Betty Davies

23/04/1972 - by Vernon Harris. With Noel Johnson.
I think somebody's out to ruin Clive . . . . . . They're trying to undermine his faith in his self -and in his friends.

Joanna Armstrong Elizabeth London
Hilary Ward Rosalind Shanks
Johnny James Jerry Stovin
Supt. Frobisher Norman Claridge
Laura Bradshaw Betty Hardy
Clive Armstrong Noel Johnson
'Tinker' Bell' Nigel Anthony
Julian Westlake Brian Haines
Robert Nelson Henry Stamper
Sgt Hobbs Alexander John
Other Parts: Wilfred Carter & David Brierley

Producer Betty Davies

Number 13

By David Ellis. With Deryck Guyler.
Henry Farthing was an enthusiastic amateur detective - and a great nuisance to the local police. But you can cry 'Wolf' once too often.
Henry Farthing Deryck Guyler, Alice Glossop Katharine Parr, PC Young Brian Hewlett, Sergeant Crosby William Eedle, Walter Bradshaw Edward Kelsey, Stanley Newton Roger Snowdon, Eric Manning Wilson, Joyce Maddi Hedd.
Producer Betty Davies

21/11/71 Beyond The Black Stump

By Neville Shute adapted by Stephen Grenfell.
Rosemary Miller, Edward Bishop and David Spenser
A young man from the old Frontier of the American West comes to the new frontier lands of the Australian outback to search for oil...

David Cope David Spenser, Jane Regan Dorothy Smith, The Judge Walter Fitzgerald, Pat Regan J G Devlin, Mollie Regan Rosemary Miller, Mr. Laird Patrick Barr, Stanton Laird Edward Bishop, Helen Laird Brenda Dunrich, Chuck Sheraton Jerry Stovin, Spencer Rasmussen Stephen Thorne, Jerry Bruce Beeby, Dr. Gordon Frederick Treves, Ted Alan Haines, Ruth Sheraton Mary Wimbush, Tony Sheraton Peter Bartlett, Miss Froxfield Barbara Mitchell, Producer Betty Davies.

18/10/71        Unquiet Conscience
                        By Philip Barker
                        With Tony Britton
                        "Lundy was an outsider, not one of us - a ready made scapegoat
                        for something unclean"

                        Michael Reed                                Tony Britton
                        Jenny                                                Anna Michaels
                        Len Culpin                                        Douglas Blackwell
                        Danville                                        William Eedle
                        Brooke                                        Peter Tuddenham
                        Farr                                                Norman Claridge
                        Mrs.Ames                                        Eva Stuart
                        Lucy Culpin                                        Madi Hedd
                        Jack Goodwin                                Martin Friend
                        Mrs. Brooke                                        Olwen Griffiths
                        Robert Hewitt                                Nigel Anthony
                        Det-Insp.Carter                                Robert Cawdron
                        Receptionist                                Jo Manning Wilson
                        Garage Attendant                                David Valla
                        Police Seargeant                                Robin Browne
                        Producer                Betty Davies

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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