning Wilson
                        Garage Attendant                                David Valla
                        Police Seargeant                                Robin Browne
                        Producer                Betty Davies

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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