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21 Mar 18: Tommies, 1. 21 March 1918.
By Jonathan Ruffle, illustrating events in WW1, 100 years later to the day. Three signallers have to make a terrifying choice: between thick fog and German stormtroopers, as they become involved in the surprise British retreat of 1918. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Sapper Juma Gubanda: John MacMillan, Sergeant Desmond Dixon: Daniel Weyman, Sapper Ezekiel Warmby: Tom Vallen, Major George Fenniman: Philip Bretherton, Sergeant Castle: Ryan Early, Captain Hubert Puckle: Simon Wilson, Sapper John Quennell: Nick Underwood, WAAC Florrie Fanshawe: Karen Bartke, messengers: Ryan Whittle and Lukie Bailey, commentator: Indira Varma. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle; director for the episode: Jonquil Panting.

23 Jan 18: How Success Ruined Me
By Christopher Green. Fred Barnes (1885 1938) was an English music hall singer known for his song, "The Black Sheep of the Family", which he first performed in 1907. Although popular on stage, Barnes became well-known for his erratic private life and was often mentioned in the press. He was openly homosexual (the closest thing to a 'gay icon' permissible at the time, to paraphrase Jane Anderson in RT). This is not a normal afternoon drama; the format is that of Christopher Green and Roy Hudd 'rehearsing' a play which Christopher has written about Fred Barnes. Cast: Christopher and Roy, with producer Jonquil Panting.

7 Jan 10, R4, Afternoon play. The TSR-2 was a Cold War strike aircraft developed by the British Aircraft Corporation for the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the early 1960s. It was designed to penetrate a well-defended forward battle area at low altitudes and very high speeds, and then attack high-value targets in the rear with close-in bomb runs and precision drops. It included a number of features which made it the most advanced aircraft for the role, yet the programme was controversially cancelled in favour of the F-111. Ten TSR2s were built; not all were completed, and only one flew.

The play stars Ewan Bailey, Bruce Alexander, Jon Glover, Joseph Cohen-Cole, John Biggins, Nigel Hastings, Rhys Jennings, Kate Layden, Emerald O'Hanrahan and Piers Wehner. The producer was Jonquil Panting. More about this play on the "2010" page.

Just Plain Gardening....2002
By Jyll Bradley with Jonquil Panting. A comedy set in a school for lady gardeners. 5 x 15m.

Central 822 ....2000
A police drama by Sarah Woods. With Tessa Peake-Jones, Danny Webb and Sean Baker. Director Jonquil Panting

Hold That Dream ....2000
Father-and-daughter journalists Sam and Abi Maguire uncover more crime in Brighton. When someone starts buying up elderly residents' homes on the cheap, Abi gets on the trail of a property scandal. With Frank Windsor, Emma Fielding, Jimmy Yuill and Joe Caffrey. Directed by Jonquil Panting. Author anyone?

By Hattie Naylor. Jeff's daughter is born whilst the mistral is blowing....she becomes a turbulent force in his ordered life. With Kim Wall, Tracy-Ann Oberman; dir. Jonquil Panting.

Real Women ....1998
Judith French's three stories of extraordinary 18th-century women, told through the writings of the day. 1: `Miss Linley's Matrimonial Excursion'. In which the foremost young soprano of the day, Miss Elizabeth Linley, becomes entangled with aspiring young playwright Richard Sheridan, and all of fashionable England is agog. With Sarah-Jane Holm, David Bamber and James Fleet. Director Jonquil Panting. 4 Nov 98.

2: `Condemn'd for Piracy'. In which the real-life trial of the notorious female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read gets a little out of hand... With Pauline McLynn, Charlotte Coleman and Robin Bailey. Director Jonquil Panting. 5 Nov 98.

3: `A Spinster of No Profession' focuses on the French mathematician Sophie Germain. Growing up in revolutionary France, she was barred by her sex from entering uninversity, Using an assumed name, she corresponded with Carl Friedrich Gauss, the most famous mathematician of the day. With Kathryn Pogson and Nigel Anthony. Director Jonquil Panting (3/3). 6 Nov 98,

LONG TIME MAN ....1997
By Judy Upton. Three lonely women start writing letters to the same long-term prisoner. They reveal more of themselves than is wise, perhaps....life can get complicated for the recipient when he receives so many of their dreams....with Paul Higgins as Scott, Di Botcher as Donna; also stars Leda Hodgson, Alison Pettett, Rachel Atkins, Sarah Rice, Iwan Thomas, John Rowe, Anthony Ofoegbu, Gerard McDermott, Alastair Danson, Carolyn Jones. Pruction assistant Emma Mayhew, dir. Jonquil Panting. SMs Keith Graham (Panel), Colin Guthrie (Grams), Charlie Hume (Spot). [for explanation of these terms, see Radio page - Bert Coules' article].

Learning the Language ....1997
11 Sep 97. By Harwant Bains. Dave has followed the girl he loves to her native Spain, but how can he be the man of her dreams when he does not even speak her language? With Gregor Truter, Stuart Milligan and Victoria Duarri. Director Jonquil Panting.

29 Oct 96. By Lucy Gough. An urban Gothic comedy about a decapitated head, directed by Jonquil Panting and starring Lisa Sandovey and Tom Hollander. This is published in a volume of plays along with Our 'Lady of Shadows' and 'Crossing the Bar'.

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