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Clive spent twenty years making Radio and Television programmes for the BBC, as an in-house producer and an independent. He was commissioning editor at BBC Radio Drama for 3 years.

He has been editor of "Citizens", a Radio 4 Soap, and a producer of "The Archers". He has produced plays in Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester and London, and has worked on TV dramas. He works for the independent company Pacificus Productions.

Details of some of his radio work are given below.

18 Dec 10 Shirley Valentine
Written by Willy Russell. Shirley Valentine is a middle-aged Liverpool housewife, who reveals her innermost thoughts and fears in a manner that is both insouciant and poignant. Once an incorrigible anti-establishment rebel, Shirley now chafes under the plodding insensitivity of her husband, Joe and the stultifying pace of her suburban routine. Her life enters a new and exciting phase when, after her best friend, Jane, wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to Greece, Shirley is given the opportunity to travel to faraway places without her husband; she begins to see the world, and herself, in a different light. Stars Meera Syal. After a run at the Menier Chocolate Factory the stage play version transferred to The Trafalgar studio. Finishing in theatre on October 30th Meeraimmediately recorded the play (which is a monologue) for Radio 4. Based on the original Menier Theatre production directed by Glen Walford. Producer: Clive Brill.

25 Oct 10 Number 10
1/5. Jonathan Myerson's political drama set at the heart of Downing Street. Simon Laity- the new Tory PM - is trying to enforce across-the-board spending cuts but his ministers have all gone native. Then it's leaked that he has commissioned a report which calculates the gain to be made by slashing the armed services budget in half. And then there's a British woman now married to a suspected senior Al-Qaeda terrorist who has just entered the country. She turns out to be here for an NHS kidney transplant. The hospital goes on strike.
Cast: Simon Laity ..... Damian Lewis, Connie ..... Haydn Gwynne, Nathan ..... Mike Sengelow, Hugo ..... Julian Glover, Amjad ..... Arsher Ali, Lord Copple ..... Ruper Vansittart, Coffee Exec ..... Grant Gillespie, Staff Nurse Melford ..... Rebecca Saire, Zamyad ...... Ayman Hamdouchi. Producer/Director: Clive Brill. (several other episodes in same series also directed by CB)

By Chris Murray, dramatised by David Hare. R4, 20 Feb 10. Sex, scandal and politics. Chris Murray was formerly the British Ambassador in Tashkent, which is capital of the central Asian dictatorship of Uzbekistan. This play documents his amazing story; his attempts to oppose those who engaged in torture , the way it affected his career, and his affair and subsequent marriage to a local belly dancer. Much more about this play on the 2010 page.

13 Jun 08; by Mike Harris. This play is about Victorian hypocrisy; miserable do-gooders who create vices worse than the ones they try to repress. In the early 1800s, the Society for the Suppression of Vice, inspired by William Wilberforce, would stop at nothing to stamp out corruption and sin. The play invents a character to represent such 'forces for good': Septimus Greabe, whose target is prostitues, drunks, lechers, and others down on their luck. Stars David Troughton, Will Keen, Kellie Shirley, Paul Jesson, Nigel Cooke, Perdita Avery. Producer Clive Brill.

NUMBER 10....2007
A drama series for BBC Radio 4 about a fictional British Prime Minister and his staff. The first episode ('Good News Day') was transmitted on 7 September 2007, starring Antony Sher as the PM.

Series created by Jonathan Myerson and produced by Clive Brill of Pacificus Productions; Peter Hyman as Political Advisor. Another series went out in 2008.

7 sep 07 Good News Day, by Jonathan Myerson
14 sep 07 And raise them to Eternal Life, by Jonathan Myerson
21 Sep 07 Who won the Election? by Nicholas McInnerney
28 Sep 07 Rule of Law, by Mike Harris
5 Oct 07 Home & Away, by Jonathan Myerson

By Trevor Griffiths

1/2. Common Sense
Tom Paine arrives in America penniless just as the struggle for Independence is beginning. His ideas and his writings take him right to the heart of events and his words are read out to Washington’s army.

2/2. Age of Reason
Tom Paine is again embroiled in revolution, this time in France. During the Terror his best efforts for the new Republic put him in prison, and American help is a slow in coming.

Tom Paine ...... Jonathan Pryce
Benjamin Franklin ...... Alan Howard
Jefferson ...... Kenneth Cranham
Governor Morris ...... Robert Glenister
Marthe Daley ...... Kelly Hunter
Washington ...... Philip Jackson
Rittenhouse ...... Jack Shepherd
Sam Adams ...... Paul Jesson
Joseph ...... Nick Rowe
Mrs Downey ...... Marcella Riordan
House Speaker ...... Hugh Ross
Will ...... Kwayedza Kureya
Lotte ...... Julia Reinstein
Carney ...... Romola Garai
Danton ...... Francois Guetary
Short ...... Will Keen
Lafayette ...... John McAndrew
Edmund Burke ...... Paul Jesson
Bancal ...... Hugh Ross
Clio Rickman ...... Jack Shepherd
Monroe ...... Nick Rowe
Sally Hemmings ...... Clare Perkins
Father ...... Christopher Obi
Thomas ...... Kwayedza Kureya

Music by John Tams; director Clive Brill; producer Ann Scott.

... a year after the death of her boyfriend, a young woman drives down to Devon to scatter his ashes. In QUINTESSENCE, by Rachel Joyce (R4, 1415, 31 Aug 07), it quickly becomes clear that Faith also wants to take her own life. She stops at five service stations on the way, and at each she meets a retired angel who tries to help her. The angels were played by Trevor Peacock, Trevor Martin, Thelma Barlow, Geoffrey Beevers and Margaret Robinson; Faith was Julie Cox and the director Clive Brill.

