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The Great Smog by Jerome Vincent (R4, 1415, 13 Dec 02) was set in London in December 1952, when the worst smog in living memory brought the city to a standstill. It is estimated that there were 3,000 extra deaths as a result of it; eleven cattle died at the Smithfield show by breathing in fumes; there were more burglaries, and the buses and tubes ran a very restricted service. Theatre performances and concerts were abandoned, sometimes during the performance, as audience and singers had coughing fits. The Great Smog consisted of three short cameos; a girl turned down by her boyfriend; a pickpocket who robs a blind man, and two burglars who take their victim to hospital when they realise he is choking to death. Shirley Dixon was Alice, Harry Myers was Ben, and Peter Jefferson, his voice a few semitones lower than normal (digital tricks?) was the newsreader; David Blount directed.

Einstein in Cromer (R4 1415 12 May 04) was a pleasant story based on Einstein's stay in Norfolk a few years before World War II. Written by Mark Burgess, it's about his being forced to flee Germany in the wake of Hitler's rise to power. He develops a strong relationship with his hosts, and he learns to look at the world in a different way through the simple honesty of a local man. Einstein was a great communicator, and this comes through. David Suchet played Einstein, Robert Harper was Douglas, and the other cast members were Jean Trend, John Evitts, Trevor Nichols and Trevor Littledale. The director was David Blount.

Teddy and Toad, by Jerome Vincent (R4, 3 Dec 04) told the unlikely story of how Kenneth Grahame's tale, "The Wind in the Willows", was pushed to publication in America by President Roosevelt, where it achieved its initial success. Kenneth Grahame was played by Bill Paterson, and Vincent Marzello was Roosevelt; production was by David Blount.

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