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I can't find any information about this writer's radio work other than the list below, but recordings are starting to appear from various sources. That they are nearly all Monday plays implies a slightly different style to the average "Saturday Night Theatre". Nevertheless I have heard several; they are high-quality historical dramas.

'Bertie' is a very effective drama-doc about Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales ('Bertie'), who eventually became King Edward VII.

MONDAY PLAYS (plus a few SNT marked as such):
27.06.1977 Crown of Dreams*
12.01.1976 The Lonely Conscience*
15.06.1974 Bertie* (SNT)
06.12.1971 The Darling of Disaster (First play billed as 'The Monday Play')
05.04.1971 John, By The Grace of God*
31.03.1969 The Little Fathers play 2 : Boris Godunov*
24.03.1969 The Little Fathers play 1 : Like Unto All Men*
25.11.1968 Dark Majesty*
31.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 4: A Crown for the Strong* (SNT)
24.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 3: A Cry of Treason* (SNT)
17.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 2: The Sun in Splendour* (SNT)
10.03.1968 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 1, A Cry of Treason*; as below. (SNT)
20.02.1967 Ye Daughters of Jerusalem
10.01.1966 The Sun in Splendour *
01.11.1965 Time-Honoured Lancaster
20.07.1964 Golden Yoke of Sovereignty, play 1 : A Cry of Treason (play 2 was SNT 25.7.1964)
25.11.1963 A Time of Tradition
20.05.1963 A Crown for the Strong
06.03.1961 David's Shirt of Mail
31.10.1960 A Wind Blew
17.02.1958 A Kind of Immortality
08.04.1957 The Gods Are Jealous
15.10.1956 Tiger In The Blood
16.01.1956 Day of Wrath
01.11.1954 The English Captain
12.04.1954 Order of Chivalry

09.04.1971 A Good Service*
29.12.1970 The Felonious Marriage*
17.03.1968 Crown of Solitude*

compiled by Roger Bickerton / Diversity website


Play no. 2 in the series "The Golden Yoke of Sovereignty". 17 Mar 68; no other details.

Play about Elizabeth, Empress of Austria. No other details.

Two related plays: 24 Mar 69 & 31 Mar 69, Home Service.

1 - Like Unto All Men.
Russia: 1547 to 1581. "For even if I wear the purple, none the less I know this, that, like unto all men I am altogether clothed with frailty by nature." [Ivan The Terrible]

Tsar Ivan IV ...... Stephen Murray, Boris Godunov ..... Hector Ross, Tsarevich Ivan .... John Pullen,
Yuri, the Tsar's brother .. David Valla, Prince Andrei Shuisky .. Peter Williams, Prince Kurbsky .... Haydn Jones, Tsaritsa Anastasia ... Jan Edwards, Father Sylvester .... Lockwood West, Alexei Basmanov ..... Malcolm Hayes, Tsaritsa Maria .... Sheila Grant, Tsarevich Ivan as a boy .. Judy Bennett, Tsarevich Feodor .... Jo Manning Wilson, Boyars ....... Brian Haines, Leonard Fenton, John Bryning, Francis de Wolff.

2 - Boris Godunov Russia: 1584 to 1606. "I don't want the Tsardom .. I want my innocence back - I want to be as I was before I knew Ivan The Terrible." [Godunov]

Boris Godunov ..... Hector Ross, Tsar Ivan IV ...... Stephen Murray Tsar Feodor ...... John Hollis, Tsaritsa Irina .... June Watts, Prince Mstislavsky ... James Thomason, Prince Ivan Shuisky .... Brian Haines, Prince Belsky ..... Leonard Fenton, Maria Nagaya ...... Grizelda Hervey, Prince Vasily Shuisky .. John Gabriel, Necromancer ...... James Thomason, Andrei Kleshnin ..... Lockwood West, Prince Romanov .... John Pullen, Osip Volokhov ..... David Wilding, Daniel Bitiagovsky ... Chris Jenkins, Alina, a Sorceress ... Hilda Kriseman, Tsarevitch Dmitri .... Paul Dorfman, Boyars ....... Peter Tuppenham, Malcolm Hayes, Peter Williams, Mihail Nagay ...... Malcolm Hayes, Afanasy Nagay ..... James Thomason.

Afternoon Theatre, 26 Dec 70, 1400; docu-drama.

The relationship between the Prince of Wales, who eventually became Edward VII, and his mother, Queen Victoria. 90m.

Cast: The Prince - Freddie Jones, Queen Victoria - Hilda Schroder, Princess Alexandra - Diana Olssohn, Prince Albert - Stephen Thorne; with Liane Aukin, Vernon Joyner, David Timson, Doris Wells, Caroline Hunt, Brian Haynes, Denis McCarthy, Rosalind Shanks, Nigel Anthony, William Sleigh. Producer Margaret Etall.

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