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Carl Prekopp has worked on stage, film and radio. He is a British actor, musician and radio drama producer, born in 1979.

As actor he has appeared in a large number of R4 plays, a few of which are listed below.

He has been directing radio plays since 2009.

He is a keen musician and performs in a folk/rock group The Fircones with actress Brigit Forsyth.



17 June: Saturday Play: Occupational Hazards
By Stephen Brown, recorded at the Hampstead Theatre in London. Drama about the attempts of Rory Stewart, a british diplomat, to establish democracy in Iraq in 2003. The task was hindered by the civil war. Ahmed: Nezar Alderazi, Musab: Waj Ali, Karim: Silas Carson, Rifat: Vangelis Christodoulou, JT: Amy Cudden, Abu Rashid: Vincent Ebrahim, Rory Stewart: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, the Colonel and Bremer: John Mackay, Seyyed Hassan: Johndeep More. Produced by Stewart Richards; directed by Carl Prekopp.

23 Nov 16: The Truth About Anna, 2
When Anna begins a relationship with the leader of the eco-terrorist group, tensions threaten to destroy it from within. Yesterday's episode told the story from the perspective of the group. This episode does so from the outside, listening in. Cast etc - see yesterday.

22 Nov 16: The Truth About Anna, 1
By Michael Butt: two-part thriller, based on a true story and set in California. Eco-terrorists planning to blow up a dam become suspicious of a new recruit. Anna: Julianna Jennings, Greg: Philip Desmeules, Angela: Jammy Kasongo, Melissa: Gillian Saker, Al: Jared Zeus, Franklin: Trevor White, Jackson: Trevor White, Librarian / Receptionist: Lorna Nickson-Brown. Producer: Emma Hearn, director: Carl Prekopp. Indie production: Goldhawk.

27 Aug 16: Saturday Play - Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
By Alan Sillitoe. A borstal youth recalls his crimes and works out his future as he trains to take part in a big cross-country race. The borstal governor is keen for his boy to win, and says that taking part in the race may transform him into an honest man. Smith, the youth: Lee Rufford, Governor: Karl Johnson, Roach: Tom Turner, Mrs. Smith: Natalie Grady, with Hoah Burdett, Tom Vanson, Graeme Hawley, David Hounslow, Michael Thomas, Barbara Kirby, David Timson, Millie Binks and Eve Manning. Produced by Lucinda Mason Brown; directed by Carl Prekopp. Indie (Goldhawk).

    Winner of best debut performance: Lee Rufford (2017 Audio Drama Awards 29 Jan 17)

      I enjoyed LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER (R4, 1430, Saturday Play 27 Aug 16) by Alan Sillitoe, adapted for radio by Robert Rigby. The film is well-known: a borstal youth recalls his crimes and works out his future as he trains to take part in a big cross-country race. He is unusually talented as a runner, and there's every chance that he will win. The borstal governor is keen for him to succeed, and says that taking part in the race may turn him into an honest man. If only life were that simple! Smith was played by Lee Rufford and the governor by Karl Johnson; the director was Carl Prekopp. (......ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2016)

8 Sept 13: Classic Serial - Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
2/2. By Alan Sillitoe. Anrgy young man continues to be angry, but his past catches up with him and he has to face the consequences. The appearance of a new woman also presents further challenges (when does it not? - Ed). Arthur - Joe Dempsie, Brenda - Natalie Grady, Aunt Ada - Shirley Anne Field, Winniw - Sarah Smart, Doreen - Sian Hill, with Jilly Bond, Rachel Atkins, Sean Baker, Philip Fox, Julia Hills, Ashley Cook, Victoria Brazier, Graeme Hawley, Paul Stonehouse, Stephen Critchlow. Producer Lucinda Mason Brown, director Carl Prekopp. Sound: David Chilton. Indie (Goldhawk).

