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The duties of the treasurer will be
a.To supervise the financial affairs of the project
b.To keep accounts
c.To prepare an annual financial statement
d.To arrange for the accounts to be audited

We welcome applications from anyone interested in helping to get the project off the ground: carer or non-carer, gardener or non-gardener.

Contact: julie.drake@gmail.com OR diversity@btinternet.com

We will also need a person to locate grants and other resources, and to make grant applications. The treasurer may like to be involved in this, too: see B) below.

The project will need to source money and materials in order to be viable. We will need to buy a shed or other building for a group headquarters on the site. Hand tools will be needed, materials for beds, compost bins, wood chip, a means of keeping the grass tidy, and a host of other things. The Resources job divides into two parts:

a.Finding suitable grants to apply for
b.Filling in the forms and making the applications

The details of grants for which we might apply are generally available on the internet, but it requires a special kind of mind to deal with the forms. Some people are extraordinarily good at dealing with "grant-speak"; they can cut through the jargon to get what they want. If this strikes a chord and you live near to Hinckley, Leicestershire, you may be the person we need.

The process of locating grants will be on-going, through the life of the project, which we hope will be many years.

Contact: julie.drake@gmail.com OR diversity@btinternet.com

We will also need a person (or persons) good at sourcing materials; not necessarily buying new but scouring every conceivable place to obtain the following without handing over very much cash: garden supplies, fencing materials, compost, manure, planks, seeds, plants, trees, materials for making pathways, etc, etc ....

This person will need to hunt around on the internet and in person to find these supplies. ideally we need someone who is good at spotting a bargain or locating useful stuff which people or organizations no longer want.

Handled correctly, this could generate valuable publicity for those organizations.

Contact: julie.drake@gmail.com OR diversity@btinternet.com

In addition to people with special roles we will need plenty of people to be involved with running and maintaining the gardens and tending the plots. Some will need to be regulars, attending at the same time each week, keeping the plot open for those who cannot maintain such a regular commitment but who will come when they can.

We need carers and non-carers; gardeners and would-be gardeners who would love to spend time outdoor on a regular basis, learning how to raise and look after plants and trees whilst caring for wildlife.

What do we have to offer in exchange?

Friendship, company, interesting outdoor activities, and produce. After we have been going for a while there will be substantial amounts of produce and flowers which will be taken away and used by the people who have looked after it.

There will be the opportunity to learn lots of new skills: how to germinate a seed, to plant a potato, graft an apple tree or keep a border tidy with the minimum of effort.

It would be very unusual if in the process of doing all this one did not make new friends.

If you would like to be involved in this exciting new venture and live near Hinckley, we would like to hear from you.

Contact: julie.drake@gmail.com OR diversity@btinternet.com

Nov 2016

compiled by ND / Diversity website
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