Lu Kemp Radio Plays

The Best Snow for Skiing....2005
14.7.05. By Linda Cracknell. It is 1978, and Valda Greive, the second wife of the Scottish poet Hugh MacDiarmid is reassessing her life following her husband's death. A young student arrives at her door during a snow storm determined to pay his respects his deceased hero's memory. Valda, irritated by the youngster's intrusion and pious reverence does her best to shatter his illusions. The story unravels over the two days this odd couple spend in each other's company while snowed in at Brownsbank Cottage. Recorded on location at Brownsbank Cottage, Valda Grieve and Hugh MacDiarmid's former home; with Colette O'Neil and Iain Robertson. Directed by Lu Kemp.

The Distant Echo....2005
R4,1430, 26 Mar 05. Broadcast in the Saturday Play slot; Bert Coules adapted this Val McDermid story, turning it into an effective one-hour police drama. One night in the snow, some students find the body of a girl. But the police are unable to sort out the details of the crime, and it goes down in their books as an unsolved killing. Twenty-five years later, the case is reopened, and the students think they have an opportunity to clear their names, until one of them gets killed in a suspicious house fire, and another in a burglary. The cast included Jimmy Chisholm, John Paul Hurley, Steven Cartwright, Michael Nardone and Crawford Logan, and the director was Lu Kemp.

3 Mar 05. R, in the series "The Wire". The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch. Adapted by Neil Gaiman from the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, Mr Punch Never Dies.

A small boy goes to stay with his grandparents in Southsea, spending his days at his grandfather's failed arcade on the seafront. When Swatchell, a Punch and Judy professor, sets up his booth in the arcade the boy becomes fascinated by the story played out by these strange violent wooden puppets - particularly when strange parallels start to develop between the story of Mr. Punch and events in his own family's life. Richard Dillane, Alexander Morton, Hugh Dickson. Dir. Lu Kemp. Music by Dave McKean and Ashley Slater. Directed by Lu Kemp.

A Rose for Chopin ....2003
By Lorraine McCann. In failing health and broken-hearted after his split from George Sand, Chopin makes the journey to Scotland at the invitation of his gifted pupil, Jane Stirling. The trip will re-line his purse, and help him escape the gossiping tongues of Paris. But Chopin finds himself dealing with more than he bargained for - a whirlwind of aunts and gentry, and the ever-pressing attentions of Miss Stirling. With Richard Greenwood, Michael Perceval Maxwell, Noreen Leighton, Vivienne Dixon, and Michael MacKenzie. Pianist Fali Parvi. Director Lu Kemp. (.....info. sent by Hans Kieft, Australia)

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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