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Producer's Choice this week comes from Jane Morgan, who has directed many plays and classic serials for Radio 4. Her choices begin at 11am on Monday 29 Mar 04 with the wonderfully titled Old Ladies at the Zoo, written by David Ashton and starring Peggy Mount and Liz Smith. Here's the full week's offering:

Monday: Old Ladies at the Zoo
Two grumpy old ladies meet at the zoo to discuss the animals, only occasionally letting a truth or two slip out. (09/07/86)

Tuesday: The Perfect Moment
Moll and her husband-to-be Derek are having a meal, hampered by his stomach ulcer and a very loud Betty Marsden, who gleefully informs him that thanks to the suicide rate, males outnumber females. (23/11/88)

Wednesday: Casque d'Or
A tale of revolutionary Paris where passion and ideals become fatally intertwined. With Miranda Richardson. (02/10/91)

Thursday: The Glad House
What's to be done about dad? He talks to his pigeons more than he does his daughters. And he has odd ideas about the dog. (01/07/99)

Friday: Dear Doctor Goebbels
Philip Morganstern enters the world of prosthetics and finds himself in Germany fitting an artificial limb onto the Minister for Propaganda. (30/11/01)

Jane's (possibly) best-known radio drama is the serial "Lord of the Rings", done over twenty years ago. (see Brian Sibley's page). She has also worked with Douglas Livingstone (see his page) for thirty years on a very well-known series of 'Road' plays - see Douglas's page for more details; over a dozen at the last count.

Jane is very keen on cricket, and has directed a number of plays based on it, including: Taking us to Lunch, by Peter Gibbs (1991), The Englishman Abroad (the Bodyline tour of 1930-31), The Champion (about W.G.Grace), and Keeping the Score (2006), the last being a lovely comedy about a cricket scorer who is unexpectedly interrupted in his score-box in the off season by a person who is to alter his life.

Some of these plays are discussed in detail on the Cricket plays page (go to Radio Plays - plays by topic - Cricket).

OTHER PLAYS, newest at the top

Douglas Livingstone's latest play, ROAD TO LISBON (R4, 1415, 15 Oct 2018) was the latest in a long series of collaborations with producer Jane Morgan which began in 1983. In each of the 'Road' plays, a specially recorded soundtrack made at a major festival is used to create a drama. This time it's the Feast of St. Anthony; the Lisbon Sardine festival. St. Anthony is the patron saint of missing objects, but in Portugal, he’s the patron saint for singles - the matchmaker. During the festival, charcoal-cooked sardines and barbecues can be smelled all over the city. But the play is not just about sardines and sangria - we learn about life under the dictatorship of Dr. Salazar and the effect that the Carnation Revolution had on Tony's father: one of the so-called ‘Returnados’ who had to return to the home country after the fall of the Portuguese fascists. He found himself equally unwelcome in his native Lisbon, so made a new life in England. Then on his death, his son unearths a secret... Tony was played by Carl Prekopp, Paolo, the father by David Westhead, Sharmila by Carlyss Peer and Joan by Elizabeth Rider. The producer, as mentioned above, was Jane Morgan. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

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