REGRESSED, by Chris Sussman and Dan Hine (R4, 1415, 4 Dec 06) had an extraordinary plot; a guy with a psychological problem undergoes regression therapy. Unfortunately the hypnotherapist has a heart attack before he can bring Leo back. Leo was played by David Armand, the couple who look after him were Philip Jackson and Alison Newman, and the director was Clive Brill. .....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Dec 2006.

THE OTHER MAN (R4,1415, 20 Jan 04) was an intensely sad and moving story by Bernard Schlink, adapted for radio by Mike Harris. After many years of marriage a man's wife dies. Shortly afterwards, a letter arrives for her from another man. Obsessed with finding out the truth, he writes back, impersonating his dead wife. He discovers a love which he cannot understand. Anton Lesser was the man, Ciaran Hinds the other man, Stella Gonet was the wife, and the director: Clive Brill. .....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Apr 2004.

Nikki has spent years trying to track down her mother after being abandoned at birth. Now she has found her and it's time for revenge. This is an adaptation of Jane's novel of the same name, starring Kate Ashworth and David Tenant, directed by Clive Brill. It was recorded on location in Skye.

Three more George Lewis stories, in The Man Who Knew Everything, by Robin Brooks (R4, 1415, beginning 3 Oct 01) were very welcome. Lewis was the great 19th century criminal lawyer of Ely Place, Holborn. No man had so wide a criminal experience as Lewis; he was involved in every great murder case from 1868 up to the Whitechapel murders, and before him, his father had owned the largest criminal practice in England. It was said by some that Lewis never went outside his lair for anyone less than a royal duke. Lewis was played by Jack Klaff and Banks by Jonathan Tafler; varied casts played the rest and Clive Brill directed. .....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Dec 2001.

By Andy Rashleigh, 10 Sep 01.

THE RED ROOM....2000
Series of nine classic ghost stories by various authors, dramatised by Robin Brooks and directed by Clive Brill in the Woman's Hour drama slot, December 18-29 (Radio 4), including:

20 Dec: Casting the Runes.
Starring Sean Baker as Dunning and Charlie Simpson as the Host.

22 Dec: Count Magnus.
Starring Charlie Simpson as Wraxall.

The Bleeper Man , by Mike Harris (R4 23 Jun 2000) was an interesting play about a failing school and how an unusual Head recruits one of his old teachers, a loony leftie past her best and well into retirement, to help him pull it round. This play was full of surprises, and there was a good twist at the end. The oiks were well played too. The head, Pat, was Nigel Cooke, and Beth, his deputy, Alwyne Taylor. The director was Clive Brill. .....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Sep 2000.

Sunny Side Up....2000
A six-part comedy devised by Scott Cherry and written by Dave Sheasby. It's set in the world of barbershop quartets. You either love them or hate them. Stars Keith Barron, Bryan Pringle and Clive Swift; dir. Clive Brill.

Recorded on 98 CDs. The four and a half year project involved 400 actors, Clive Brill directing all of it. The total total playing time is 102 hours. All of the plays were recorded in studios in London, and almost 400 British actors -- many of them members of the Royal Shakespeare Company or the Royal National Theatre -- were employed, including John Gielgud, (who recorded two roles when very old), Eileen Atkins, Joseph Fiennes, Adrian Lester, Simon Russell Beale, Damian Lewis and Alan Howard.

Clive Brill, who spent seven years producing drama for BBC radio and six more for BBC television, agreed to embark on the entire Shakespeare canon in 1996. He was approached by Tom Treadwell, an academic who specialized in Elizabethan drama. He had just retired but had wanted for years to produce an audio version of all Shakespeare's plays. He formed 'Arkangel Productions' to do this.

Clive already knew many of the 400 actors who participated. Gielgud, who played Time in "The Winter's Tale" a month before his death, was in frail health. Simon Russell Beale played Hamlet, and Imogen Stubbs was Ophelia. Treadwell was disappointed not to get Paul Scofield to play Lear; instead, the role went to Trevor Peacock, highly rated among British actors.

The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare" is released by the Audio Partners Publishing Corp., based in Auburn, California.

About half of Shakespeare's plays were recorded in the early 1960s by Argo and Caedmon, two British companies, on LP.

Beauty & the Beasts....1999
By Mike Harris. rpt. 22 Jun 01; excellent play about some decorators behaving like apes when they work in an intelligent young woman's flat. Just listen to the sound effects...and she's an anthropologist..... Friday play, 60m. With Stella Gonay, Trevor Peacock, Darren Tye. Directed by Clive Brill.

By E M Delafield, dramatised by Jane Rogers. The everyday 1930s journal of how to run a house, a husband, a cook, a nanny, two children, bothersome neighbours, irritating relatives, and still manage to keep your sanity and your green fingers. With Imelda Staunton, Richard Hope and Susan Brown. Director Clive Brill (15 parts).

By Eric Pringle. Ella Marchmill longs to meet her favourite poet. The more elusive he remains, the more her desire increases. With Amanda Root, Sean Baker, Shirley Dixon; dir. Clive Brill.

By Robin Brooks. William Holman meets Annie Miller, a young beauty who works behind the bar at the local pub..he decides to turn her into the perfect model and woman. With Jonathan Firth, Julie Cox, Alan Cox, Damian Lewis. Dir. Clive Brill.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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