Radio Plays based in & around Hotels

2005 The Bride's Chamber - Charles Dickens
2004 How to leave Badenweiler - Michael Butt
2002 Ladies' night at Finbar's hotel - M.Binchy
2000 Hotel Europa - John Dryden (series)
2000 Summer of love - Chris Thompson
1997 The Hydro - Ronald Frame (series)
1997 Letters to Mam - William Ingram
1996 Bertram's hotel - Agatha Christie (serial)
1996 "People like us" - The Hotel Manager (Chris Langham)
1986 Unto The Grave - John Penn
1985 In Heidelberg - Johnny Morris (not a play, but worth including)
c1985 Stolen Kisses - Bill Taylor, 90m
1979 Arrived safe, writing later - Stephen Dunstone
1977 Events at the Salamander Hotel - Don Haworth
1977 The Grand Babylon Hotel - Arnold Bennett
nk - Plaza Hotel - Neil Simon
nk - Events on a hotel terrace - Ayckbourn
nk - The guest before you
nk - Hotel Cristobel (R3)
nk - Hotel du Lac (Classic Serial, Anita Brookner)
nk - Cheap in August - Graham Greene

and two plays in a "guest house" type setting:

1978 Remember Me - Jill Hyem
1988 The turning of the tide - Nick Fisher

Most of the above known to exist in VRPCC collections.


How to leave Badenweiler....2004
-see Michael Butt's page. Chekhov-related. The famous author has just been chucked out of a better-class hotel because he can't stop coughing. The waiter is an aspiring author. Nuff said.

Ladies' night at Finbar's hotel....2002
Shenanigins at an Irish hotel...co-written with a couple of other writers; can't remember their names... -very amusing romp.

Hotel Europa....2000
see John Dryden's page. It's a psychological thriller.

Summer of love....2000
Details to follow.

The Hydro....1997-99
Twelve episodes...see Ronald Frame page.

Curious murder story set in a hotel.

Bertram's hotel....1996
-see Agatha Christie page. Serial.

"People like us" - The Hotel Manager....1996
Another episode of the excellent comedy series starring Chris Langham.

Thorne Investigates: Unto the Grave....1986
Murder for Christmas, Sunday 28 Dec1986 & SNT 22.08.1987. Set in 1953 at a country house hotel in the Cotswolds. The first of three Thorne mysteries. When a body is found floating in the pool of a luxurious hotel in the Cotswolds, Superintendent Thorne is called in to investigate.

In Heidelberg....1985
Johnny Morris stays the night in Heidelberg, and chats about it in his inimitable style.

Based in a hotel - a relationship develops between one of the waitresses and a guy attending a conference ... but there's a jilted boyfriend, Gerard, who is determined to even the score.

Arrived safe, writing later....1979
-see Stephen Dunstone page.

Events at the Salamander Hotel....1977
-see Don Haworth page.

The Grand Babylon Hotel....1977
R4,29.1.1977; Peter Vaughan / Angela Pleasence / Simon Cadell / Philip Bond. Saturday Night Theatre.

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