1 Sept 13: Classic Serial - Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
By Alan Sillitoe. 1/2. British New Wave. Novel set in Nottingham, 1958. Angry young man Arthur Seaton rails against the boredom of his job and living at home with uninspiring parents. Arthur - Joe Dempsie, with Shirley Anne Field as Aunt Ada, Natalie Grady as Brenda, Sarah Smart, Philip Fox, Julia Hills, Ashley Cook, Victoria Brazier, Rachel Atkins, Stephen Critchlow, Graeme Hawley, Lorna Jones, Sean Baker, Paul Stonehouse, Felix Lailey. Sound: David Chilton. Producer Lucinda Mason Brown; director Carl Prekopp. (Goldhawk)

    Extract from Laurence Raw's 'radiodramareviews.com' website:
    Prekopp's production recreated the world of working-class Nottingham in the late Fifties through a clutch of memorable performances. Field (who starred in Karel Reisz's ground-breaking 1960 film of Sillitoe's book) came across as sympathetic but ineffective; while Arthur's mother Vera (Julia Hills) offered her son tea but no sympathy. Consumerism had reduced her husband Harold (Philip Fox) into a television-fixated vegetable. Brenda's husband Jack (Graeme Hawley) tried to be friendly with Arthur, but lacked emotional as well as mental strength.

    ......... Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was quite simply superb; both adapter and director knew how to render the material significant to listeners, despite the fact that it is over half a century old.

    (For Laurence's full review , click the link.)

11-6-2009 Taken
By Suzanne Heathcote. The disappearance of a little girl in Simon's town brings home the fact that; since his divorce; his own daughter has no idea who he is. Fuelled by alcohol and nightmares, Simon's obsession with finding the missing girl and his failure to be a good father pushes him to the edge. Simon ...... Will Keen, Amanda ...... Brigit Forsyth, Peter ...... Joseph Kloska, Hannah ...... Wendy Nottingham, Sarah ...... Jasmine Hyde, Brian ...... Alex Woodhall, Newsreader ...... Crispin Clover. Other parts played by Leighton Martin; Nicola Fox and Amelia Rubra. Directed by Carl Prekopp.

AS ACTOR (2002-): some of Carl's more recent appearances

21 Oct 16: The Interrogation, 3
By Roy Williams, rpt. 3/3 from series 1. The story of Sarah, married into a racist family, who has been holding out against its influence for years. Cast: DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Sarah ..... Claire Louise Cordwell, Danny ..... Carl Prekopp. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

1 Oct 16: Saturday Play - The Forsyte Saga, 7
Conclusion of the current series, covering the novel 'Swan Song'. The past comes back to haunt an aged Soames as he tries to stop his daughter Fleur re-kindling her old love. Dram. Shaun McKenna. Fleur: Jessica Raine, Soames: Joseph Millsom, Jon F: Jonathan Bailey, Michael: Ben Lambert, Anne F: Janine Harouni, Holly F: Sarah-Jane Holm, June F: Clare perkins, Harold: Carl Prekopp, Riggs: James Lailey, Vicar: Nick Underwood. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

25 Sep 16:Classic Serial slot: Peter the Great: The Gamblers
By Mike Walker. The early reign of Peter the Great, who came to the throne as a child with his half-sister in charge. Underestimating him proved to be her downfall. Peter: Will Howard, Sophia: Christine Bottomley, young Menshikov: Justin Davies, Nikita: Simon Armstrong, Lefort: Carl Prekopp, Brant/Golitsyn: Steffan Rhodri, Natalya: Claire Cage, Gordon/Dolgoruky: Brendan Charleson, young Peter: Isaac Rouse, Menshikov as an adult: Sion Pritchard, Ivan/Nachaev: Jonathan Green, Eudoxia: Kirsty Oswald. Producers: Alison Hindell and Sasha Yevtushenko.

