Ed Harris Radio Plays

Ed Harris writes plays for stage and radio. He also writes poetry, which he has performed on radio 4.

This sci-fi play (R4, 1415, 17 Jun 13) was a rather disturbing vision of the future; Mark arrives home to find that his dead wife has been replaced by a technologically perfect replica provided by her insurance company. He was coming to terms with her death, but if the replica is perfect, is she really deceased? Blake Ritson played the bewildered husband and Raquel Cassidy was Donna; Jonquil Panting produced. This was part of the Radio 4 'Dystopia' season. (....ND, Diversity website review, Sep 2013)

THE WALL....2011
Rather grim play where a couple wake up one morning to find that their neighbourhood has been enclosed by a wall. Property - or even a small part of a property - becomes extremely expensive and scarce. Violence is rife. R3, "The Wire" series, 60m. With Javone Prince, Louise Bradley, Dona Croll, Sam Dale, Jessica Raine, Nyasha Hatendi, Sean Baker, Stuart McLoughlin, Jo Monro. Producer Jonquuil Panting.

By Ed Harris, 14 Jul 10. Afternoon play. A comment from the messageboard read:

    Very good cast, great voices. The play was advertised as a comic fairytale, but I found it quite scary at times. The Troll was awesome! The bit when the brother James told his side of the childhood encounter with the Troll was very touching.
RT: In the middle of a family crisis, Olivia discovers a troll under her mother's kitchen sink. A troll to whom, in the magic days of childhood, she once promised herself as a meal. Cast: Rosie Cavaliero, Ewan Bailey, Jack Klaff, Marcia Warren, Michael Shelford. Producer Jonquil Panting.

18 5 2009, afternoon play. Part of radio 4's season on memory loss. Alf's memories come in patches. Finding a strange coat in his kitchen reminds him that he doesn't need a bath..... Alf....Richard Briers, Young Alf ...... Rory Kinnear, Pru ...... Tracy Wiles, Steven ...... Hugh Ross, Marina ...... Caroline Guthrie; other parts ...... Janice Acquah.

4 Apr 09. By Ed Harris. Robert has left his girlfriend. He has all sorts of problems. He gets too involved with people, and too emotional. He finds a man who can remove his soul. With Martin Freeman as Robert, Pip Torrens as the Doctor, Clare Corbett as the cousin, and Polly Lister as the girlfriend. Producer Chris Wallis.

27 Apr 2007; rpt. 5 9 2008 By Ed Harris. Thomas is a no-hope poet obsessed with Porshia; a young woman at the office. When one day he literally wakes up inside her head; he begins to experience the life of his fantasy woman from closer than he might like; including when her hunky boyfriend pays a visit. There is a particularly fruity orgasm scene, which got lots of write-ups in the papers. ...wondered why my neighbour smiled at me the next morning ...... must have left the bedroom window open!

Cast: Thomas ...... Robert Webb, Porshia ...... Laura Rogers, Ethan ...... Oliver J Hembrough, Louisa ...... Mina Anwar, Eva ...... Ella Kenion, Tim ...... Kieran Bew. Directed by Graham Frost.

28 Mar 06. A man regains his hearing after years of deafness. Monologue, Anthony Glennon, producer Colin Guthrie. I think this was on radio 3.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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