Eoin O'Callaghan Radio Plays

2018 Holy Father, by Mark Lawson
2008 A Place in the World, by Harriet O'Carrol
2007 Expand This, by Mark Lawson
2006 Every breath you take, by Annie McCartney
2005 Nemesis, by Shelagh Stevenson
2004 Signs and Wonders, by Frankie Bailey.
2003 The good listener, by Neil Brand
2001 Faithful Departed, by Christopher Fitz-Simon: comedy -drama serial
2000 As I lay dying, by William Faulkner, dram. James Friel. Classic Serial.
1999 The Art Class, by Neil Brand (q.v.). Early nuclear fission.
1998 A painful case, by James Joyce. Classic Serial.
1998 Quartet, by Steve May. R3. Serial.
1998 Talkers, by Neil Brand.
1997 Ballylenon, by Christopher Fitz-Simon (several series; comedy drama)
1997 War and Peace: Tolstoy, ad. Marcy Kahan and Mike Walker in 10 parts. Classic Serial.
1997 Winter's Tale - Shakespeare, R3
1997 Fair Hearing, by Steve May. R3.
1994 Roman Epic, by Steve Walker (q.v.)
1993 Holus Bolus, by Steve Walker (q.v.)
date nk Dancing at Lughnasa, by Brian Friel

See also DAVID POWNALL page. E. O'C has produced many of his plays.


18 Jul 18: Holy Father
By Mark Lawson. Is this a repeat? I seem to remember it, but no repeat indicated in RT. In the Vatican in the near future, 120 cardinals gather in the Sistene chapel to elect a new pontiff. For the first time since 1159, he might be English. Cardinal Faber: Nick Dunning, Cardinal Simouri: Jude Akuwudike, Rachel grealish: Lisa-Ann MaLaughlin, Martha Keen: Scarlett Brookes, Tom Graham: Patrick FitzSymons, Cardinal O'Callaghan: Pat Laffan, Padro Antenucci: Faolan Morgan. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

By Harriet O'Carroll. 45m. Following the 30 years war; Clara and Tobi flee their native Germany for the promise of a better life in Ireland. But what they find there is far from the Promised Land. Tobi ...... Paul Rhys, Clara ...... Lia Williams, Marianne ...... Sarah Dillon, Walter ...... Richard Howard, Sunderland ...... Miche Doherty, Aunt Mags ...... Stella McCusker, Donal ...... Luke Griffin. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

By Mark Lawson, (R4, 1415, 26 Mar 07) - a rather unsettling 45 minutes about the power of the internet. A man is giving a lecture about what happened to his son and daughter, after his daughter was unknowingly photographed performing a sexual act at a party. The photo ends up on a website, Dad's job is affected, and the situation escalates as the picture is duplicated and circulated around the world. And in spite of the consequences, including the breakup of a family and a death, no-one had done anything illegal. I had doubts about it as a radio drama, but it was a reminder about what can happen if the wrong material gets onto the web or, for that matter, into an email. More than one employee has lost his job by making online comments about his boss. Alex Jennings, Haydn Gwynne and Lynne Seymour starred, and the director was Eoin O'Callahagn. (N.D., VRPCC review, Apr. 07)

Shelagh Stevenson brought us the superb Experiment with an Air Pump a couple of years ago on Radio 3. Recently we heard Nemesis (R4, 2102, 11 Nov 05 ). The physicist Robert Oppenheimer, working at Los Alamos, won the race against the Nazis to make the atomic bomb. He was regarded as a hero in the scientific community and elsewhere. But later, when the full horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki became apparent, and the war had ended, Oppenheimer was isolated and reviled in America, even though the decision to use the bomb was not his. Nemesis focuses on his attempts at damage limitation, as one by one, he unintentionally betrays his colleagues. He is academically astute but politically naive, and once the process of betrayal has begun, he can't stop it. Colin Stinton was Oppenheimer, Amanda Donohoe was Frances Tyler, Andrew Sachs was Bernard Peters, and Eoin O'Callahagn directed.

The Good Listener....2003
By Neil Brand. Cath Davis, head of an MI5 surveillance team is renowned for her skill in using the most advanced listening techniques. But when she finds herself detailed to bug a close friend from her past, she can have had no idea of what she is about to discover. With Haydn Gwynne, Margot Leicester, Charlie Simpson, Gerard Murphy, Nicholas Murchie, Susan Brown. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

As I Lay Dying ....2000
By William Faulkner, dramatised by James Friel. Successive episodes in the death and burial of Addie Bundren are recounted by various members of her family circle, as they cart her coffin to Jefferson, Mississippi, in order to bury her among her own people. With Lorelei King, Mary Ellen Ray and Bob Sherman. Director: Eoin O'Callaghan.

Early days of the film industry. Jack Warner et. al.

Quartet ....1998
Serial by Steve May about four musicians just out of college who forge a radical and somewhat unlikely quartet. With Amanda Gordon, Ian Jeffs, Alex Lowe, Colleen Prendergast, Robert Harper and Rachel Atkins (3/12). (clarinet), Charlotte Eksteen (cello). Director Eoin O'Callaghan.

Fair Hearing....1997
By Steve May. Sunday play. During the Second World War, Charlie, a young violinist, finds a place in Michael Tippett's Voluntary Employment Orchestra. LIke the man he so admires, Charlie wants to be a virtuoso musician and a conscientious objector, but for a poor kid from Peckham, even to get a fair hearing is not that easy. With Julian Rhind Tutt, Samuel West, Gavin Muir, Bill Wallis, Tessa Worsley and Denys Hawthorne. Director Eoin O'Callaghan.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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