23 Sep 16: The Other Simenon: The Venice Train
By Simenon, adapted by Ronald Frame from the novel, rpt. A man is asked to deliver a briefcase to an address in Lausanne. Events take a turn for the worse, and he flees with the bag; a decision which turns out to be very unwise. Justin: Paul Bown, Dominique: Clare Corbett, Stranger: Crawford Logan, Jouve: Carl Prekopp, Secretary: Susie Riddell. Producer: David Ian Neville.

8 Jun 16: A Night Visitor
By Stephanie Jacob, rpt. A couple's enormous debts force them to downsize to a remote cottage in Norfolk. Then a frightening visitor turns up on their doorstep. Stella Gonet and David Cann as the couple, with Carl Prekopp as the visitor. Producer: David Hunter.

In early March (R4, 11 Mar 16, 1415) we had BURN BABY BURN by Sean Grundy.This was a satirical drama inspired by the fire which destroyed Charles Saatchi's collection of works by Hirst, Emin, the Chapman Brothers and others associated with the Young British Artists movement. Their art is usually regarded as 'provocative' which means that only some people regard it as art. Jon Culshaw does an uncanny impersonation of art critic Brian Sewell as he describes a deliberately low-key investigation into a possible arson attack and makes no secret of his opinion of cows in formaldehyde and unmade beds. The cast included Ronnie Ancona as Tracey Emin and Nigella Lawson, Ben Crompton as Damien Hirst and Carl Prekopp as Charles Saatchi. The producer was David Morley and the director Dirk Maggs, for Indie Perfectly Normal Productions. .....ND, Diversity Website review, Apr 2016.

1 Mar 16: Pilgrim,2
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2. Stickton General. Mushrooms and a dead body help Pilgrim track down his former friend Morgan to a disused hospital. Paul Hilton, with Justin Salinger, Scarlett Brookes, Nick Underwood, Carl Prekopp, Nicola Ferguson, Susan Jameson and Adie Allen. Producer: Gary Brown.

20 Sep 15: Classic Serial - A Place Of Greater Safety
By Hilary Mantel, ad. Melissa Murray. Set during the French Revolution. Ep. 3 of 3. The king has been arrested and awaits execution. Meanwhile Robespierre and Danton disagree on the course which the revolution should take. Camille: Carl Prekopp, Danton: Mark Stobbart, Robespierre: Sam Troughton, Lucille: Chloe Pirrie, > Leclerc: Paul Ritter,Jeanne: Lizzy Watts, Gabrielle: Sarah Thom, Claude: Sam Dale, Saint Just: Stephen Critchlow, Executiioner: David Hounslow, Jailer: Chris Pavlo. Producer: Marc Beeby.

13 Sep 15: Classic Serial: A Place Of Greater Safety, 2
By Hilary Mantel, ad. Melissa Murray. Ep. 2 of 3. Pressure is growing on the revolutionaries to depose the king and create a republic.Camille: Carl Prekopp, Danton: Mark Stobbart, Robespierre: Sam Troughton, Lucille: Chloe Pirrie, Gabriele: Sarah Thom, Adele: Alex Tregear, Annette: Jessica Turner, Herault: Stephen Critchlow, Brissot: David Hounslow, Nobleman: Chris Pavlo, narrators: Lizzy Watts & Paul Ritter. Producer: Marc Beeby.

6 Sep 15: Classic Serial: A Place Of Greater Safety, 1 By Hilary Mantel; novel from 1992, set during the French revolution. Adapted for radio in 3 episodes by Melissa Murray. The story is told from the point of view of important figures of the time. Camille: Carl Prekopp, Danton: Mark Stobbart, Robespierre: Sam Troughton, Lucille: Chloe Pirrie, Gabriele: Sarah Thom, Mirabeau: Sam Dale, Adele: Alex Tregear, Annette: Jessica Turner, Herault: Stephen Critchlow, Brissot: David Hounslow, Nobleman: Chris Pavlo, narrators: Lizzy Watts & Paul Ritter. Producer: Marc Beeby.

