Imison / Tinniswood Drama Awards, 2006

Nazrin Choudhury, Imison winner ...Nazrin Choudhury, Imison winner
Nick Warburton, Tinniswood winner...Nick Warburton, Tinniswood winner
Jeff Noon, Tinniswood runner-up and Russell Celyn Jones...Jeff Noon, Tinniswood runner-up and Russell Celyn Jones
Simon Brett...Simon Brett
Fiona Shaw announcing the Imison winner...Fiona Shaw announcing the Imison winner
Mark Damazer, controller of radio 4...Mark Damazer, controller of radio 4
Gordon House, Philip Jackson ..Gordon House and Philip Jackson
Rony Robinson and Sally Goldsmith...Rony Robinson and Sally Goldsmith

Gordon House and Nick Warburton, Tinniswood winner...Gordon House and Nick Warburton

Enyd Williams and Jo Hodder...Enyd Williams and Jo Hodder, Imison Award organiser
Jo Hodder and Louise Doughty... Jo Hodder and Louise Doughty
Jan Etherington, Naomi Gryn and Jo Hodder .Jan Etherington, Naomi Gryn, Jo Hodder
Louise Doughty and David Hunter... Louise Doughty and David Hunter
Neil Brand and Liz Fost..Neil Brand & Liz Fost
Barry Cryer and Alan Plater...Barry Cryer and Alan Plater
Alison and Nigel Deacon of Diversity.Alison and Nigel Deacon of Diversity
Naomi Gryn, Jan Etherington, Adrian PenkethNaomi Gryn, Jan Etherington, Adrian Penketh
Paul Donovan...Paul Donovan
Sarah Wooley and Giles Smart..Sarah Wooley and Giles Smart

Pictures sent by Jo Hodder (many thanks, Jo), Soc. of Authors; used by permission.

Nigel Deacon, Diversity website

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