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No biographical notes, unfortunately - if Marc or anyone else with information contacts me, I'd be grateful. Meanwhile, here is a list of a few of the plays Marc has directed; notes are below for some of them.

2005 The Employee
2005 Red in tooth and claw, by Simon Bovey
2004 Masks, by Jennie Buckman
2004 The Pallisers, by Trollope,,ad. Martyn Wade
2004 The Promise, by Pat Davis
2004 Drama on Three - Romeo & Juliet in Southwark
2004 The Sorceror's Apprentice, by Goethe, ad. Judith French
2004 Richard III, by Shakespeare
2004 Vanity Fair, by Thackeray, 24 part narration by Stephen Fry
2004 White Out, by Andrew Walsh
2004 The Lodsell Cod, by Dan Jamieson
2003 Hadji Murat, by Tolstoy, 2 x 55m Classic Serial
2003 The story of Mata Hari, 10 x 15m, by Michael Butt
2003 The wit and wisdom of Martin Truelove, by Dan Sefton
2003 She came to stay, by Vicky Payne
2003 A night in '54, by Moya O'Shea
2002 Where the wild things are, by M.Sendak,ad. Peter Wolf
2002 By the coast of Coromandel, by Lavinia Murray
2002 Any other name
2002 Dead Line, by William Stanton
2002 The tears of war, by Charlotte Fyfe
2001-2004 May and Ferdie: several separate plays
2000 A Country House


THE WIT AND WISDEN OF MARTIN TRUELOVE....2003 (R4, 1415, 1 Aug 03) was a very funny comedy set in the "Test Match Special" commentary box, written by Dan Sefton and featuring thinly disguised versions of Henry Blofeld, Fred Trueman, David Lloyd and Bill Frindall. A Test is in progress; everything is going smoothly; the Blofeld character is calmly talking about his colleagues' lack of sartorial elegance to three million people when an uninvited guest bursts in. The programme continues, but with move revelations than usual, including the information that a commentator's wife slept with the Glamorgan second XI, though not all at once. The TMS team was Jon Glover, Michael Maloney, Martin Hyder and Jonathan Keeble, and the outsiders Ewan Bailey, Alison Pettit, Stephen Critchlow and Liza Sadovy; Marc Beeby, who must be a TMS addict, directed.

2 x 60min Classic Serial. Tolstoy's last work of fiction set in Chechnya in the 1850s. A Chechen warrior offers to fight for the Russians if they will help rescue his family, held captive by the imam Shami. With Derek Jacobi, Burt Caesar, David Calder, Maynard Eziashi, Andrew Harrison, Jonathan Keeble, Gerard McDermott, Declan Wilson, Damian Lynch, Chris Moran, Ben Crowe, Stephen Critchlow, Rachel Atkins, Frances Jeater, Lydia Leonard. Dir. Marc Beeby.

- by Vicky Payne (R4, 1415, 23 Jun 03) seemed to be a love story between the owner of a secondhand bookshop and someone much younger. But there were sinister overtones as the plot developed, and a surprise twist. Frances Barber was Carina, Geoffrey Whitehead was Greg, and Helen Ayres was the wimpish but well-meaning Lindsey; Marc Beeby directed.

A NIGHT IN '54....2003
With the advent of "no-fault" divorce, this seems a very far-away world, but it's 1954, and Caroline wants to break with her husband. She pays for an actor to pose as her lover in a hotel.....directed by Marc Beeby.

A teacher disappears under suspicious circumstances. Her family is worried, and so are the police. Then an unusual tape recording arrives. With David Bamber as Philip, Teresa Gallagher as Laura; also stars Carl Prekopp, Helen Longworth, Richard Firth, Laura Doddington. Directed by Marc Beeby.

R4, 1415, 11 Nov 02. By Charlotte Fyfe; adapted by Eric Pringle. A true love story set against the background of the First World War, told with letters and poems written by the young poet May Cannan and the man she loved, te war here Bevil Quiller- Couch. With Jasmine Hyde as May, James Purefoy as Bevil, Beth Chalmers as Dorothea, Derek Waring as Sir Arthur, also stars Emma Woollams, Scott Brooksbank, Simon Donaldson. Director Marc Beeby.

Dead Line....2002
By William Stanton. R4, 26 Jul 02, 45m. A modern reworking of the Orpheus legend. Ben is a writer, but he's lost his lover and his aspirations. With Sean Duley as Ben, Alison Petitt as the women, and Jonathan Keeble as the men. Directed by Marc Beeby.

A Country House...I don't know who wrote this; no details on the BBC website and I think the author was missing from RT too. Please email if you know. Michelene Wandor, perhaps? Shortly after the First World War, in an isolated country house, a lonely young woman practices the piano. She finds her relationships with her husband and a young engineer strangely influenced by the music of Chopin and the ghostly presence of Chopin's lover, Georges Sand. Director: Marc Beeby.

An unusual love story between two elderly people; with Bernard Hepton and Barbara Leigh Hunt. When May's husband dies, her friend Ferdy tells her that he has been deeply in love with her for 47 years. She is 76 and he is 79, and their adventures begin. Directed by Tracey Neale; repeated from about a year earlier. This play was written as a one-off, but was well-received, and several more were commissioned.

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