25 June: McLevy, rpt
Series 8 ep. 3: A Fine Deception. A stage magician arrives in town just before a jewel robbery at Edinburgh Castle. McLevy............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash..........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach..........DAVID ASHTON, Charles Boniface..............ALAN COX, Inspector Dunsmore...........FORBES MASSON, Matthew Nevin..........CARL PREKOPP, Sarah Nevin...........ALEX RIVERS, Fergus Dundee...........TAM DEAN BURN, Callum.........ALI CRAIG. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

25 May 15: Tommies
By Michael Chaplin. WW1 drama. Mickey goes to London in the hope of persuading an old friend to finance his overhearing device. Mickey: Lee Ross, Robert: Patrick Kennedy, Narrator: Indira Varma, Evadne: Clare Corbett, Amos: Carl Prekopp, with Clive Hayward, David Cann, Robert Blythe and Eleanor Howell. Series producers David Hunter (director for this episode), Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle.

25 Apr 15: Saturday Play: Seance On A Wet Afternoon
By Mark McShane, dramatized by Adrian Bean. Thriller. A medium whose number of loyal followers is shrinking rapidly plots to kidnap the son of a businessman, then use her powers to help locate the missing girl. Myra: Caroline Strong, Bill: Robert Glenister, with Carl Prekopp, Nick Underwood, Jasmine Hyde, Lizzy Watts, Gerard McDermott and Jane Whittenshaw. Produced by Bruce Young.

1 Apr 15: Digging For Victory
Afternoon play by Moya O'Shea. Rpt. from 13 Jan 13. A family desperately needs more space; the house is no longer big enough. Unfortunately, digging another room under the flat isn't simple... Mum .... Cathy Murphy, Dad.... Don Gilet, Gran..... Christine Lohr, Gil.... Harry Livingstone, Alec..... Scott Smith, Henry..... Daniel Cooper, Tess..... Rhianna Hosmer, Mick..... Carl Prekopp, Doctor... Tracy Wiles, Mr. Mowson ... Paul Moriarty. Producer: Tracey Neale.

25 Feb 15: Come to Grief
By Hannah Vincent, repeated from (I think) last year. A woman finds herself in hospital, suffering from loss of memory. She undergoes radical treatment which includes being suspended above the floor, hanging by her neck. This play won the Audio Drama Award for "best adaptation". Sylvia: Claire Rushbrook, Don: Philip Jackson, Neil: Carl Prekopp, Sophie: Emerald O'Hanrahan, Consultant: Ian Masters, Nurse: Claire Wilson. Produced by Gordon House.

13 Oct 14: My One and Only
By Dawn King, rpt. A thriller about obsessive love. Layla: Katherine Parkinson, Noah: Carl Prekopp, Ben: Simon Bubb, Amy: Victoria Inez Hardy, Kety: Alex Rivers, Florist: Francine Chamberlain, Mhairi: Tracy Wiles, Jeroen: Adam Billington. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

3 June 14: A Night Visitor
By Stephanie Jacob. Jealousy, butchery and sausages. Spiralling debts force a couple to downsize to an isolated Norfolk cottage. There, a terrifying visitor turns up. Hilary - Stella Gonet, Tom - David Cann, Martin - Carl Prekopp. Producer - David Hunter.

31 May 14: Saturday Play - Poodle Springs
By Raymond Chandler; his final thriller, unfinished at his death and which was completed by Robert Parker thirty years later in 1989. Philip Marlowe is married; fresh from his honeymoon with the heiress Linda he has set up shop in the Californian town of Poodle Springs. He finds it dull, and when he's asked to find a gambler on the run, he can't resist. Toby Stephens as Marlowe, Lorelei King as his wife, Stephen Campbell Moore as Victor, with Laurel Lefkow, Peter Polycarpou, Sasha Pick, Gerard McDermott, Alun Raglan, Sean Baker, Carl Prekopp, James Lailey, Simon Bubb. Producer Claire Grove; director Sasha Yevtushenko. 60m.

