Marion Nancarrow Radio Plays

by Allan Sutherland & Stuart Morris (R4 1430 15 November 97) was a comedy set in a home for incurables. Gobbo can't speak and talks via a letter board; he and his mate Sparky have to decide what to do when two intrusive women are dumped on them. The helplessness of people in institutions and their strategies for coping were covered superbly. Marion Nancarrow directed.

The Ghost Train....1999
by Arnold Ridley (R4 1430 24 January 99), an old favourite, is a thriller from the 1920s. A group of passengers is stranded on a deserted railway station and has to spend the night there. But the station is feared by the locals because of something which happened years ago. The adaptation was by Shaun McKenna and the Director was Marion Nancarrow.

Marcus Mundy's change of life....2000
(R4 11 Dec 00, 1415), a comic play by Alexandra Caddell, gave Marcus 44 minutes in which to park his car in central London, get to the theatre, and propose to his girlfriend. But parking in London is not easy. First there's the traffic warden. Then there's the faulty meter. And has anyone got change for a 50 note? I have nightmares like this; when the world conspires against you it's like wading through treacle. Simon Pegg was Marcus ; the rest of the world was played by Helen Ayres, Jasmine Hyde, Richenda Carey, William Hope and others. The director was Marion Nancarrow

by Evelyn Waugh, dramatised by Jeremy Front (R4 8 Mar 03, weekly, 4 x 60m) was an adaptation of Waugh's well-known tale of a remnant of Edwardian England; Sebastian Flyte is a minor aristocrat who has few friends and who behaves appallingly to almost everyone, especially those from "below stairs". Midway through the Second World War a disillusioned Captain, Charles Ryder, finds himself posted to Sebastian's home, Brideshead Castle, and he becomes his one true friend. Ben Miles played Charles, with Jamie Bamber as Sebastian, Benjamin Whitrow as Charles' father, Toby Jones as Brideshead, and Ann Beach as Nanny Hawkins, the only one to emerge from the story with much credit. The director was Marion Nancarrow.

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Above plays known to exist in VRPCC collections

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