Bruce Young radio plays and broadcasts

2000 Cardamom, by Leila Aboulela
2000 Sabina! by Chris Dolan
2001 The Sea Warrior, by Leila Aboulela
2001 The thirty-nine steps, by John Buchan
2002 The Translator, by Leila Aboulela
2002 The Museum, by Leila Aboulela
2002 The Laughing Policeman (Sjowal & Wahloo), dram. Bert Coules
2003 The Mystic Life, by Leila Aboulela
2003 The three hostages (Buchan), dram. Bert Coules
2003 Inspector Rebus- The Falls (Rankin), dram. Bert Coules
2003 The last bark of the bulldog , by Jonathan Smith
2004 Night Windows, read by Jonathan Smith
2004 For the love of Willie, by Agnes Owens. Woman's Hour serial.
2004 An island between heaven and earth, by Alistair Rutherford
2004 The Master of Ballantrae, by Robert Louis Stevenson, dram. Chris Dolan
2004 Rebus - Resurrection Man, by Ian Rankin
2004 Forever Young, by Maggie Graham
2004 Me and ma gal, by Des Dillon
2004 Mission to Marseilles, by Leo Malet, dram Chris Dolan
2005 The Lion of Chechnya, by Leila Aboulela
2005 Greenmantle, by John Buchan (part 2 still not broadcast)
2005 Schoenberg- a breath from other planets, by Marty Ross


A romantic comedy by Chris Dolan. Plain Sandra Hamilton from Glasgow bets her flatmate that she will have more luck with the opposite sex if she pretends to be the exotic Sabina Vasiliev, the raven-haired temptress from Eastern Europe. With Fiona Bell, Cara Kelly, Liam Brennan and David Nisbet. Director: Bruce Young. 8 Mar 00, R4, 1415.

by Leila Aboulela and Sarah Phelps. A thirtysomething London couple holiday in Egypt and return with a female djinn who has been trapped for 900 years in a jar of cardamom seeds. With Adjoa Andoh and Lisa Coleman. Director: Bruce Young. 20 Jul 00, 1415.

By John Sessions. At Vailima, his home in Western Samoa, Robert Louis Stevenson attempts to dispel some of the romantic myths which have built up around him, as he looks back over his life. This play marks tomorrow's 150th anniversary of Stevenson's birth. With John Sessions, Phyllis Logan and Paul Young. Directed by Bruce Young. 11 Nov 00, 1430. Saturday Play.

John Buchan's 1915 spy thriller, dramatised in two parts by Bert Coules. 1: `The Milkman Sets out on His Travels'. When a man is murdered in Richard Hannay's flat, he goes on the run, pursued by police and a gang of German spies intent on recovering a secret notebook which could destroy the British naval fleet. With David Robb, Tom Baker, William Hope and Struan Rodger. Director: Bruce Young.

By Leila Aboulela. Two engineers on a North Sea oil rig are harassed by a stranger who seems to know every detail of their private lives. With Noma Dumezweni, Paul Birchard, James Bryce and Lynn Bains. Directed by Bruce Young. 21 Nov 01, 1415.

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