21 May 14: The Shining Heart ten plays by new british dramatists
By Conor McCormack and Matt Haynes. Based on a true story. When a schizophrenic decides to stop taking his medication, his world becomes infused with wonder. It's not the same for those around him. Louie, the schizophrenic - Carl Prekopp, with Russell Boulter, Katy Soby, Mercedes Grower, Sydney Wade, Sally Orrock, Mark Meadows. Producer - Mary Ward-Lowery.

20 Oct 13: Classic Serial - Sword of Honour
4/7. By Evelyn Waugh, dram. Jeremy Front. Guy's unit is posted to Egypt, where the men are surrounded by more rumour than action, and the chaos of war approaches. Narrator- Tim McInnerney, Guy- Paul Ready, Major Hound- John Dougall, Tommy- Nicholas Boulton, Ludovic- Carl Prekopp, Virginia- Lydia Leonard, Trimmer- Lee Ingelby, General Whale- Sean Murray, Kilbannock- Oliver Chris, with Polly Frame, Michael Bertenshaw, Arthur Hughes, Ben Crowe, Sam Pamphilon, John Norton, Carys Eleri, Joel McCormack, David Seddon. Producer Marc Beeby.

4 June 13: Afternoon Drama - A Tale of Two Cities
Dickens, ad. Mike Walker. 4/5 The Grindstone. Much against the wishes of his new wife, Charles Darnay is determined to travel to Paris to go to the aid of a family retainer who has been imprisoned by the revolutionary committee. Charles Dickens ....... Robert Lindsay, Jarvis Lorry ....... Jonathan Coy, Miss Pross ....... Alison Steadman, Dr Alexandre Manette ....... Karl Johnson, Lucie Manette ....... Lydia Wilson, Charles Darnay ....... Andrew Scott, Sydney Carton ....... Paul Ready, Ernest Defarge ....... James Lailey, Therese Defarge ....... Tracy Wiles, Jerry Cruncher ....... Carl Prekopp, Court President ....... Paul Moriarty, Ensemble ....... Adam Billington , Ensemble ....... Rikki Lawton , Ensemble ....... Christopher Webster. Music by Lennert Busch. Producers Jessica Dromgoole and Jeremy Mortimer.

4 May 13: Saturday Drama - Love, etc
By Julian Barnes, dramatised by Julia Stoneham. The sequel to Talking It Over. Set ten years later we now have the chance to pick up from where we left Stuart, Oliver and Gillian in France. All those years ago, Oliver wrecked Stuart's marriage, took up with his wife and then moved to France. Stuart................Carl Prekopp, Oliver....Nicholas Boulton, Gillian....Hermione Norris, Sophie................Lauren Mote. Producer Tracey Neale.

16 Feb 13:Saturday Drama - The Wind in the Willows
Adapted for actors and orchestra by Neil Brand, for the 90th anniversary of the first Radio Drama broadcast on the BBC. A new version, using the BBC Symphony Orchestra and a special cast and recordined in front of an audience in the Maida Vale Studios. Toad ....... Stephen Mangan, Mole ....... Claire Skinner, Badger ....... Philip Jackson, Rat ....... Carl Prekopp, Otter ....... Patrick Brennan, Bargee ....... Liza Sadovy, Judge ....... Paul Stonehouse, Girl ....... Stephanie Racine. Director ....... David Hunter. Music: BBC SO, leader Steven Bryant, Conductor Timothy Brock, Producer Ann McKay. Singers: Genevieve Hamilton, Amanda Morrison, Julia Batchelor-Wlash, Jonathan English, Daniel Auchincloss and William Gaunt.

24 Aug 12: Afternoon Drama - A Little Bit of Latitude
By Lindsay Williams. When Marie wakes up the morning after a drunken first night at Latitude Festival, the last thing she expects is to be arrested by festival security for a suspected assault. With her boyfriend missing, her clothes soaked in blood and her memory hazy, Marie decides to take drastic action to find out the truth. A comic drama recorded on location at Latitude Festival. Marie ........ Verity-May Henry, Kitty ........ Rachel Austin, Liam ........ Damian Le Bas, Barry ........ Carl Prekopp, Melody ........ Candis Nergaard, Jamie ........ Tom Stanley, Himself ........ Stuart Maconie, Himself ........ Guy Garvey. Produced by Charlotte Riches. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

9 June 12: Saturday Drama - Talking It Over
By Julian Barnes, dramatised by Julia Stoneham. Stuart and Oliver have been friends since school but are rather different. Oliver is charismatic and has this way of talking. Stuart is shy and no good at saying what he means. But then Stuart meets Gillian and things begin to change . Stuart ................ Carl Prekopp, Oliver .... Nicholas Boulton, Gillian ................ Hermione Norris, Madame Rives .... Tracy Wiles. Directed by Tracey Neale.

8 April 12: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 3, Henry VI - A Simple Man
By Mike Walker, inspired by Holinshed's Chronicles. The once-great England of Henry V is bankrupt and losing territory in France. The times call for a strong man who can unite the kingdom. Not the weak, idealistic Henry VI, pleading for peace and incapacitated by bouts of insanity. As the House of York grows in power, Queen Margaret is forced to take up arms to protect her royal line. Henry VI... Al Weaver, Margaret...Aimee Ffion Edwards, York... Shaun Dooley, Cardinal Beaufort...Paul Moriarty, Warwick...Gerard McDermott, Somerset...Carl Prekopp, Edward of York...Simon Bubb. With Rikki Lawton, James Lailey and Christopher Webster. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

3 Mar 12: Saturday Drama - An American Rose
By Charlotte Jones. The Kennedys were the most famous family in England when Joseph became American Ambassador in London. But daughter Rosemary's behaviour began to cause the family increasing concern. Rosemary Kennedy ..... Fenella Woolgar, Kathleen Kennedy ..... Lydia Wilson , Rose Kennedy ..... Lisa Eichhorn, Deborah Mitford ..... Tilly Gaunt, Billy Hartington ..... Carl Prekopp , Dr Freeman ..... Don Gilet, Sister Margaret ..... Tracy Wiles, John White ..... Harry Livingstone. Produced by Claire Grove. Directed by Sally Avens. The play is inspired by the lives of two of JFK's sisters, 'Rosemary' Kennedy, who died in 2005, but underwent a prefrontal lobotomy aged 23 and Kathleen 'Kick' Kennedy who married the heir to the Duke of Devonshire.

26 Feb 12: Classic Serial - The Cruel Sea, Episode 1
Dramatised by John Fletcher. 1 of 2. The first part of Nicholas Monsarrat's searing classic novel about the men and ships who fought who fought in the North Atlantic during the 2nd World War. Lockhart ..... Gwilym Lee, Ericson ..... Jonathan Coy, Ferraby ..... Carl Prekopp, Wainwright ..... David Seddon, Phillips ..... Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Gregg ..... Harry Livingstone, Mavis ..... Tracy Wiles, Coxswain ..... James Lailey, Donnelly ..... Adam Billington. Sound by Caleb Knightley. Produced by Marc Beeby.

15 Feb 12: Afternoon Drama - The Interrogation, Episode 3
By Roy Williams.3/3. The story of Sarah, married into a racist family, who has been holding out against its influence for years. Cast: DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Sarah ..... Claire Louise Cordwell, Danny ..... Carl Prekopp. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

2 Feb 12: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 3, Sookey Hill
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2 of 4. When Pilgrim investigates a story about a man being turned into a hare, he meets a dangerous new enemy. CAST: William Palmer ..... Paul Hilton , Colonel Coburn ..... Ralph Ineson, Birdie ..... Kate Fleetwood, Barry ..... Carl Prekopp, Nathan ..... Gerard McDermott , Mary ..... Alex Tregear, Dale ..... Simon Bubb. Produced by Marc Beeby.

7 Jan 12: Saturday Drama - The Quest of Donal Q
By David Ashton. Based on the template of Don Quixote, The Quest of Donal Q, is the story of two rival brothers who journey through Scotland in search of a childhood sweetheart. Written for and starring Brian Cox and Billy Connolly. Donal and Sandy have been separated as kids in an orphanage. Donal was adopted by a rich couple and taken off to grow up in sunny California, Sandy was never chosen and lived all his life in Dundee. It's ten years since the brothers last met since they had a fierce falling out. Now Donal turns up at Sandy's tobacconist shop to demand that his brother drops everything and travels on an urgent mission. The Quest is to find a girl they were both in love with at the Orphanage. CAST: Donal ....... BILLY CONNOLLY, Sandy ...... BRIAN COX , Hamish/Mr Quigley.... JOHN KIELTY, Jeanette/Leonora ...... SANDY McDADE, Fergus/Mungo .......... FORBES MASSON, Mother/Maybelle ....... LINDY WHITEFORD, Mary ........ HELEN MACKAY, Margo/Mrs Quigley.... TRACY WILES, Gilchrist.... CARL PREKOPP, Prester John/Ernie .... DAVID ASHTON, Candy ...... VICTORIA INEZ HARDY. Producer.......David Ian Neville.

3 Jan 12: Afternoon Drama - Birkett and the Blind Soldier
By Caroline and David Stafford. 1 of 4 Birkett cases. A blind WW1 veteran, accused of murdering his wife, is defended by Norman Birkett, the most celebrated advocate of the inter-war years. The casebook of Norman Birkett KC (1883-1962) covers pretty much every story that entertained the readers of News of the World between the wars. Birkett was a busy man who, in those days before legal specialisation, could at any one time be dealing simultaneously with a juicy murder, a society divorce or a livid libel action. The four stories in this series cover some of Birkett's most famous cases, including the dramatic trial of Buck Ruxton, the doctor accused of murdering and dismembering his wife and maid; the scandalous Dennistoun affair; and the very peculiar events surrounding the mysterious cyclist Ronald Light. Norman Birkett.....Neil Dudgeon, Billie.....Bonnie Engstrom, Edgar.....Alun Raglan, Lady Pearson.....Adjoa Andoh, Arthur.....Carl Prekopp, MacCormac.....Paul Moriarty, Frazer/Warder.....Adam Billington, Humphreys.....James Lailey, Sgt Waller.....Gerard McDermott, Randall/Clerk..... Rikki Lawton, Grace/Margaret.....Alex Rivers, Woman.....Victoria Inez Hardy. Can't remember who produced this.

10 Dec 11: Saturday Drama - The Gate of Angels
By Penelope Fitzgerald, dramatised by Yvonne Antrobus. Penelope Fitzgerald's 1990 novel, set in Edwardian London and Cambridge, exploring love, religion, physics and the random nature of chance. Fred Fairly ... Geoffrey Streatfeild, Daisy Saunders ... Jade Williams, Kelly ... Carl Prekopp, Venetia/Matron ... Tracy Wiles, Wrayburn/Dr Sage ... James Lailey, Matthews ... Gerard McDermott , Skippey ... Simon Bubb, Flowerdew/Master ... Paul Moriarty, Manageress ... Victoria Inez Hardy, Mrs Saunders ... Adjoa Andoh, Beazley ... Rikki Lawton, Solicitor/Constable ... Adam Billington.

21 Sep 11: Afternoon Drama - Life and Fate, Building 6/1 - Those Who Were Still Alive
By Vasily Grossman, contd. Late October 1942. Building 6/1 is a former apartment building in the centre of Stalingrad, being held by a rag-tag band of Russian soldiers against all the odds, in the teeth of the German advance. Soon the building, and its charismatic Commander, Captain Grekov, are a legend across Russia. But inside the building, Commissar Krymov has arrived to tackle what appears to be subversion, while the radio operator, Katya, falls in love with his nephew, Seryozha. Dramatised by Jonathan Myerson. Captain Grekov ..... Joseph Millson, Commissar Krymov ..... David Tennant, Vasya ..... Stephen Hogan, Katya ..... Katie Angelou, Lyakhov ..... Carl Prekopp, Polyakov ..... Peter Polycarpou, Seryozha Shaposhnikov ..... Freddie Fox, Batrakov ..... James Lailey, Zubarev ..... Gerard McDermott, Bunchuk ..... Jonathan Forbes. Directed by Jonquil Panting. Produced by Alison Hindell.

10 Jul 11: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan: Titus Arrives
By Mervyn Peake, dramatised by Brian Sibley. A baby is born: Titus Groan, heir to crumbling stone and ancient ritual, only son of Sepulchrave, the 76th Earl of Gormenghast. Whilst the castle flies into state of high excitement, change may at last come creeping through its empty halls, on the heels of a sly but ambitious kitchen boy named Steerpike. Titus...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner , Steerpike...Carl Prekopp, Sepulchrave, Earl Of Groan...Paul Rhys, Gertrude, Countess Of Groan...Miranda Richardson, Dr Prunesquallor ...James Fleet , Irma Prunesquallor...Tamsin Greig, Clarice ...Fenella Woolgar, Cora ...Claudie Blakley, Fuchsia ...Olivia Hallinan, Flay ...Adrian Scarborough, Abiatha Swelter ...Mark Benton , Sourdust...James Lailey , Nannie Slagg ...Jane Whittenshaw , Keda...Susie Riddell , With Simon Bubb, Jonathan Forbes, Peter Polycarpou, Alun Raglan, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Directed by Gemma Jenkins. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

24 Nov 10 Signs, Horizon
1/2. Comic thriller by Steve May. The first of two gripping stories about how technology might determine our lives in these interlocking plays by two of radio's most thought-provoking playwrights. A horizon scanner foresees financial meltdown. Cassie...Devon Black, Frank...Paul Clayton, Mark...Mark Meadows, Reg...Carl Prekopp, Lesley...Marlene Sidaway, Bank Manager...Stephen Critchlow. Director...Mary Ward-Lowery.

28 Sep 10 On The Field: On Leave
Annie Caulfield's comedy drama returns with a third episode in the On The Field series. Mahmoud the barber has exchanged Basra for Istanbul where his old friend Sergeant - now Captain - Billy has ended up as Miltary Attache. After witnessing a traumatic attack on duty in Kabul, squaddies Kev and Damon opt for a bit of escapism. Damon fancies himself as a secret agent and is obsessed with James Bond. He persuades his mate to join him in visiting Istanbul's famous "From Russia With Love" film locations. First stop: Electra King's house. Cast: Mahmoud.....Paul Chahidi , Billy.....Paul Mundell , Kev.....Carl Prekopp, Damon.....Osi Okerafor, Yusuf.....Sal Osbay, Inspector Guler.....Hakan Silahsiz, Director: Mary Ward Lowery.

27-5-2009 A Warning to the Furious
By Robin Brooks. A feminist film-maker and her crew visit the Suffolk coast to make a documentary about ghost story writer MR James. They hope to discover how an outwardly respectable bachelor could produce such disturbing horrors. Karen ...... Lucy Robinson, Zara ...... Catherine Shepherd, Guy ...... Carl Prekopp, Bob ...... Gerard McDermott, Bookshop Man ...... Andrew Wincott. Directed by Fiona McAlpine. Indie: An Allegra production.

Nigel Deacon, Diversity website

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